Do you want to avoid a meltdown? Start with being a little selfish and irresponsible from time to time. It's okay to flirt with disaster a little. Some people need a little risk to feel alive. You can still be a solid person and have a little adventure in your life. People who deny themselves the space for adventure often snap and lose their whole stable life just for a little excitement, when a brief experience would have sufficed. You don't have to always play it so safe; the grave is very safe. You don't have to be so damn "good" either. You can remain stable and sane if you will just be honest with yourself and allow yourself to be human. It's actually less risky to let off a little steam. Remember that safety is often a failure of courage. Take a risk now and then, because your life is your adventure. Do something different today. Think something different. Get off of the hamster wheel and push back on life a little. Stretch yourself. Risk is your only chance of really living. Safety is a fatal illusion; a slow-motion dream killer.

— Bryant McGill

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