When radical inbred nationalism blindly serves in subordination to the plutocracies of international corporate-states, masquerading as so-called free marketplaces, the emergence of an oligarchy ruling-class within a state of neo-feudalism seems inevitable. The force of the bonds between international corporatocracies and their quasi-citizen consumers is so powerful, that even strong-armed imperial constructs of governance like America are squeezed out, dethroned, and ultimately must also bow in servitude to the consolidated global fiscal state. This is one of the reasons the completely "bought-out" by special interests, American left-and-right duopoly has become a sad and sick joke, like a real life Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Sadly, even many of the universities which are also tightly tied to government and corporate interests financially fall in line to the tune of the power elite, and act as major components of the iron curtain of propaganda. No amount of propaganda can conceal the obviousness that wealth has consolidated, and the government is profoundly influenced by those powerful consolidated entities. These corporate mafias use their influence to legislate more laws and policies ensuring that wealth consolidation continues in their favor, and that their society of criminals may continue operating with impunity. We must dilute and disperse all forms of concentrated power that refuse to be accountable to majority wishes. Corporate power consolidation is so enormous that even the government could be viewed as a small appendage of a larger corporate organism.

— Bryant McGill

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