Success is a seducer in a marketplace of pimps and whores. Success has turned an Earthly paradise, into a global brothel. Success is ambition porn, and it's addicts need no anonymity, for it is the open pornography of the culture. Success is the father of frauds, and countless bastard children of ambition's covetous wandering-eye, and capital philanderings. Success is legal heroine — it is the cocaine of the culture; an opportunity opiate. Success is a license to kill in the name of, "nothing personal, it's just business." Success is the front-line of class warfare. Success is an object of tireless desire. We have objectified success, even more than we have objectified women. We are success prejudice, more than we are race prejudice. Success is an equal opportunity destroyer. As war often comes in the name of peace, success the destroyer, often comes in the name of creation. The devastation of success is usually unleashed through the pursuit of so-called solutions. Success is the greatest of all panaceas.

— Bryant McGill

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