When you move your body, you move your mind. — Bryant McGill...

When you move your body, you move your mind. — Bryant McGill @SimpleReminders @BryantMcGill @JenniMcGill #simplereminders #quotes #when #you #move #your #body #mind #exercise #life #goodtimes #feelgood See More...

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Never looked at it that way before
It's directly means you have present mindset what are you doing at present time. Sometimes think about some work and sometimes person keep yourself in lot of illusion and they dont feel neither present nor past. It will also tell you well siginfcance of what are you doing at present time. Like when you are running at road then there is lot of situation of road and you keep constant your mindset then any possible threat may be comes because road status is not similar everywhere. It will also give you conciouse and well enjoyable if you have desire to think differently with time.Dont be careless so you can not use your time properly and not get how much you were really deserve but instesd of this many kind of threat comes along the way. When we saw anything once beautiful then you think about that and don't care further step next beauty so changing mind with your moment of body always be best idea to capture many things.
So true

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