If resisting has failed and frustrated you

If resisting has failed and frustrated you, try to accept what is. As hard as it is to believe, acceptance can open different opportunities for change than resistance. If you resist life, it will refuse you — but if you surrender, the world will give you everything it has to offer. Resisting is not the … See More...

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Left me with 'o words
Waow just no words. I've been wronh since the beginning
Lalie Nieto
Hello Bryant and Jenni💕 Surrender sets you free while resisting keeps you in bondage.i do listen and I'm ready to put into practice everything I learned. Taking things one day at a time. Sometimes, I will fall into a relapse making me do things the wrong way, but I will keep on moving forward not letting mistakes get in the way of my goal. I will keep on trying no matter how many times I have to apologize And do it on my own (because others will give up on me.) because i just can't give up on myself. I know I have to be more careful with my choice of words because they get me into trouble. But it is sometimes( or all the time) necessary to be honest with my feelings than to fake it. You know why it took me so long to let go and forgive is because of the bottled up emotions that I just wanted to release but couldn't due to fear of the consequences. God knows my intentions of embracing once again the positive values/traits necessary for a more positive, happy and successful life. I just have to be more patient with myself. But I do LISTEN believe me. Love this shared on my page.. Thank you and sorry.
Akiroq Brost
Yes, acceptance has been the most liberating decision I have made in my life. To surrender to who and what I am, to what is. It is so true: "The more you listen, the more they change." Yes, truly listening in active awareness is uncommon these days. However, it makes all the difference as to how we experience events and our interaction with other people. It gives depth and meaning. It gives understanding. Yes, you really hit the nail on the head here: Listening is power. Great article Bryant! Thank you ❤️
Laurie Lankins Farley
Listening is the door to real communication. Enjoyed this!
This is a great Article ...I’m practicing being a better listener because it’s a very important part of friendship with others whether friends or family. I believe communication is vital without it you can’t understand and learn from one another. I find many people just text these days I actually prefer talking or voice Chat is preferable because texting isn’t always understood even better going to coffee because you take time out to actually listen,and communicate with one another face to face so we can actually listen also be heard. Problems in relationships also start without good listening.
Justin Crowder
I think this was for me cause I have been here on both ends. I'm now learning to listen cause I know that if I talk too much I won't comprehend. And the way i see it it's more of a mister know it all attitude for me. Maybe I'm off the point. But i need to humble myself and be more of a listener and see the point of view of others. Afterwall they just may know more than me and teach me something.
Heart touching..
Bryant McGill
I appreciate it Shivali.
Bryant McGill
Thank you very much Laurie.
Bryant McGill
Thank you, and yes... feel free to repost...
Bryant McGill
Thank you Artemis.
Artemis Antoniou
Your blog is mind blowing Bryant. There is so much meaning and understanding to get from it. It made me stop and think how I resist things that happen and help me to see them from a better perspective. Thank you so much.
Shivali Singla
Much needed post. Thanks for sharing :)
Ryann Lavelle
The quality of your writings and content is excellent. I ask your permission to share them. Heart and Mind Healing is a FREE,Community Health resource. I posted a sample of your work, with the type of comments I often use. Please review,advise me of your acceptance or personal preferences. Gratitude for your contributions. Heart and Mind Healing Ryann Lavelle PhD
It is 6:51 A.M. and profound hits at all hours!!!!
Truth beyond measure!!!!! Truth: heart stopping life-changing fact that moves mountains!!! Profound beyond measure!! Amen!!!

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