If you are miserable you grow in misery and if you are joyful you grow in joy...

If you are miserable you grow in misery and if you are joyful you grow in joy. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill @JenniMcGill @SimpleReminders #simplereminders #quotes #video #pain #grow #joy #hurt #inspiration #learn #lessons #feelings #life See More...

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@jeauxdiann so true #mylove
@realmcfluffy thank you! It must be horribly lonely to be that miserable of a person to continuously bring upon hate to others.
@jeauxdiann YOU are that Joy! Don’t let those that are the Misery, infect upon the light that burns within you. The warmth and kindness that comes from your Joy, far overpowers the negativity in their own miseries! Peace and Love! ❤️❤️❤️
If you are miserable then you grow in misery it's deep like any try to maintian their trouble but instead of this if you think that person is aware and know how to heal from this situation then they can get out of hear by getting good inspiration. Who knew his use these act then they can go any best place because at that condition you want to focuse at yourself try to remove that particular resources of problem but this is true you can't get fast relief instead of this you need time to grow.When you are very curiouse to instant relief then you can go for joy when you want to make situation frequently right then you will not time to inspect what can be best place to every point of view with life longer dominancy. In case joyful from intitally then you go for fragment factore where you feel bad and you get average amount of sucess just getting joy. When you want to go far then you need take breathe and Analize your life then take decsion where is the place to go amazing and during this session you need to keep patience ,this can be prove so adventurous as well.
Iam JOY 💖
Love this, it the honest to goodness truth!
Absolutely true✨
That's so true in life..

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