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Bryant McGill, Alanis Morissette, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Seth Godin, and Martha Beck part of the 1440 Multiveristy Spring Line-up Here’s a heads up about some very popular programs coming to 1440 in 2018, so that you can book your seat now before it’s too late. APRIL EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO SCHEDULE CONFLICTS, BUT PLEASE DO CHECK … See More...

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Anna S Unique
Bryant McGill and Jenni Young McGill is a power couple that totally changed my life through their livestreams, their way of not only talking but also showing the world through their actions what love and respect and living the dream should be like. I am eternally grateful for them, Simplereminders and the platform they have provided at The Royal Society at because it actually transforms lives in a very real and lasting way.
Poonam Paintal
Thank you so much Bryant and jenni for your life changing simple reminders which is helping me so much . Reminders are like shinning torches. I like that you talk about one single source from where we all emerge.. That is the truth. I also agree that teachers ars also students in the walk of life. However students need to be willing to learn and ready to change their lives.
Laurie Lankins Farley
if you haven't heard or seen Bryant McGill speak, you have to make it a priority. He is captivating!
Akiroq Brost
This will be a fantastic event. I will be there in spirit as I can't attend this time. Next time!!! ❤️
wow they are all amazing speakers
Bryant McGill
Thanks Jo! ❤️
Jo Davis
Bryant McGill is a captivating speaker. He speaks directly to the viewer & cuts quickly to the core. He relates & connects to all levels regardless of your specific stage of personal & spiritual growth. Worth your time and money!
Rita L. Piltz
No offense but I have already "learned" and "taught others" the content that will be provided in the Workshops at the Conference.

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