The purpose of this message is not to provide you with a belief system. You were created, and you do exist. Rest your mind for a moment in the peace of knowing you were created, and you do exist. Do not quarrel or restlessly seek for more knowledge, until you have given proper honor to what you already know. You exist. No matter the source of our creation let us give honor to that source. Pause your opinions, debating and absolute knowing for long enough to conceive gratitude. Once you conceive the thought of gratitude, hold it safely in your mind and keep the gratitude thought alive. Allow the thought of gratitude which is in your mind, to submerge into a feeling in your heart. Once you feel the warmth of genuine gratitude glowing in your heart, allow it to grow within you. You are alive in the world just like that thought. Do not let the gratitude thought fade away. Gratitude is where self-love begins!

— Bryant McGill

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