Respect is the lifeblood of progress, and the safe harbor of humanity's great aspiration — that all people have human rights affording them unfettered access to liberty and justice. Respect is that great spirit of good, which creates the beautiful space giving all souls the simple room to breathe. Every blood-soaked patch of soil in the world came from the grotesque attempt to surreptitiously or overtly control others by imposing selfish will over the broad consensus desires for safety and respect, and by failing to recognize universal human commonality. Any act of violence creates resentment and resistance, because humans were meant to be free. This includes passive violence, which is ubiquitous in today's current world construct we have chosen for ourselves. The most deadly silent killer of passive violence, is the everyday social menacing of people into silence. Any being or group of beings seeking to silence the voice of reason, or ignore her nurturing will of protection, are traitors against humankind's deepest and most revered and sacred impulse — the desire to be free. All people desire to be free from the molestations against the soul of intimidation, violence, force, coercion, deceit and injustice.

— Bryant McGill

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