Each person has in effect been kidnapped by their minds, but through meditation you can attain freedom and great peace by releasing control and by silencing the waring mind. The struggle before death is very similar to the mind before it touches truth through surrender. To the mind, surrender is death. The mind fears surrender as one fears death. The mind cannot remember the ultimate reality of what is, without first forgetting itself. As the mind relaxes into the openness of receiving; as it begins slipping away — suddenly comes a flailing panic, like the sensation of falling. Jolted back awake, the frightened mind steadies its command and control and reaffirms itself as the dominant reality. To quieten the mind, the mind must be seduced into forgetting itself. At the moment the journeyman believes he is now fully awake, he in fact, has fallen back asleep to consciousness. If you think you have things reasonably figured out, you are in a deep sleep. If you want to get a steady hand on reality, you are hopelessly lost. You can only really find yourself by losing yourself.

— Bryant McGill

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