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McGill CYL Speakers Program Judge with Arielle Ford, Gregg Braden, Rodney Scott, Rita Curtis, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and Liz Dawn ACCEPTING ENTRIES NOW — This is your chance to have YOUR voice be heard. For the first time ever, the world renowned Celebrate Your Life conference is offering you the chance to WIN a speaking … See More...

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Irene Carlson
Thank you for this invitation however I am too ill to consider this fabulous opportunity, speaking engagement.. I am unable to accept at this time, Travel for me is challenging as well and my medical condition is consuming much of my time and energy. I thank you for you're generous offer and believing me. Wishing you all the best for a successful event in Phoenix Arizona. Yours Truly, Irene Carlson BC Canada
Akiroq Brost
Amazing opportunity!!!!
Bryant McGill, Bestselling Author & Speaker With over 12 million social subscribers, Bryant and his wife Jenni are the creators of Simple Reminders. Bryant has been speaking to audiences worldwide including the United Nations
Rita L. Piltz
I have been saying "I'm going to Write A Book" for 20+ Years...people who Know My Story or "My Truth" as expressed by "Oprah" has encouraged me to write a book. I have years of "Voluntary Speaking Experience"...I'm Not claiming. To be Unique...just another one of God's children saved by His Son.

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