No matter your philosophical or religious framework, whether it be the golden rule of Christianity, the view of biochemical inducement of self-preservation through the sociological laws of reciprocity, the "Mystical Law" of Karma (the universal law of ethical causation), Confucian Shu reciprocity, laws of the harvest or any other world-view construct of the same concept, life will start working for you rather than against you when you hold these beliefs to be inherently true. Life has a way of shining on people who stand in the sunshine of kind actions. But you can't fake it. It has to come from the heart, with a true spirit of giving and selflessness. For a moment in this brief existence, we have the privilege to share time with other people, and serve them and their needs. And there is a beautiful gift that comes with giving, and that is service brings healing to both the recipient and the giver. If you have not been served personally by caring hands in your own life, do not be bitter, but instead, ask yourself who you can now serve. If you have had some tough times in life, now more than ever is the time to make someone else's life better. You see, how we treat other people changes them, but even more so, how we treat other people changes us. This is the wondrous gift of giving; through this act, we receive an important part of our own identity. Small acts of kindness between you and the individuals around you create such abundance. Let us all reach out with a hope that we could each bring some degree of happiness to other human beings. Let each of us lead a revolution of support in the lives of others. Giving is always one of the most powerful ways to manifest. Share the treasure of your love with others and you will always be rich. Treat others with respect and you will always be wealthy because your community is your real currency.

— Bryant McGill

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