Oppression never goes away; it is refashioned to be fashionable. Materialism and consumerism are sophisticated forms of shackle-less bondage. Slavery was once not only customary, but highly fashionable. Slaves were fashionable chattel property like a mule; beasts of burden, which came with bragging rights. The new slavery is materialism and consumerism — and every race is property of corporate profit. The new slavery dehumanizes all races as beasts of buying. We are all the new share-croppers working for a roof, food, and our share of the material-goods crop. Consumerism is our new master. We have been denatured and raised in hostile and completely artificial environments, where the wound we carry is the absence of deep community bonds. Our new community ties are buying-clubs, coupon circles, and discount gatherings. Our rites of passage are smartphone releases. Like Manchurian candidates, we have been made into Manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters. Many horrors of injustice of the past were customary, so we must continually question our culture and customs, looking for what we are presently accepting of, that will be future regarded as shortsighted and unthinkable. Re-discover what is real and become human again. The greatest gifts in life are often the most simple and overlooked. Look to nature for the answers — and to your own nature — look to yourself.

— Bryant McGill

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