It will take generations, great resolve and presence of mind to heal the deep wounds and distrust created by gender discrimination, manipulation, and abuse. The male-dominated systems know they cannot maintain their current power structures if and when the woman is restored to her natural and powerful state as a great leader and co-creator. The bondage upon humanity's great aspirations is largely held in place by the state of the woman in the world. Men can never have the true power they were endowed with by creation, until they respect and protect the women and children of the world. This involves men releasing unjust control, and having faith in the process of natural and healthy relationships, where the distribution of power is fair and the spirit of intense competition is tempered with great desire for cooperation and justice. When we try to control, we become controlled; when we release, we become free. We need to begin to see hyper-masculinity as the disorder it is, and not as a strength. We must unequivocally reject the male war-consciousness by understanding it, exposing it and reforming it. We must strive for the fostering of a peace-seeking society. We must imbue our children with principles of the higher-self, principles which see all people as true equals, and above all, which are sensitive to the delicate and fragile balance of life.

— Bryant McGill

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