Perception is the context of your reality. — Bryant McGill

Perception is the context of your reality. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill @JenniMcGill @SimpleReminders See More...

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@ladyfebruary82 👍
..with emphasis on "You". Too many people think that their perception of you are your reality, when it’s a reflection of their state of mind and who they are as human beings.
@bg_calisthenics si papi
@earthangel_2017 Awww girl 💜 so true. Your energy was brought to me for a reason or maybe we were meant to cross paths
@riri_love89 lol just what we were talking bout yesterday .... #confirmation
Actually context tell you address what is source of any event to came out but perception give you power to know their address as well as how much power we need to execute them and get best from where. When you have good sensation then definitely you almost understand what type decsion I need to make for this job. So I think that it's a golden power who stay away from you to any problems, when you able to gain it then most of work will be easy for you. I found for this act great response towords my act anywhere. I probably has great application anywhere and right know I got it and feel their fragrance definitely feel very less when further I didn't do that. When you understand well and execute well then consequenly outcomes came with best yield. When you improve all action well manner then you can get power over artificial intelligence and once you got it then you very easy to solve any kind of problem with less consumption of time. From best application of perception you can overcome all directions uncertainty and able to give them more security. After all this action give you best anywher all the way so keep power to observe well so you can analize any condition properly.
No....reality is the concept of your perception...ix
Love this!

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