Worrying is simply another form of meditation and manifestation. Worry is a sickness; an illness and affliction. Worrying is a misappropriation of a powerful mind, that should otherwise be spent focused on positive and beautiful acts of creation. While the feeling of worry can be a useful messenger to be listened to, excessive worry is a destructive bad habit. In all pursuits of self-betterment, habituation is one of the most important concepts that needs to be understood. Many people who have a worried mind, only worry because they have habituated themselves and their minds to be instruments of worry. The human mind is like a blank computer, into which any software can be written and run. Over time, the human mind's self-written programs will run automatically, and without thought or choice. When "bad things" happen in life, a person always has a choice how they choose to respond to that event. We cannot always control the things that happen to us in life, but one of the very few things we do have control of, is how we choose to respond to the situations and events that occur in our lives. When a person continually chooses to worry and engage in meditations of doubt, which is an act of faithlessness, over prolonged exposure to this choice, a person's mind becomes deeply habituated to this debilitated way of thinking.

— Bryant McGill

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