In the West, consistency is integral to our comparative analysis of binary oppositions for the sake of so-called sanity and cognitive consonance. This goes to the core of who we are; into the nervous system of our tongues, through language and into the deepest levels of our thoughts and consciousness. There are few things more frightening to the Western mind, than a truly open mind that can see the validity of opposing points of view. Be open. Whatever construct you choose is perfect. You are not even you, unless you choose to be. This type of thinking frightens people because they want to "know" who people are, and what things are. People are terrified of those who change their self-definition because to understand means to control. When we can understand "it," we can control our interactions with "it," as a part of our risk management. But, to understand we must first observe. This is how the mind becomes a weapon. We observe, label and control. We label people to control them. All labels are for control. All definitions are a part of the intellectual dissection and compartmentalization of control.

— Bryant McGill

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