The path we are on could lead to a frightening dystopian future. It is an ancient story being re-written by a new generation of misguided oligarchists, who have also lost their way on the beautiful path of life. In so many ways we are still in the dark ages, but there is light appearing over the horizon of choice and consciousness. People have moments of consciousness and epiphanies throughout their lives, but then suppress the realization. This is because the system has already anticipated the freedom seeking mechanism in humans, and a micro control-coup takes place almost instantly because of deeply implanted economic and social fear factors. The system has endless contingencies in place to keep the monopoly game players moving around the board that was designed by the top-hat wearing monopoly makers. If you move your piece around the pre-scripted board, collect $200 dollars, if you break a rule, go to jail. We must quit playing the game altogether.

— Bryant McGill

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