Nothing great ever happens from thinking small, so never think small of others...

Nothing great ever happens from thinking small, so never think small of others. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill #SimpleReminders #motivation #love #withlove #positive #positivity #positivequotes #good #goodvibes #picture #mind #mindfulness #mentalhealth #motivation #selfhelp #choice #choices #strength #life #happiness #happy #knowledge #truth #smile #selflove #growth #appreciate #wisdom #passion See More...

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Well said❤
Hi we are a company that makes bracelets to supports mental health and it would be awesome if you could check us out #flytowardshope
Literally listened to a podcast just now about serving others as much as possible. I think this quote is so relevant! Great post!
Everyone has been bestowed with some unique quality. 👍😊
See yourself through Jehovah’s eyes.... @dina27105 ❤️
When you knew that I am superior than that then what is need to learn to have think. If you want inspiration then observe higher person than what ever you before. Small thinking can reach you how much you made little bit effort but if you large thinking then atleast get inspiration to do more and Learn more. We should have desire to to improve your life if you want improvement then you have to see are lie above than you. This is simple logic, big think make an opportunity to get better but small will not have such a thought you can preserve better than you think. It's not about you don't help person who needlessly do good act to you but for yourself you have to go higher level. At this point one conclusion comes up if you let another one higher position then try learn to observe their act and try carry in your life but if you take lightly some body then you have not desire to see even they have worthy cat more than you. Simply you should keep bad intention towords anyone but wherever you get chance to learn definitely do that. This kind of Countinouse desire make you good, it's not matter you are going slowly but static for reaching your dream.
Love this 💞 💞 🌼 🌼
Well said....

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