The mythology of freedom under today's capitalism for the average person is a con job, which is rose-tinted and propagandized through sentimental patriotic fanfare, and through the corporate hijacking of the symbols and iconography of patriotism, freedom, self-determination, and the virtues of small, hometown free markets. The markets are, of course, not small or hometown or free. These propaganda constructs are control-illusions maintained by the myth-makers within the media and marketing departments of the borderless, multi-national, corporate states, which seek to maintain the hegemony of their corporatocracies by stimulating endless consumerism by any dark means necessary. The means and methods of mind control, manipulation, public relations, and propaganda have long been understood and employed, for example as with Edward Bernays through the psychoanalytical theories of his uncle, Sigmund Freud, who deployed the crowd psychology theories of Gustave LeBon and Wilfred Trotter. Among these accepted tools are using, cultivating, or amplifying fear and insecurity within the public's emotions, to then provide a "solution." This action, reaction solution paradigm is a master tool for manipulation, control, and conquest.

— Bryant McGill

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