Music is honest... it only gives you, what you give it...

Music is honest… it only gives you, what you give it… #bryantmcgill #music #atx See More...

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I just told my husband, " I have never been so close with any multimillion dollar leader" then it dawned on me.....I literally prayed many times for a multimillion dollar Mentor." " To be mentored personally by them" and look at me NOW! Bam! God sent You!!! Praise His Holy Name! I feel very humbled right now. Thank you Bryant & Jenni HE sent the very very very best!!! 👑🤴🏻👑🤴🏻🙌🏻👍🏻👊🏻🙌🏻🤝❤️
i love this painting it says a lot to me..."Get back to music D'vora."
Cool pic!
Beautifully said ❤️
Alan watts says that music is simply for the simplicity of it. If it were how we use everything else, which is a means to an end, it would be only one note. But music has no true direction or purpose other than to simply be as is in the moment.
I must get back to my passioln!

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