How can you have anything if you aren't real? — Bryant McGill...

How can you have anything if you aren’t real? — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill @SimpleReminders @JenniMcGill #simplereminders #how #can #you #have #anything #if #not #real #life #thoughts #wisdom #inspiration See More...

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Always keep it real 💯
You can't be real if it isn't real. Sad but true!!!!
🧡 THIS!! @henrythetripawd
If anything exist definitely they are real otherwise any person just says you mad. There is no point so you can put your hypothetical thinking but many person will tell you take off your dream and just be simple and do what most of person do here either it's higher society or grouded .where you go definitely you perception so you can prepare yourself that any possible difficulties how can we reslove. If you can't explain sometimes what are you doing then most of case you have lot energy draining act will come to you. So always be real these only precious act matter to you and other than this just keep you happy if you have wrong belief. How much you can keep your genuine that will good for you but at this case don't forget improve because different time have different necessity.
You can’t. Its all a show. How sad
@happycurlygirly life motto ♥️
@nicksienoc dzeeeeep
Pray and hold thyself within meekfulness; usefulness. Hallelujah. Submit to God and our Lord as in the past times. That is how we become creators concerning really bringing Him back to life. Hallelujah

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