What society hates and fears most is nature and truth, especially when observed in people. True authenticity creates a state of jeopardy and danger for that individual, forcing them to hide in resentful conformity. This is how inauthenticity creates bitterness in the individual, and ultimately in the culture. The loss of true identity creates a lifetime of pain. All human derangements and fractures begin with the loss of self — a loss no amount of grieving can heal. Numbness becomes the new life for those de-spirited by culture. They have been cultured — destroyed and reborn into the new life, where only the unnatural is desirable, for the unnatural feels safe and familiar, for they are unnatural. They have been remade in the image and likeness of falsity; their true God. But the truth aches in their forbidden places and grieves them with a nagging malaise of uncertainty and unbelonging.

— Bryant McGill

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