What we wish to change external to ourselves we must first change within ourselves, and this is why the ascent to higher consciousness and compassion is paramount, and also why the embedded power structures are hard at work to distract you from attaining enlightenment. This is of course a grave injustice. All injustice cries out for recompense, and the battle for freedom is fought on a thousand thought-fronts, by each person, every day. Sometimes the call for freedom whispers to us, and sometimes it screams, but it never shrinks for long, because the longing for freedom is in our blood; it is immutable. If there is ever going to be a kinder and more respectful world, it is only likely to come from individuals themselves taking an active role in their own self-actualization. Your ascent to your grand destination as a person of peace, calm, intelligence, wisdom, and happiness is in your hands. The journey is an inner journey that begins by questioning. The starting point to freedom is to begin questioning the cultural narrative you have been sold. Question everything, including yourself. Have the courage to question yourself. We've been distracted from our power, but we can take that power back and create a beautiful world. We can decide to take a radical departure from what we accept as reality. There is a place inside each of us that cannot be coerced to think a certain way or behave a certain way. Just beyond the horizon of the so-called impossible is infinite possibility. Anyone can find it if they choose to wake-up. Wake-up to the transcendental now. You are powerful, and there is beauty all around you. Become a beauty seeker.

— Bryant McGill

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