When a person can release the desire to know, only then do they know all that needs to be known. A mind that wants to know is a tortured mind. A mind that needs to know is a discontented and diseased mind. The lust for knowing and knowledge is a disease. When a person can release this insatiable and unquenchable need, it is then at that moment, that they can have peace, which is the only reason people seek knowledge in the first place. Inner peace is the endgame, and you can skip right through all of the other nonsense and get to the peace, the very moment you release and become. Any time someone starts off their sentence with, "you know I've been thinking," the first thing I want to say, is, "don't do that." My greatest hope is that you will quit listening to me. My greatest hope is that you will discover that anything I say is meaningless. My greatest hope is that you will understand that I am unneeded, and all outer institutions are unneeded, and all the advice and wisdom of the world means nothing to you. You do not need years with a guru; you only need one brief second with yourself! Great teachers and sages of the world, and all of the great masters throughout history showed up only to teach their followers that they did not need them. This is a universal theme and always will be because this is truth. All of our answers are already within — we just have to awaken to them.

— Bryant McGill

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