People so eagerly embrace the belief that one nation (of people) is somehow superior to other nations. They invest in the false notion that somehow "their people," as a national collective or cultural identity, is somehow separate, blessed, worthier, more deserving, and therefore, justified in acts of moral indecency against others. Statements can be heard in every country on earth, of course some more than others, that our country is "number one" or "the greatest nation on earth." This insensitive and bellicose claim accosts the kind ear of reason, as a piercing screech of national supremacism. Nationalism is the world's most accepted form of anti-humanism. It is that type of supremacism that leaves no room in the world for equality and justice; only equality, for just-us. The most unpalatable of these phenomena is the patriotic blather and banter over appointed and anointed sacred symbols; such as historical mythologies, anthems, mottos, flags, and victory remembrances. Far from mere reverent homage, the ceremony, fanfare, and hysteria over these idols points to a deeply emotional and frightening, nearly religious fervor of belonging, that at times even resembles worship. It is upon these spiritual, intellectual, and moral deficits that master manipulators apply their craft to sway the hypnotized and unthinking populaces into further engagements of moral indecency for the exclusive benefit of so-called national interest — and to hell with the rest of the world.

— Bryant McGill

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