Some people have been cut off from their own self-knowledge and critical thinking abilities, but even worse, they are disconnected from the very essence of life. They are missing the unseen essential. Some would say what they are missing is God, spirituality, passion, or a basic value for life itself. They are not in touch with universal gratitude; they do not glow with wonderment or see their life as a treasured gift. They have a distorted view of the world and a shallow relationship with themselves and others. But, they carry assumptions that they have it all "figured out" and that people who do not think like them are wrong, immoral or beneath them. They are cocooned by their comfort of assumptions in a type of developmental stasis. They exist in an obedient, placated "status quo" or autopilot mode of existence — a form of unconsciousness, like a real-life zombie. Unconscious people are spiritually stunted, effectively encasing their unique brilliance in a psychological tumor. Such is the bigot, the misogynist, the xenophobe, the common corporate drone, the condescending academic elitist, the zealot nationalist whose extreme patriotism includes a feeling of superiority over other countries, and the modern-day vapid college graduate, who has only been readied for obedient submission to a life of mediocrity and corporate servitude. But among these unawakened souls are also regular people; not bad people, just normal everyday people in our lives, even people who we love. Maybe we want to know them more deeply, but they are unaware and uninterested in those depths. Maybe we want to go with them on a spiritual journey of great intimacy, but they are not ready for that journey, and perhaps they never will be.

— Bryant McGill

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