Simplicity is the most complex concept you will ever contemplate.

Simplicity is the most complex concept you will ever contemplate. β€” Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill @JenniMcGill @SimpleReminders #simple #things #most #complex #concept #think #about #life #growth #wisdom #thoughts #selfhelp See More...

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Sometimes we think too much into things when the answer is so simple ❀️
Simple living but high thinking...with and peace among Souls....πŸ’–πŸ‘‘Amen
I think it should be sacrefices after knowing that is not worthy enough to keep yourself for entertaining and simple way to express your personality. I think as a luxury you can show what are you and definitely you lie above than most of person but being simple and show I am above than most of person is very complex and logistics to define and there should be various possible contemplate anyone can have, some person understand there is lack money to survive best life then do that and another can they have more problems to live life then that person this lifestyle but very few person go to understand anyone that this person are impirical that nothing will happen to more than this good life style because they felt that. For their point of view nice ornaments is your behavior ,act implemention in society and what you have done to society that will only matter to person. They are very wise person and unique lifestyle they proved their life uniquely but they are not brand ambassador anyhwhere for anything but few of unique and talented has such as state of life. So there is ultimately show lot sacrefices but great satisfaction and serenity. These are real hero to show being a common person with good exhibition infront of society as well as great inspiration for those are worry to blaming most of entity who are cause of their unhappiness and unenlightening carrier.
It's quite a paradox, isn't it?
What is simplicity? What context? I have been asking some people including myself the big questions in life, like "what is life?" and "who are we?" and now reading this, I've realised it is important to have simplicity in one's thoughts. Why? Because one arrives to a sense of peace in this regard. So, yes, it good to practice simplicity in one's thoughts at times. Peace and love. ❀
@monicasamp πŸ€”

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