The reactive mind is a crippled mind, because it limits and distorts everything. The reactive mind even deforms how we construct ourselves, through choices based on distorted perceptions. Reactivity is the birthplace of ignorance, and the graveyard of potential. Reactivity is pure mindlessness, and pure madness. Reactivity is the opposite of mindfulness; it is a mindless, stray, erratic, and accidental state of semi-consciousness. The reactive mind is volatile, and cannot see itself through its splintered attention span. Reactivity comes in varying degrees with equally varying states of self-developmental retardation. The more reactive you are, the more you are stunted and cut-off from experiencing the full measure of life's grand endowment. Becoming mindful of your own reactivity is the first step toward a form of practical enlightenment. Awareness IS your opportunity. Your calm, measured, thoughtfulness, and graceful awareness of your own reactions, will begin to move you toward a life of peace, and a deeper sense of sturdiness against life's trials. Your life experience can only be as deep as your awareness. Your existence, as you know it, is a measure of your awareness. Each step toward self-awareness, is a step toward freedom, that only a truth with self can grant. Awareness is how everything you will ever have or experience — arrives, or is taken away. Be considerate, and consider yourself.

— Bryant McGill

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