Don’t fight so hard trying to live, that you forget what you are living for;...

Don’t fight so hard trying to live, that you forget what you are living for; not to be a mere slave to the common and mundane, but to fully expand as the master of your deepest passion. You are alive to fulfill your calling. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill #SimpleReminders #BryantMcGill #quotes #selfhelp #life #passion #forget … See More...

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I know what my calling is do you?
And what if you live peacefully then someone out of nowhere wreck my life! I am totally broken till now a long way to tell #
Tell me how when the narrisstic sociopath doesn't stop even after 3 years from when you left
Wow! I had to read that 3 times. Every time I read it said something else to me.
Amen amen amen
Smiling, yes I am!!
Amen thanks for reminding everything me and I will stand with my two feet god bless for us thank you
I love this🌟
For this act you should have great amount of energy then you do where you feel my passion go. Sometimes when person try to care too much of some rule and regulation who is going on society then they can't do thing, just because they dont understand their suitable implement at this environment. Life is all about keep yourself so enjoyable do what you like and get sucess at that dirction. Sometimes many person made some another hunter for just living because what another person say to that matter more to them then stick those case at wall just because they are caring to much mundane think over you. I can't crictisize those people who are following own dream but never harm another person as well as follow enviormental rule also. These kind of insecure act going on most so person make mere slave of that particular thing and leave own passion. Give yourself full opportunity to grow and with passion if those act little bit differnce but do it for own life and further those thing may give great happiness and passion .if you allow external thing to fix your dreams then those thing also can steal your dream by simple change. You have to know which direction I can do better and keep your so passionate then those get great efficiency for those particular act.
wowwww wow just wow. share it on >([@ proudfitfam now just ddm them and folow 😃

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