The Secret Success Mindset to Master any Difficulty

“Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Best selling authors Bryant and Jenni McGill share their secret to a mindset that can master any difficulty.” — Kevin Daum, Inc. 500 entrepreneur and best-selling author Every entrepreneur has a great idea in their mind and looks to be a disruptive, innovative force in the marketplace. If it were easy, … See More...

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Laurie Lankins Farley
This is great to read. I work alone on 90% of my work endeavors, so, the community/s that follow you and Jenni are most helpful. All advice is greatly appreciated.Thank you!
Rubina fazal
Beautiful inspiring article...❤👑As always learn something new and life enhancing...and encouraging...yeah to be successful in any walk of have to struggle a lot...with patience, and passion...Mutual and respect for eà the main core of bèing a Successful person...hard and Stamina...continues input..makes the Job..,business...or any work...established ..and full of benefit not only for the individuals own welfare but all the circles around them...we should live a life of purpose and be an example of love ,care and respect for all.. ❤👑Thanks for Sharing..
Sue Smith
Beautiful! 💖
Akiroq Brost
Yes, working as a team has a profound effect on the success of all. We can join strengths. We can all lift each other. Authenticity is a must. People need to know who they are dealing with. Sharing in the joy of others is such a beautiful experience! Boundaries. Surrounding yourself with the right people. Building strong relationships. Trust and respect. All are paramount to successful living. Open-mindedness, flexibility in thinking and thought. A willingness to learn and grow. To entertain the ideas of others. Marketing was never my strong suit. I have never had the technical mind to see "into" trending opportunities. I am absolutely positive I am quite ignorant of what is available in terms of technology. However, I make full use of what I do know and understand. Competition takes quality of the making. Cooperation, on the other hand, adds quality and substance. Cooperation can at times be challenging, especially dealing with difficult people, but it can be a great growth experience. Cooperation builds community. Putting time, energy and effort into what matters, matters. It's that consistent effort, that adds up and makes a difference. I loved this: "You are a solution provider." What if we all thought of ourselves in this way. Another great article. Thanks, Bryant and Jenni ❤️
Jeremiah de Leon
Success is not just about the wealth that you have. It is not just about the money that you have, the work that you have, the position that you have but it is about contentment of having what you have in your hard work, Success comes from within. Maybe we have different expectation and conception with regards to success. But i believe that the key to success is knowing your purpose in this world. God has a plan for everyone. A greater plan for us to be successful and prosperous, He prepare a better future to us if we let him in our lives. The God's plan is more than what we hope for. If we think that our goals and plans is better, he prepares best for us. God Bless Us.
Lynne Mann
Love you guys so much. You force me to look at things with reality even when i prefer not to . i lovlob love my Simple Reminders. Usually first thing i look at and last to make sure i miss nothing! i love the opinions of others The critique my ideas and thought and dont even know it! Thank you for such a great service! i love it!!
Thank You so much Bryant and Jenni for all you inspire im me, and for all that you do! Your journey is so beautiful and magical. I too believe that when we have the courage to follow our heart, it will always lead us to our greatest freedom and joy.
Very good and inspiring article about success it learned me beside the tips you shared that starting your own small business and going through up and down and challenges till you reach to success is better than working for another because your are building your own dream and name
Barbara Vercruysse
Incredibly inspiring!!! Both of you do not cease to amaze me. You are such a gift to the world and I agree with every word that is written down here. I feel infinitely grateful that you crossed my path ❤️ Beautiful, beautiful souls you are. Love you ❤️
Becki M
That is one incredible story! You put yourself in that vortex and you should definitely be very proud! Love this story. You just made me day! Not enough words to express the respect and admiration I have for your resilience! Rock on!! 👑👌😇💜💜
Rose G Arellano
What a great story! You are an inspiration. Blessings on your journey 👑❤
Fatima Shahnaz Ahmad
As a child of business owners who also had a dream and followed their heart, growing up I can never forget them ALWAYS saying, "The customer is ALWAYS right!" As a child, going to work with them on the weekends, I observed that no matter what the customer said, they'd always listen attentively and attend to what they, the customer, needed. As immigrants, with nothing in their hands, to my father working 2-3 jobs daily, saving up and then venturing into a business they knew nothing about but having a dream to do for themselves and for others got them farther than having given up when there were problems. Where there are problems, there are solutions. Giving up is not one of them.
Praying for you and your family. God is hope. He will carry you "through it". Connect with loving, nurturing and wise people. A "good" local church is generally a good start.
I am now learning and agree with your reply Daisy.
WITHOUT READING YET...what I am learning is I must have a balance. This balance MUST include keeping my need to help all, to a STRICT minimum.
Lissa Hinshaw
I really enjoyed this article. What a beautiful inspiration you, Bryant and Jenni have been and continue to be. I can relate very well to just showing up and taking a beating over and over. I just view those knocks as part of the learning. I have always learned more by doing and I acknowledge that I don't have all the answers and I am okay with that because that opens me up to learn even more. Your statement "Cooperation is more elegant and efficient than competition" is spot on for me. It feels so natural to cheer people on and to truly be happy for them. So much of what I have done in my entrepreneurial endeavors has just been a belief that it was going to work because it was not just in my head but also my heart. I think believing in yourself even when you are not sure of how to make it all come together is huge. Believing so much that nay-sayers are just the no's I have to get out of the way so the yes's can be revealed. Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips to help so many, self-included.
I am great to share my thoughts to everyone specially jinny n Bryan. Being who I am in my self sometimes I'm shy but it's a great honor you give me chance to explore my life to you. Being a simple person I dream big that I wish I could get it. I love to be what to be.
Tina ngo
Dearest Bryant & Jenni, You both are the true humanitarian- compassionated LEADERS. i just read some of the articles you've shared. Its such valuable enlightenmentful & inspirational advises. I truly admired the credits you've been giving to ALL people of accumulation for the successes. I love both of your caring, loving, looking & reaching out to us. LOL= lots of love, thank you very much. Respectfully & thankfully, Tina Ngo 💞
Tina ngo
Thanks for you incredible, benefical and insightful share.. Wonderfully & beautifully done and said! 💞😍 thank you... May you empower many other with your true passion.. God bless you always, Tina ngo 😃
Charmaine Smith
I am passionate about helping people simplify their lives, follow the laws of balance and harmony within the universe. That's what I have done to transform my life and the lives of others. There are three things I do everyday that sets the tone for my day. I express gratitude and appreciation. I balance work and play. I meditate for short periods at a time. I almost forgot this one thing that shifts my mood instantly. With intention I look for something to make me laugh. I mean a deep belly laugh for at least a minute. Simple is powerful.... :)
Laurie Lankins Farley
Love this! Sharing bc it's so awesome!
Paulina Bagunas
Success is the fruit of hardwork, faith, and eagerness to fulfill the desire of the heart for goodness andand satisfaction. God bless
I think there is no secret to success. What is yours will eventually be yours. What might help trigger the path can be organic honesty with oneself.
Kylie you are not worthless nor rubbish darling, you are a mother a creator of life, rise above what is being said to you, unfortunately some family members can make you feel worthless, my ex mother in law was manipulative, controlling constantly telling me i was too sick to look after my then husband and son, she criticized everything i did, from housework to cooking, and my friends, i even had counselling because my doctor knew how much she was depressing me, the councillor even said "i have the mother in law from hell' she wanted to be the matriarch , if you can get away from your negative family with your man and family do it for your own sanity, i have M.S on medication still walking, theres a saying " It's better to be on your own then in the wrong company" all the best Kylie
Karra Theodora
I was working for eight years as a logistic coordinator where i learn the most unbelievable things. I was developed not only as an employee but as a human being as well. Indeed, it was so creating, i was keep learning new methods to resolve any forthcoming problems. With the help of my team, i learned how to remain calm in an emergency situation. You have to keep your mind on track and see how you can deal with any challenges. Pressure and deadlines were rmy bet. Not only did i learn to cope with different kind of people but also how to handle them so i could reach the desired result. Not all my colleagues were cooperative. But i practiced new methods to approach them so i could achieve my goal. A new project came along, and i was one of those people who believed in it and i did all my best to support it. The transaction of this project, was so demanding and so difficult that make most of my colleagues to have second thoughts. They resisted the change. They were afraid of the unknown. Despite the fact, that the project, wasn't so much complicated, my colleagues seemed uncomfortable with it. They kept fighting and fighting all over. I was the soul of team, i tried to influence them so they can see the project in a different way of perspective. In vain, i got a lot of pressures both from my manager and my colleagues. That will inevitably so me the exit of my work. I was the only one who believed in the project when everybody was whistling indifferently. But i was alone. Unfortunately, one swallow doesn't make a spring. Nevertheless, i got my lessons and i grew up emotionally and spiritually. Always, all good efforts are being repaid in the end. Everything is being appreciated even if noone is giving you credits. Integrity is the key. You are doing what is best without expecting a praise.
Lalie Nietol
Im back😄 I get to practice my selling skills at my present work also since wè're required to offer credit cards. I used to hate it at first but later on, I started to enjoy and appreciate the skills and values you get to develop as a result. One technique I learned was not to take rejection from customers personally and to persevere, meaning not to give up. Keep on offering the product; you may not get one now but the next day or next week, you get to recover. Building positive relationship with customers is important also which means being friendly and sincere. I just explain to them the benefits, but I don't really push it because some customers hate that. Im lucky because once in a while I get a Bronze certificate . it's no big deal for me if I get a Silver or Gold since I don't try to compete with others. I'm just trying to do my best.💕thank you
Melissa Rose
Shared with big love ❤️
Lalie Nietol
Heĺlo Bryant and Jenni 💕 This article brings me back to the time when entrepreneurship runs in my blood although on a small scale only. . I started to have a passion for selling when I was a kid maybe around 7 or 8 years old. I used to play the role of a store owner when I was a child with my dolls and stuff toys as my customer. Seeing this, my mom encouraged me to sell our homegrown produce to passers by who where on the way to the market. I have a makeshift stall in front of the house and I enjoyed it so much. Aside from that, I remember selling stickers to my classmates (my dad as the capitalist 😄) and the profit went to me. Around my 20's, I revived the passion for selling again with my sister as my partner although on a small scale again. We went into garment business selling made to order clothes to our officemates. And side by side, I sold lingerie (Wacoal etc.) and cookware too (Corelle/Vision etc). It was so much fun because I barely touched my income. I was able to save a lot as a result. But it all ended when the economy collapsed in 1997. So many companies closed and a lot of investments went down the drain. I got affected too because of my other business but it was a learning experience for me and made me consider my view on money. But what made me appreciate those experiences aside from the income were the values I learned in the process which brings me back to what you said regarding building relationships with customers. My customers kept coming back to me and patronized my products because of the positive values I developed like friendliness, integrity, consideration. I was not focused on profit instead, I made sure that my customers went home happy.i was lucky that there was enough leverage enabling me to give higher was a win-win situation for all of us. That's my story😄 thank you 💕
Evonne Hoy
Its still the passions in believing things will be changed that counts 😇😇
Wanda McGee
Happy to hear you didn't give up,and on your success,keep it up!
Jo Davis
Love this article! Totally celebrating such brave souls as yours, Bryant and Jenni. 🤘 After losing my well paying corporate job, I decided to bet on me and follow the gentle nudges in my heart. That fire to create, to serve, to lift. I had tinkered with art photography and decided to jump in with faith that a path was created even if I couldn't see it. One step, then another, then another. In my heart, I wanted to use this to help others. I had never seen ANYONE do what I was doing. I had NO mentors. I had NO processes in place. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ALL THE BUTTONS ON MY CAMERA DID! Family and friends nodded and smiled when I shared my plan. I would hear them thinking, "Bless her heart." They were NOT DREAMERS. NOTE: don't share your dreams with those people in your life! Also, a beautiful lesson to never wait until you are a master at a thing to chase the thing. Do the work. Head down and never compare yourself to others. While I am total open to learning from others, there just wasn't anyone doing what I was doing. Creating art from edited photography in series based on a cities across the country. Marketing to commercial properties and corporations with locations nationwide vs. individual buyers. It even prompted me to launch a second company in skincare. Continuing beyond that to a third venture "Lift A Sister Up" empowering other women to be authentic and step into their greatness! My intention? My goal? "Make money while I sleep, so that I can help people while I'm awake. How could anything but prosperity come from something such passion?" So powerful. Intention is everything and a predictor of success. Hope this inspires someone. ❤
Jo Davis
Sending you prayers.❤
Amen! Good for you!
Jo Davis
That's incredible. Your story clearly says that you are destined for greater things. How exciting to know you are just beginning to write the best part! You go! #badass
That's awesome & I'm so proud of you for changing your life! You did it on your own & that's very honorable! Hang in there!!
Janel Reich
2 months ago, I was sitting on the hardwood floor of a coed homeless shelter, watching the top layer of skin on my sockless feet ,come off with my shoes. The downside of spending 4 hours in extreme winter weather. See I found out the hard way, that the sleeping quarters didn't open at 3pm after all ...they opened at 7 . Today I am in a beautiful, peaceful and" all to myself "apartment. I walked, signed,hustled, deposited, rent paid in full. With no vehicle, no financial assistance, no " hang in theres " or "you can do it"from family.. . I got up to go apartment hunting on days I was too depressed to use available toilet paper. Can you imagine...? Feeling so broken inside that you don't have the energy to wipe your ass, let alone find a place to live on foot. I tuned my mind set with nothing but fortitude and manifestation. From contemplating ending my life, to sadness, to annoyance, to anger to" I'll be damned if I give up on myself" to hustle to grind I stopped at anifestation to reality. This isn't a sob story but, and pardon my French, I'm so mother fucking proud of myself. I am humble but I am also creating my reality. Don't mind me , I'm just chillin' in the vortex.
As of now I try my best to raise my kids the right way they should be, especially time and financial. Above all I trust to Almighty God for everything,
Gail Liming
And I have survived everything the world has thrown at me and when I was knocked down I got back up. I could not have done this alone without the help of something greater than myself, a faith, for there could be no peace without forgiveness which can be like dangerous poisons that can prevent us from growing spiritually. Our willingness to give and forgive often reveals the depth, or limitations, of our Christianity. As I write this I think of the song, The Sound of Music by Julie Andrews, I go to the hills when my heart is weary, climb every mountain, forge every stream, follow every highway until you find your dream.
Jackie Wilushewski
What an insightful and deeply moving interview/excerpt. I just love how you both followed your heart and really stuck through all of the ebb and flow on this journey and what you have brought for yourself, each other and the World. You really have have found ”a way to share your love for each other, and your passion for life and creativity with the world”.
Gail Liming
Success is what you make it in anything you do in this life. Whatever a person decides to do, do it well, and you'll be proud of yourself for a job well done, and your work will reflect that, it will shine. This is my idea of the word "success".
Ruth Nelson--Noles
I am older but I would like to comment: I grew up very poor. However I always knew I wanted to be a nurse and help people. I love people. I worked baby sitting and every little job I could find. I even polished silver for a lady every 2 weeks. I went in Nurses Training at age 16, I had enough credits to graduate from high school. That was long ago, when you was. In training you spent the entire 3 years living in a form. You could not be married during that time. I had to work really hard. Since that time I have worked in many settings, while being married and raising 3 children. I found the secret to obtaining your dream depended on: Trusting GOD , working hard, always be on time, doing your very best, and keeping my goals in mind. That's the way I went from the bottom to the best. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
Beatrice Hernandez
I am retired and wish that your advice was available before...Truly it is a miracle my Company allowed me so much time off while caring for my very ill Mother. I am grateful to God and my many colleagues who assisted me by covering for me so many times during a seven year period. My Son and Sister also deserve so much credit for putting their lives on hold... Sadly my health has suffered... I am grateful to wake up each morning to face a new day. My Faith has given me strength to endure and persevere the tragedies life brings... Thank you for sharing your wonderful and beautiful Teachings. Teachings that can be used in any aspect of life. No Man is an Island...
I'm a single parent with 3 kids 1 is disabled and I am in love with my childhood crush. We want to be together but my family is not allowing most of my family is not talking to me. I've always been the quiet one not said a word to my family or anything always listened to them and agreed but now I've had enough but I don't have a voice. They are putting a lot of strain on me in life and I can't handle it. They even are picking what I can or can't do, and which friends I can be with and not. They have no trust in me and I feel like nothing worthy and rubbish, Plus having 3 young rids and this on top I'm struggling to keep up. I need help.
Hi, I don't consider my current chapter in life as a success or there will be nothing to work for. , Its a plan in progress. What I am today is becsuse I have a very strong conscious, beliefs and values .if im judged by my bank balance then I am a pauper.if i am judged by my qualities ,strenght ,health ,friendships ,honesty and loyalty then I am a queen. However it is this category of pepple who are tested the most and I am still standing....Thank God for his many blessings and my parents for raising me right, one day my children will thank me, thats a full contented circle.
Tess Ramiro
I will go on and trying my best to learn more . Thank you for all the support that you’ve given me! All your simple reminders has help me a lot. Thank you.
Joshua C. Daniels
If you don't have the humbleness & humility to learn, then you will never be successful . . .
Darlene Rese
The art of great entrepreneurship is very social and involves treating others with respect, honor, honesty and sincerity. In other words you must be real and be yourself as naturally as you can. People do not like fake people and they do not want to do business with someone they can't trust. Also it helps to really know a lot about what you're offering people because if you come across like you don't really know your own business how can you expect anyone else to buy into it or accept whatever you are offering. And it is therefore important to be confident but not proudly arrogant as to not show humility. Make people feel important like they are worth something. That is also what I admire about Bryant and Jenni. Everything I've talked about above.
2017 was so sad for me... My wife of 14 years abandon the home we had and Blindsided me. Sense then 3 family members of died while I was still grieving for my wife, My daughter's father died, My other daughter was involved in a car accident as a passenger that almost killed her after the hospital I ran into my wife, The stress was so great that a week later my employer thought I was having a heart attack and they took me to the hospital, I spent one week there. I'm still hurting my chest hurts I'm on medication I pray and I read all the affirmations in stories that You post. All your post have inspired me made me feel better about myself have given me hope for a better future and I thank you all so very very much.
It's my first step towards not the last . I will go forward and try to best to achieve my goals. Thanks Jenni and bryant
I will keep going and learning, growing. I know I can do it .thank you for being the amazing beautiful people you are I respect you so much thank you for everything Daisy m Edberg
Lana Cristina
Never give up trying. Life is not Just flowers. Sometimes, God proves us to make us stronger. So be calm, pay attention to what is happening, try to learn with difficulties and do your best.
Linda Overlee
These last 6 months have been very hard for me. I lost my sister, my mom had a heart attack while here for the funeral, and I ended up with anxiety and high blood pressure. I am slowly getting back to normal but it was very scary to have all this happen and you can't control it. Seeing your sayings on Facebook help me immensely. I am aspiring to enter the realty business but am afraid to make that step. Maybe today is the day I begin. Thank you.
Angeliki Anastasia
The Absolute Secret of success is first God and then The Royal family of ❤️ Love, Queen Jenni and King Bryant!!! Thank you infinity and beyond times for saving my life!!! Always at your service!!! When we listen to the Great Loving Masters of humanity, compassion, spirituality, we all can achieve greatness!!! ❤️ Love you always!!!
Lina Sjöberg
Iam passionate in my work. It is a force stronger than regular work, because of my own backround and to bring justice to our childrens health and social development based on integrity, love a compassion in their own life as an independent individual, when life have its struggles, and also in social dynamics and relationships. The source of good health are all about selfasteem and confidence, and a strong mind to develop a strategy and motivition to succeed in their own life. Id ont care about the profits, but i do care a lot of Equal rights, Equal health and unconditional love in their own relationship with themselves and with others. The healthprogram are adjusted with every possible development for our spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional health, and also develop their creativity and cognitive learningprogress in health and social development. With teachertools and easy programs, they learn independently and also create along term health that bringa them clarity over their social interactions, empathy, communcationsstrategy and integrity, values and selflove. The program are based on science and research, and are also the field i have been working with for almost 6 years in five different communities in Sweden. My backround and childhood was difficult, and I never had a chance to fulfill my life early, because of my abusive mother. I went to the University when I was 29 years old, and raised a doughter on my own. For se real years I dedicated my life to support my doughter, and now when she Study in high school and want to continue at the University in Uppsala or travel to work, i have finished my struggles and influence to develop a Young woman with good selfasteem early in her life, and also worked with this in a pedagogic way, with passion, love, integrity and long term development with connect Sweden, reach of change Stockholm, University in Trollhättan and one amazing year with a business-coach Innovatum Trollhättan. Iam in my marketing, where i work with social media over time together with my regular workplace, and will continue work at my workplace because of my coulleges, friends and the teenagers. The struggles that i have experienced are all about social toxic enviroments, and economic situations. But i hope that my progress and impact of values and health will grow slowley in time. With love and support! Lina Sjöberg
Mhila Carson
I don't want people to look at me as an object, I love to be looked at as a person, with a beautiful heart and soul.
Robert Walls
Yessssss Much love to Bryant and Jenni for tapping into their Baller Mindsets and the Baller effect happened Much super love to them and much more success for them and their Family. What an amazing read to help epople tap into the RIGHT MINDSET to WIN in LIFE. Love it Love it Love it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
"I Needs Help" I Am Older All Alone "Broke" And Unemployed And Have Humongous Debt"

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