Society's broken male so desperately needs to ascend in the balance of power by subsuming that which is being suppressed in women. The natural and untainted male mind respects and loves the woman and her magnificent scope of capability and creative gifts. The natural woman really represents the antidote to the great afflictions that haunt the world. It is the absence of her rightful leadership which has created such profound imbalances that the entire plane of human affairs is near the tipping-point of falling into a cultural abyss. The most urgent and immediate solution requires the women of the world to achieve greater consciousness and authenticity, to reject artificial gender roles and social expectations enforced by perverse social norms, and raise more authentic and less artificial men. It requires all of us to achieve greater self-awareness and consciousness, and develop more intolerance for the obvious and omnipresent injustices we all know are wrong.

— Bryant McGill

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