Stop always wanting to please and not disappoint others. Sure, you may disappoint others, but their disappointment is totally irrelevant. What matters are your standards for yourself. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Being disappointed with yourself is useless, unless it is attached to an intention to take action and create personal change. What matters is if you can see yourself. You can't move forward unless you can see yourself. You can't move forward with the same poor vision and inner-dialogue that put you where you are now. See yourself honestly. Set new and better standards for yourself. Do it for you, to please yourself, and with absolute disregard for other's approval or acceptance. Cast out your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. A pessimist's first position is doubt and they are surprised if they succeed. An optimist's first position is confidence and they are surprised if they fail. Quit making excuses, quit denigrating yourself and quit lying to yourself about your lack of ability. Tell the truth; you can, you will and you are. You are not going to move forward unless you firmly commit yourself to change. You must be stubborn about what you can do, not stubborn about why you can't. Be adamant about your standards. To really change requires violating certain parts of yourself, cooperating with other parts, and creating new behaviours. What are you waiting for? Empowerment happens when you face the profound responsibility you have for your own life.

— Bryant McGill

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