A person is not solely their body; a person is also the unique consciousness within. The greatest crimes in the world are not committed against the body, but against the freedom of the consciousness. In this regard, the world is full of murderers, assassins and energy thugs. Since you are not solely your body, they do not come to kill your body, but rather they come to kill your name, energy, and output. They kill your energy with audits, legal fees, politically-motivated arrests or propaganda against your credibility, character or morality. They understand the tribal mob mentality, and know how to let the mob do the dirty work of social stoning, through condemnation and ostracism. This type of murder is completely legal, but is nonetheless a great crime. To murder a soul's freedom and essence of being because someone does not agree with their ideas is barbaric, and yet this is business as usual on planet Earth. This is the name of the game — control.

— Bryant McGill

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