Success was never meant to be an attainment; it was meant to be a testament. Our eye on the prize has moved from freedom, to success slavery. For many, success is the end of the road, that begins with a single step. Don't trust the path success takes you on, or what it leads you to. Most success will lead you to falsity. Quit trying to be successful. Redefine success from this day forward. Put it in its place. Quit begging, groveling, manipulating, conniving, scheming, and wanting with such desperation. Don't allow success to turn you into a desperate, empty, begging fraud. Self-satisfaction and gratitude for your completeness and innate perfection, is the most mighty of all successes. Reach for success, but slap its hand when it reaches for you. Because what success wants from you, is what you want from it — everything. There will never be enough that you want from it, and that it wants from you. Successes' demands are as endless as yours. It will siphon the reservoir of your hope to the last drop. Master success today. Be its master, not its slave. Success is illusionary; an oasis in a desert, but which itself, is already in a true paradise. Success was always with you. You were born a success, and you will die a success — if you can be successful at accepting the victory of living.

— Bryant McGill

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