Nondualism is not very well understood due to the dominant systems of thinking in Western culture. The ultimate deception is in the dichotomy; by choosing one or the other we tend to overlook possible interconnectedness between the two. Dualism makes you forget there ever was a whole. Most of your thoughts have been isolated, concentrated and refined by dualism; a violently divisive and narrow model of consciousness. Practicing nonduality splits open our outer oppositions surrounding our spiritual nucleus. Just as the planets orbit the Sun, our emotions revolve around the nucleus of our conflicts and oppositions. When you sink to the center of yourself, you reach the calm enormity of what defines your being. There is a dimension of peaceful wholeness in the surrendered, non-dualistic mind — a dimension of non-meaning. Surrender is finding the balance between the fighting sides inside of you. The meditative surrendering from constantly balancing between oppositions is healing. We are emancipated from polarity when we hover above opposites in the meditative state. Restful nothingness can be achieved in both the thinking and feeling states of observation. Move to the center of yourself and you will find a calm presence of release that is not easily disturbed.

— Bryant McGill

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