A personal message to many of the people who follow and read my writings

Hi this is Bryant McGill of McGill Media, Simple Reminders and GoMcGill.com. This is a personal message to many of the people who follow and read my “writings” — which are of course, really my thoughts. I want you to know that I really appreciate all of you. I would love to respond to nearly every comment. Of course I can’t do … See More...

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Kaytilynn Roque
I just remember sitting on your couch, in little Spokane, and wondering where you were at, where you were going, and telling myself "dont forget this moment, its important". So many years ago, yet so amazing. One day we'll see eachother again!
Joy Llenas
Thank u sir!
Eric David
Thank God for my life I almost died of fear because of HIV , doctors in the hospital told me there is no cure till I came across someone post testifying on how Dr OJIKA cure him from Hepatitis B virus. Then I contact him, he prepared Herb for me and today I'm HIV negative. You can also contact him via call or whatsapp +2348107418247 email; [email protected] for similar diseases and save lives.
Elinda Maggie
Awwwe, yes! I'm learning so much from your thoughts, your words, your encouragement, your challenges you put out there to make one THINK. YOU are AMAZING!!! 👉❤❤👈 lol to you both!
Mary Diaz C
Jenni happy birthday,God bless you today and always.
Cynthia Ryan
Geri Ann Bridges
Happy Birthday Jenni!
Theresa Chand
I really do appreciate your postings. Thankyou.
Mona Marie
Happiest of Birthday to you Jennie
Lola Friday
I love reading you books help me go throw with my radiation therapys and hard times. I hope one day you write in Spanish lol
Son OftheMoon
Joyce Walters
Bryant you are a compassionate and inspiring writeer. Thank you for sharing with us. Wish you and Jenni the best.
Cypress Clark
Thank you for your reflection and feedback. Will give you my thanks here, as I don't "travel" to other sites, pages, etc😊
Monique Kelly
You do an amazing job enabling insight and growth to everyone who shares your knowledge. Thank you :-)
Anne Cochran
Happy Birthday Jenni🔆🎂🔆
Jean Marie
Why be frustrated? If you are so powerful wouldn't you be able to respond?
Muna Ihsan
Wish you all the best
Patsy Carmon
Thank you so very much for your Kindness Compassion and Acknowledgement....and Ditto.
Gisel Montejo Asis
Happy Birthday Bryant McGill..God bless you more..
Mureen Kevin
Happy birthday Jenni.. God bless this new year.
Gloria Griffin
Happy birthday Jenni hope you have a wonderful day 💐🎂🥂🍾🎉🎊
Gloria Griffin
Jenny Hesketh
Love it.
Sylvia Stoneman
Happy birthday.....Jenni.....
Jennifer Lyn Sanin
Happy Birthday, Jenni Young McGill
Ivy Tobin
Love it!
Gwynneth Howe-watson
Thank you Bryant McGill, your writing helped me considerably when I was going through tough times.
Helena Asong Pelian
Hi Bryant dear. thanks so much for your thoughts. Awesome. God bless you always.
Author Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson
Happy happy birthday Jenni!🎉🎁🎂
Yvette Bede Racho Asunto
You are a gift to humanity, Bryant. Thank you for touching our lives. God bless you more.
Kathleen Ward
Thank you
Irene Pandazis
Happy Birthday Jenni Sweetheart
Bryant McGill
Mona Marie
That was superbly written and I know every word is from your soulful heart. God Bless you.
Sylvia Stoneman
Henry Lee Short
Are you trying to sale books using this you white bitch
Randy Drum
Rama Bhattacharya
Dear Author. You r Superb. In your beautiful photo, looks u, a romantic Ledgent. Thanks with love. Friend. India.
Yda Bernardo
Henry Lee
Fake red neck bitch
Henry Lee
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Henry Lee
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Henry Lee
Guess what you fake red red honky the guy with the small mind and ego is back
Kimberly McCracken
Mark Twain - sardonic social commentator. LOVE him. Godspeed Bryant 💙💚💚
Henry Lee
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Henry Lee
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Mannat Maan
Lots of love and thanks. Love to read your post
Denise Kipling Williams
Thinking of you and Jenni . Big hugs you two and send us some sun ok ! Waaaaaa haaaa x from Halifax Canada
Irene Pandazis
Thank You
Merle Melony Frankfort
Thank you for helping me
Mercy Lucas Jacinto
I really admire you from the posts, messages etc. U really connect people thru ur spiritual messages and u uplift those who are down nd disturbed. Pls. Write more. Mabuhay!!!!god bless
Eday Grantoza
Sharing with love❤️
Eday Grantoza
You are down to earth guiding angel, more power to you and Jenni.
Eday Grantoza
Thank you for your continuous writing motivation and inspiration. Love and Prayer,Amen !
Eday Grantoza
May the Good Lord,always be with you wherever you are, Amen !
Anayo Augustine
May God continue to equip you with more of His wisdom together with His unceasing inspirations as you continue to inspire the downtrodden across the universe. God bless and keep you all day long. Amen.
Eday Grantoza
Happy Mother’s Day!!!🌸🌹🌺❤️💜💙🙏🏻👍
Eday Grantoza
Thank you ,I really value your insightfulness and genuinely I follow you share post everyday. God bless,
Mimzkie Francia Juarez
Thank you for sharing us your knowledge.... ispiritually and emotionally.... and also the values which is very important in our daily living... thank you again... more power and God Bless you...
Dominique Buchberg
Let me go
Lela Strika
Why are you writing to me Briant??
Thea Fillinger
❤️ ❤️
Wanda Tyree Randazza
Thank you for your uplifting posts!! ❤️❤️
Mampatleleng Sweetness Lenaba
THANK you for your feedback... i love your inspirational messages they are powerful and they really are about Freedom; respect and Happiness... Thank you; God bless...
Brenda Graham
Thank you, for the kind words you speak to us as a whole! I appreciate it!I can tell they come from your heart! 😊
Baya Elbey
happy birthday bryant mcgill❤️❤️❤️*
Aqua Nescene
Thank you very much. Regards from Indonesian but live in Myanmar 😊
Jennifer Lundeen-Ashworth
Thank you, Bryant, for taking the time to "frame" this idea and for all that you are contributing to humanity. May God bless you both, immeasurably! Big Hugs!
Ilse Heiligers
Henry Lee
Tell fat so don't hide now
Henry Lee
The fight will go on
Betty Bruns Munguia
Love your page and enjoy reading what you post so Thank-You very much :) ❤️
Kathleen Ward
Thank you
Tasha Estes-henry
Judy Imbrunone
Love reading your thoughts!
Judy Imbrunone
A friend reposted your FB profile and I read your daily message. I am an unpublished writer working on a memoir about my lung transplant. Also starting a fiction book. Have my character and one page begun so I will lol
Louise Reed Kostecke
Love you both ! Both say good words 💜💜💜
Roula Ishak
Ben Jones thank you
Carolyn Martell
Thank You Bryant McGill I may not always comment on the other hand, I do read your posts and so believe you have a message for the world at large.
Thao Nguyen
Daniel Osei Kofi
Thanks, I always appreciate your written,,,Blessed
Tracy M Keenan
Love this post I'm bedridden but still have hope and posts like this increase it more thank you x
Joyce Walters
You are insightful, Bryant t. Do enjoy and learn from your wrotings, but I do not go on Amazon. Maybe in the future. You are amazing and do enjoy your writings. Am glad I some how found you on facebook.
Christopher Striano
Thank you Bryant for all your great words it has made me grown so much in my life . I read your emails every day and forward to my friends that I feel that need to be uplifted . May God bless you for your great work of helping people and me . You kept me on a straight path in life .
Leo Nita
Thank you Bryant for bringing up the very best of people, encouraging, motivating countless souls, one of those, would be for me for sure, Love you and Jenni, keep up the great work❤️
Maureen Connors Anderson
You continue to Bless us all! God's own Grace peace, blessings and love in Christ always! The best Valentine's light & love in Christ!
Maureen Connors Anderson
Maryanne Lepage
Thanks for every word that comes from your heart. You are a man with many wise words. Keep up the good work my friend. Cheers
Niki Phillips
Oh, 23000 followers, I rest my case.
Niki Phillips
Good Lord....what's your Sharmanic purpose? You expond things that we all would have read by now (if we are readers that is) Are you trying to get a following?
Hussain Dildar
Yes Bryant McGillThank u for the kindest and most touching person my life . I have ever received in my life . With all of my heart THANK YOU GOD AMEN
Tracy Shirk-Rombaugh
Love, love, love your knowledge, insight and wisdom. You are part of my daily routine before work. My heartfelt appreciation coming to you from Georgia!
Hemlata Rupani
Good to be connected.to you Brian...
Shahnila Baloch
Thankyou so much for your thoughful writings very close to real life. Most of the time it really seems like that these are according to the situation from which I am going through. And I became,surprized how come you know. Amazingly motivating in my situation. Thankyou for your support. Love & regards Bryant.
Sushma Saroa
These days I hardly on Facebook but your write up really helped me to come out of bad situation . Many many thanks to you.
Kelli Brents Gilbert
If you read all these comments, you won’t have time to post more for us to read. That’s a negative. Carry on. ❤️ your stuff
Mishal Ali
Thank you i love to read your writings.. This helps us..
Joy De Ocampo
Thank you for sharing your wisdom...
Alfonso Caballero

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