Now imagine a man lost in the woods who is composed and confident. He accepts he is lost but trusts and leans on his instincts. He is not panicked. His hearing is acute. He is steady and thoughtful. His mind and senses are unclouded and delivering life-saving information. He walks straight and devises plans and systems to stay on course. What is the difference between the fearful person and the fearless person? One has delivered himself to destruction and one to salvation. The fearful person wilts and submits to what they call fate, while the fearless negotiates with fate for a compromise. The fearful have lost faith while the fearless allow faith to lead the way. You have to have faith if you want to make it out of the woods. Faith is your only hope for deliverance. Faith is your North Star. Fear is always death. Faith is life. Have faith and your victory is assured.

— Bryant McGill

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