Just say NO — to negativity, gossip, and drama...

Just say NO — to negativity, gossip, and drama. #success #gossip #quotes #nodrama #boundaries #selfhelp #selflove #selfrespect #healthylifestyle #relationships #stress# #badass #stressfree #letgo #lettinggo #resist #nobs #no #standup #excuses #mentalhealth See More...

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@bryantmcgill “excuses, negativity, gossip” are all judgments of someone else’s struggle and how they are doing their personal best as a flawed limited human being to deal with it. I believe in ‘Judge not. Lest ye be judged.’ Even if a person claims not to judge, or begs to differ if they are called out on their judgments, it can nevertheless be felt by the person who is being judged. I don’t like gossip either. But I seriously doubt even you, never gossip. Really??? You never talk about anyone in your life and what you think of them or their choices?? I do my best not to- I do my best to just focus on myself and how I am doing. Because inevitably, the moment I am focusing on someone else or pointing any fingers... is the moment I fuck something up myself. Take driving. The moment I stare at or judge something or someone else, life comes at me fast and I am given some small scare to bring my attention back to what I am doing and reminded to just pay attention to that and not worry or care what other people are doing. I care where people are coming from but I also do not care. I care about how they relate to me, in the present moment. And that’s all that really matters to me. @bryantmcgill
How do you reconcile this- with your other quotes about ‘nothing being wrong with a person between smiles’, and with ‘listening is one of the most sincere forms of respect’ ??? @bryantmcgill what about Non-Judgment, what about acknowledging someone else’s struggle??? If they are speaking on it, isn’t it obvious that they need to be heard? or some loving non-judgment? If someone has crossed paths with you, isn’t that exactly where the two of you are supposed to be? Exactly where you are? You may ‘not want to hear’ someone else .... but isn’t that kind of selfish??? Especially if you are doing so well, are so strong or successful, and they might clearly be struggling? Is there some middle ground? Some balance? Couldn’t you acknowledge and offer some wisdom? Some comfort? Something??? Often times mere acknowledgement or just confirmation that someone has been heard is all they need. It’s all I need. People do not know or understand what I have been through, or how alone I have been while going through and struggling with it all. I recognize we all have our own struggles and I’m not alone in that. But there are different levels. Not everyone is in the thick of things at all times, we all have ups and downs, if someone is down, and you’re up- isn’t it kind of your duty if you want to be a kind loving human being- to hear someone? Even if you ‘don’t want to’ ???? So again I ask you, how do you reconcile these things because your various words of wisdom are very contradictory to me. I find comfort in some- while I am just hurt and disheartened again by others.
Devorsed just for this reason, got me no where, We can only change ourselves. God speed, pray for all in Florida, expecially my children and myself.
Right , refuse to keep explain g myself,
A wise choice, the choice of positive energy transfer, without the need for negative and boring participation,bryantmcgill ~~thank you very much

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