You cannot heal what you refuse to first acknowledge. — Bryant McGill...

You cannot heal what you refuse to first acknowledge. — Bryant McGill @BryantMcGill #SimpleReminders #BryantMcGill #Inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #life #selfhelp #healing #health #spiritual #wellness #strength #video See More...

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This is where I am stuck......First acknowledge my problem! 😳😳😳
Very true
Give it all to Jesus
#truth #realitycheck✔️ #namaste🙏
Hmm 🤔 I acknowledged that I was wrong when I held on to someone whose only desires was to gain admiration while he humiliate and violate me! I acknowledge I was wrong for believing that I could’ve changed this individual into a better man, I’m not God #lessonlearned I acknowledge that it was my fault for thinking he was able to love me! I acknowledge that it was me who made the love so special because of who I am! I acknowledge that I am not that person I was when I let myself be violated and humiliated because I wanted to demonstrate loving the way God ask! I no longer will dwell here, that I’m acknowledging, even with how many people that individual have managed to convinced that he’s madly in love, when it was me who was emblematizing the kind of love I offer and what I’m worth!
This is really fascinating
This is rear to say that you can not heal yourself if you not acknowledge fist time but you can get satisfication but sitution will go probably more complex and you did that at first time then those work for you and heal you. After certain when we waiting for something then extra work you need to do and if you do more than that then you can make yourself satisfication. I think that due to complication everyone not make attempt when situation happened. These word can be accurate when you say, if you refused first acknowledgement then you can heal while you make extra effort to do thing so you found more strong act comparsion to what happened to you.
I remember what u have said @katxamnos99
I need the name of the background song???

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