If your situation seems impossible, at least look it straight in the eye, because having a painful truth is better than a pleasant lie. Pleasant lies just perpetuate your problems. People tend to think they want success, progress, happiness, and peace more than anything, but really deep down, people want the truth. People have given up everything and have even died for the truth. But the truth only comes if you are willing to face some very unpleasant things about yourself. You have to dig deep inside of yourself and have a look at all of your old resentments, judgments, insecurities and fears. All of these ugly, hidden things are how we lie to ourselves. We lie about how *tomorrow will be no different*, and how *we can't*, and how *they don't like us*, how *we aren't worthy* and how *we're finished* and *it's impossible*. And then there is the worst lie of all — that *we are unlovable*. This is how a person who is paralyzed by their own lies thinks.

— Bryant McGill

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