In the same way every animal finds its way into a trap, people sure-footedly step toward normalcy to survive. The opposite of self-realization is being realized, or made real, by the standards of outside force or influence. If you are not creating yourself, then an imposed 'self,' is being created for you. When you are not building yourself as the creator of your own life, you are being built, into the image and likeness of your cultural creator. Without individuation, your identity is the collective. Common, conventional, mainstream, and normal — these are the states of the aborted individual; the unborn in mind, faculty, awareness, and self-knowledge. They are commonly called sleepwalkers, zombies, the status quo, and the masses, but in reality, it is each of us to one degree or another. The real question is how much of the actual you, are you ever going to experience? Experiencing yourself is your life purpose. You experience nothing, but yourself. Every so-called experience, relationship, connection, pain, passion, feeling, thought, sense, and emotion, is a sublimation of life's grand transmission upon the canvas of you experiencing yourself. If you are not steeped in the ecstasy of experiencing yourself, then you have never fully lived. For, the only true anxiety of life is to be severed from life, by being severed from self.

— Bryant McGill

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