Life is a practice. When you 'fail,' you can immediately begin practicing...

Life is a practice. When you ‘fail,’ you can immediately begin practicing again. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill @SimpleReminders @JenniMcGill #simplereminders #quotes #life #is #practice #fail #begin #again #inspiration #thoughts #growth #work #hard See More...

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exactly #practice #practicemakesprogress #practicemakesperfect @indoreworldsummit
If you practice there is no failure.
Always try Ur best....
Right on! It is a continuous journey of learning, transformation and growth. Grateful to have come across your page, @gomcgill. You put a lot of value in what you share and you may be able to resonate with our pieces on living life extraordinarily as well. Feel free to check us out to get inspired. Love, serenity and happiness, always. 🙏💗✨
That's true
There is lot of difficulty create when we have no liberty what we wanted to do and you have also leading with responsbilty. In case of failure you will have lot of discourge then at those condition you have to maintian your energy and do as well as learn from the situation. Due to practice we get easy way to deal problem and their complexity. At this condition you dont give up what you wanted ever due to certain time condition go beyond the your expection. We should have differnt complexcity at different stage of life so you don't need to fed up your energy and stop attempting. How much we get experienced but we all have always something learing in life so focuse to learn thing and love your act than impress sitution that whenever we will get then my impression will be more than current. At this condition you focuse a lot at your result only but forget to do work well which can give best possible result.
Absolutely spot on.

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