Don’t expect, but do believe. The difference between expectation and belief...

Don’t expect, but do believe. The difference between expectation and belief is paramount. Expectation and immediate gratification are dream killers. #BELIEVE that patience and humility will deliver — When we are touched by humility we awaken to a moment of gratitude where we are free from our unpleasant pasts, and free from the torture of … See More...

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Dear Jenni & Bryant, u r too good for all , who needs u both with heartiest love & regards . Thank u both. With good wishes, friend. Singapore.
@rama.bhattacharya1234 thank you 🙏🏻 very much
Dear friend, u r really brilliant & good advicer. Thanks.
Yes, never lose hope or faith! 💗
So true💜
Thank you
Much needed today and this past week. Thanks
Love this post! ✨
My own family let me down and I had no say in the matter in fact the party most affected was myself - too personal to even continue . They don’t realize the damage from selfishness that comes to a person whom cares the most . I was used the works . Don’t be a hater don’t become the hated . It’s easy to hate . The degree of wicked come backs I read on the wedding in England . Not that I’m any Royalist very far opposite infact lol . The hatred can be a learnt way of thinking of self mirroring and almost self abuse and of course actual abuse but those like this only hurt themselves
That’s a biggie . Don’t be disappointed when folks let you down . It can be circumstances beyond their, our control so be kind to yourself and don’t hate . It’s disappointing to be let down by others I find but it’s their doing not yours . Believe it will be ok . Don’t let the let downs become the life you lead because of feeling negative from others ways - NOT - yours . ❤️
You speak really true words! Or I should say you have a great way with words!!!😇👑🙏💟

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