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Do You Want To Be Supported And Appreciated? Are You Tired Of Negative People?

Do You Want To Be Supported And Appreciated? Are You Tired Of Negative People?

Do you want to be supported and appreciated? Are you tired of negative people? You are awakening to your Royalty. Finding the family you never had. You are the Freedom Fighter of Your Own Life! with Bryant & Jenni of Simple Reminders See More...

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Laura Mcwilliams
I love you guys!!
prabhakar rajarapu
Pound i do
First time
Amanda Patterson
Good morning 🎈
Andretta Laney
First Time
Andretta Laney
# First Time
Andretta Laney
Sharon English Helms
#1st time listener. I'm hookedπŸ‘. Love you guys😘😘😘. Great jobπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘. I am from Griffin, GA.
Demetrious Vella
Demetrious Vella
Jess Winter
I am ready to find a way to make it on my own its gonna be hard but I wanna try, epilepsy is not gonna hold me back.
Aeri Chong
#firsttimer #malaysia
Kat R O Martin
First Time, Kat, winnipeg, manitoba HGTV Canada
Jan Terhune
Life changing! : )
Sue Carpenter
Yes I am but how do you stop it if you have lived that way for 40 years being controlled and also your ex! Being abusive being emotional a abused and even when you do leave you always go back even when you divorce them you still keep going back does it mean we are crazy
Mj Winslet
Rey Alcazar
Shirley Dewald
Sharing is caring ..beauty comes from within πŸ’•
Marga Parreno
Thanks you !!! For appreciting me iddn't miss scanning some rSimple Reminders.fr youIlearnd much lessons ... More Power!!
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
#ME, ME, ME,
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Connie Tsiris
Teresita Alantaol
Just continue to inspire people...kudos...
Wies Kingma
thank you this is livechanging!
Munaza Manzoor
Yes Im
Luz Rosa
Celina Margarita
Yeah.. yeahhhh
Andrea D. White
Andrea D. White
Hello Bella my name is Andrea and I know how you feel I have been to hell and back I wanted to die also get help life is worth living you don't see it now but you will my prayers will be with you even though I'm a stranger
Bella Nevils
All I want to do is die. I don't have faith in or hope in anything.
Heather Marsh
I resonate with the brag, and people only wanting to hear the negative, glad to be part of this movement πŸ‘‘
Heather Marsh
Suzieq Isthatu
#defiant first timer loving this video
Yr Bats
Mhao Kikon
#First Time from Nagaland, India
Olivera Laskaradic HochwΓ€lder
Olivera Laskaradic HochwΓ€lder
Cutting negativity is easier than we think! I did with family members. ! The hard thing is to avoid these at family meetings
Olivera Laskaradic HochwΓ€lder
Olivera Laskaradic HochwΓ€lder
Olivera Laskaradic HochwΓ€lder
Stacey Curran
# exhausted
Stacey Curran
# I really do xxx
Stacey Curran
# me xxx
Margaret Meshot
I am a Royal πŸ‘‘. My high school mascot, the San Marcos Royals πŸ‘‘.
Margaret Meshot
I'm from here
Lhyn Dela Pena
Sherry Bennett
I'm getting addicted to ya'lls video's Jenni and Bryant :) :) :)
Kari Candelaria
Kari Candelaria
Zmed Tobmay Ordnz
Ruth Tina Taylor
Josephine Furzey
Dose it, that sounds good , I can't wait.
Emerey Gomez Seno
# first time
Michael Gorman
Josephine Symons so let's talk about this term lost cause, and lucky break. Luck is only through Preparation. Those opportunities that did not unfold the way YOU wanted them to , may be because GOD has a better plan for you. The Greatest thing that Anyone can do, is to Rise, and then Fall, only to RISE AGAIN... No one is a Lost Cause.
Josephine Furzey
I know, I did try and prove to people that I could change but I still did not get the Jobs. When I ask for help, I get shoved in the first dead end Job.& low pay, my life now is the same as when I left School. Not everyone gets a Lucky Brake, I do think positive , just not the people around me, feel the same about me, so I go home shut the door and don't come out. Thank,s for trying to help me, but I'm a lost cause.
Sarona Rautenbach
Thank you for the kind words. It all begins with yourself. You have to love yourself first. So, make peace with the past and live for the now. If you are happy and ready to chose a few close friends, your love will reflect to them. Love is visible - its in the way you talk, your smile, your touch and what you offer people. Be happy dear friend and let every new day be a challenge to you. The more you give, the more you will receive.
Sheila Connolly
#first timer..i love to encourage others and was my ex boyfriend's mother's caregiver. Her name Christine and we became great friends while i dated her son. She didn't have girlfriends throughout her life. Christine was so independent and it took me 4 years to get her to love and know me and to feel how wonderful it was to have a girlfriend that she could trust and lean on and we found many things to do together that we had in common. She was just amazing in teaching me lots of life skills and was my cheerleader in gaining self esteem and my confidence that my family didn't do. She witnessed how my dad put me down all the time and i would just hang my head looking at the ground often. For 48 years i never spoke up for myself to my family members and such awful criticism. Christine said i needed to get my power back and helped me do so. I've been used by many people who took advantage of my good intentions and always helped anyone who needed me no matter what. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in nov. 2012. I was with her throughout her chemo..cut her hair when it was falling out and i was her # 1 cheerleader and she told her doctors i was her sister to include me in all info about her healthcare. She wanted to die at home not be in a hopital. Her husband was no help..her son that i dated wound up in prison..her other son michael and myself arranged hospice care when chemo didnt help. Michael lived in Kansas and came to Schaumburg, Illinois where Christine lived. We set up hospice to begin at her home oct.1st 2013. He talked to his mom often with phone calls previously throughout 2013 and Christine always told him i was over helping and visiting all the time. She often bragged about me and how much i did for her to make things so nice with the yardwork her gardens, housework and loving her so much. Anything she wanted or needed she knew she could count on me. I was put in charge of taking care of her and i Definately did all i could. Hospice staff told me i was more than a friend..that i was an angel because Christine's family just didnt help. It was my honor to make sure my beloved friend and sister have the best and i always comforted her by reading from the bible or just holding her hand and loads of hugs and encourage ment as she knew she was dying. She died nov. 20th 2013 and i was right by her side holding her hand and stroking her head and telling her to go and we all would be o.k. and what a beautiful person she was and thanking her so much as she took her last breathe. She had told me a week before she died that she would miss 2 people..me and her son michael. She asked me to do her eulogy as she knew how much i loved her and what great faith i have. There was viewing and people were well aware of how much i meant to Christine and how much i loved her and did all i could. One lady was there who i never met. As i walked around thanking friends who came..this woman who Christine and her husband used to go to dinner with once in a while stood up as i was walking by her. She said, " you must be sheila" and i said " yes but who are you" she said donna. I want to tell you christine thought the world of you. I knew you by the way christine described this wonderful girl who always helped anyone and everyone" i had been hugging others who came and was so happy they were there. She was my rock and i miss her sooo much. I live at my parents house now and my dad and brother continue to down me to this day. My mom has Alzheimer's and my dad isnt nice to her either. I stand up for my mom and myself continuously. It is draining and i wanted to let you know at simple reminders a little about myself. We can change situations by being positive and thank you for your messages..they help re energize me. I am a royal and proud of it!!
Karen Kinnersley
July Elfi
For enlightenment, please check out www.christsway.co.za and read the letters with an open heart and mind :D
Lynita Beard
Tiffany Petsch Johnson... MIRACLES COMING YOUR WAY... Amen Amen!β˜†
Kimberly Edwards
Nice Video!
Eileen Cooper
Yes please
Kebyn Gomez
You guys are amazing thank you
Cathi Rubright
Love your work !,πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Pearl Stanfliet
I am so tired of negative people .
Darren Hiatt
I love that you hit on how alone one may feel when i stumbled upon simple reminders and your videos i felt like i was alone i had a level of compassion and empathy i didnt know anyone else to have i appreciate you both so much and i love social media because i can connect with non egotistical compassion and support but i dont see it in life ever why why cant we take off the different faces and just find common ground in the pain we all share and rebuild each other? i
Kimberly Hanna Wallis
Now more than ever... thank you for the reassurance!
Alice Julom
Yes first time Madrid
Carmen Catelo-daxblus
Bryant jenni..good morning..just finished seeing the last broadcast..i was playing it last night..but i fall asleep..now i played it..so hashtag..ok..i will use that...havent sent my video yet..ok..now that our interconnectivity is ok..i wil be sending soon..eversince i became became a member of the royal family..am bragging..hahaha...negativity..is no longer my forte..i have really that amazing connectivity with ur spirit..it really improved myself ..relationship with people around me..did you remember that long message u wrote about negativity..oh..i write it in my notebook word for word..so that ican comprehend understand...ok..am writing too long..i wil be sending..hashtag..me..video..good morning ..bryant jenni..lav u..
Eileen Stack
# Blocks and No's........
Eileen Stack
They want to see you getting fatter not healthy and fitter slimmer
Janice Snow Heide
Appreciated not taken advantage of for sure!
Eileen Stack
# cry feast
Eileen Stack
# I do
Alison Allinder
Yes please. I have gone through so much and at times it is more than i could bare. I feel like no matter how hard i try everything, it is for nothing. I'm emotionally and spiritually depleted.
Eileen Stack
Eileen Stack
# Beatdown
Eileen Stack
# Tired...
Eileen Stack
yes so tired of Negativity people
Eileen Stack
# i do
Eileen Stack
# me
Eileen Stack
Negativity lots
Ryan Arroyo
Marylord Guibone Bagas
#first timer came from the Philippines
Ryan Arroyo
Anca Grusea
hello beautiful couple! awesome work you do! here a truly fan of yours from Romania
Olanrewaju Ace Jimoh
I like this...
Eileen Stack
Kathy Oconnell
I need to be recognised for the good I do when im able to do it...
Cyndi Lowerison
Good morning, I do so appreciate you both and SimpleReminders.
Trime Peace
I want to be supported and appreciated because I will weather the storm for a man who is faithful, dedicated and hard working. So if and when he may fall I'll be there to pick him up, hold him down and breathe life back into his body when he feels like life is crucifying him. I will watch his back when I see others out to stab him in it. The will make sure he has peace in our home so long as he doesn't allow confusion to come in on his part. But, please don't get it twisted these things only happen for the deserving of this type of love but if he doesn't realize what he has than his loss because I can not and will not lose. I will be better off without him.
Eileen Stack
# Royal
Eileen Stack
From County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland
Eileen Stack
Eileen Stack
Harrison Isaac
First timer
Eileen Stack
where do i get the crowns
Eileen Stack
Saya Smalls
Omg I missed the live stream but you guys! Thank you for the amazingly kind words!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Eileen Stack
Hello Two Royals
Deborah Daniels
Yes I would like this and I will share it!!😝
Anna Boyer
Shaquanda Davis
Shaquanda Davis
Edward Beardy El Forte
.. empathy, compassion,good living! once a far off dream.. a reality in practice! :) have hope :) ❀️
Lisa Correa
Tina Lindholm
Tiffany Petsch Johnson May the Lord Almighty Blessed You everyday and I pray for you
Shirley Goll
Hello Sure am❣🍷
Tina Lindholm
All Well Said I like that Hate the Sin not Sinners...... Amen..... Jesus Nameβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
Elizabeth Jung
#first timer. Hello i am from Chalmette, La
Debbie Joubert
Thanks guys !
Rebecca Njaa
First time
Shani Jauhal
Lance Dale Norton
Josephine Furzey
Minakshi Deo
# first timer
Teresa Nugent
Thank you both, very encouraging, it's getting rid of all the negative, that most people are conditioned with. ❀
Joanne Kennedy
I'm sifting the negative people out of my life, and would love to be appreciated more by my 2 children. And more support from them. I'm trying sort my life out for the better now :-)
Ebbie Someboby
Delfin DY HO
Yes I do but I have to move on
Monidipa Majumder Ghatak
I lost my father at a very tender age of 10years,I lost the whole world of love,suddenly I felt I was in a different world surrounded by people who never loved me,my mother was not in a perfect state of mind so that she can console me,I was never close to her since my childhood,every thing was my father,I grew up thinking of him each n every moment,but all the relationships which I thought would console me,started behaving so negatively that I felt very distressed,years passed,I grew up lonely,at the age of 19,I meet a boy,gradually we became friends,I started to grow up with him,I started to love him,he became a man n I a woman,I felt he s a gift to me from my father,today that strange boy is my husband,my friend,hs my life,I regularly read your blog,I really feel the positive vibes from it,n I really want to join you,god bless...
Laurie Francis
#royal πŸ‘‘ Thank you Bryant & Jenni πŸ’ž
Nasreen Shabbir
I'm not tired.
Falguni Paul
Benz Descallar
Hello and good morning to everyone greetings from Philippines. God blesss to all.
Sharon Lewelling-Godinez
Love u guys....we will always fight 4 freedom.....
Aleajen Dalina
Mary Angland
Yes so much help
Yr Bats
Yes thank you very much Bryant&Jenni of simple reminders
Alleb Serolc
I'm tired of does who being judge me!!!
Aileen Daclan
Pls share and like.I like simple reminders.com
Shama Ayub Muhammad Ayub
I hope every one wants to get rid of negative people and wishes to be happy life
Kangroo Ausi
First timer...not making any comments.
Shama Ayub Muhammad Ayub
Good message for personal freedom
Rita Thompson
Hello Royals πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ from Southampton England
Danny Batu Causing
I'd like to join with you.. I felt you were amazing people..
Habtom Habtom Rezene
Yesssssss pls
Liezl Diate Maquilan
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
April Suggs
Marsha Johnson Smith
David Morrison
SimpleReminders.com gives u the boost u need when you have been struggling all your life! Share the wisdome of their reminders of who we realy are deep down!
Pat Blaker
Love your page from Pa.
David Morrison
Christine Martinez
Please share with me. Thanks
Evelyn Bulado
Yes i need help to overcome my past and to find a right person for lifetime relationship
Megan Haines
#beat down
David Morrison
Magg Level
Awsome Michael! You should be proud.
Megan Haines
Christine Martinez
I surely would appreciate y
Florecita Cawich
Yes and I need help
Megan Haines
Mishal Waseem
Yes ...!!
Tina Rile
Love you B. Here from coo bay ot
Maria Carmen
Maria Carmen
Yes, thanks and God bless.
Tricia Rivera
# first time, abilene texas
Tan Lacrissa
#first time
Trista Celestina
U guys are amazing! 😊❀
Joanna Strom
I'm sorry I missed this. I thought I had my notifications on but I may have had my phone muted. At least the videos are here now. I will make it next time!
Dora Rodriguez
I am a freedom fighter. Praise Jesus
Flor de Leon
Hello there I'm Flor de Leon from Philippines it's my first time & I want to be part of this group.. Thank you God bless
Carmen Catelo-daxblus
Donald JL
I badly need real support for the good of the community.
Tan Lacrissa
Yes I am..im praying this for so long.
Carmen Catelo-daxblus
Hi bryant jenni.good eveni g..only now..ive seen the video and can be opened...yeah..am happy....ilove the coffee your drinking...ok now i wil see the video..royals..from san fernando cebu..phils...at long last..iwant tosee u both...yreahhhh...
Andreayap Takemasa
Arthur Clegg
I'm not human..not in Coventry..the worst town in the uk
Ivelice Camilo
Congrats Michael good for you , with love❀️
Reyes Khe Basalo
I forgot to tell who is this God fixing everything in my life he is Jesus (Yeshua) died on the cross for my sin and rose again ftom the dead allow Jesus to manipulate your life i am very much sure you will be satisfied and contented for his artwork in your life
Aurora Asir
Who wouldn't. Support n appreciation r d food of d ego .
Nicki Davis
#first timer tunning in with an open mind
Ivelice Camilo
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ negativity judo I love it , Good one Bryant
Valerie Evelyn Varner
Rashida Iddrisu Mahama
Am tired of disappointment
Reyes Khe Basalo
I am not tired i am not longing for anything in fact im happy and contented with my life because i have God in my life who fixed everything in me im just happy to see your inspirational words everyday.
Kathy Anderson Gibbs
Kathy Anderson Gibbs
#Ido...I have always been humble and taught to be quiet, not brag and just listen. Hurting the heart, soul and mind#sodemeaning.
Samyak Adhikari
#FirstTimer_SimpleReminder #From_India
Ivelice Camilo
Thank you so much for that touch of grace , for the haters , I like the acknowledgment that the ugliness just represents the condition of their pain , I liked very much your expression of your desire for them if they want to be connected to this group, you are absolutely right that the people for the most part , of this group is to look for a better quality of life spiritually, emotionally and mentally, you benefit us so much , keep up the GOOD work ❀️
Aurora Pollock
Exactly .
Sharon Gaw
Yes,this is where I'm at.
Shanila Shalwani
I just realized that some people are addicted to other people's misfortune. It makes them feel better about themselves as long as you're miserable and unhappy
Kathy Anderson Gibbs
Too much negativity in this life when we all are truly just passing through!! Change the mind and you will change the heart!πŸ‘‘πŸ’“ (Avondale, Arizona)
Idalina Ribeiro
You guys are so flipping cute πŸ’œπŸŒŒπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Alona Valenzuela Rublico
Kathy Anderson Gibbs
Only by God's GRACE do I continue on to remember and share the "Simple Reminders" that not only I need to receive but to share with anyone I meet and may touch in my daily walk through this life! I have been a believer and follower for sooo long!! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Cindy Bodart
Bonnie Nager-Malumed
Bonnie Crescenz
Stop wasting time saying hello!...so Bye!
Rachelle Cyr
I truly appreciate your posts. I am inspired in several ways. I save them so I can look at them over again & again. Thank you for all you do ❀️
Brenda Lee Vizcarrondo
Sugar Mosqueda
hello SRN yes its my first time
Abe Phizzy
I dunno how to say thankz to u both..U're been so help full to my life in a way..God bless u two..!
Josephine Furzey
Cheer,s Danielle Bilodean for like, Doing good job.. πŸ˜ƒ
Mary Sigar
Hi I'm from Brunei
Pamela D Wooden
Felicia WestCoast Gray
Farman Hussain
Keep it up ..!!
Maria Charo T. Aquino
muli nka gimik tamu hehe..wer ka haus?
Rommel E. Maderal
Thanks for compassion & kindness
Heather Thompson
What is it ? Is people chatting in a private chat room or something ?
Josephine Furzey
Thank,s Micheal Gorman & Elizabeth Rubie for like or was it a comment, there is another message for you, just saying your awake. πŸ˜ƒ
Lee Eun Hye
Edna Capurihan
Love to others
Eliene Grace
Yes I need for your suport ,it's my gratitude to say thank you both of you.thank you thank you thank you so much for being there for me to support me
Morina Scholastica
,yes that great.. simple Reminders is my favourite, exactly your words full mean for everyone.. Thanks so much God blesses..
Charlie Tata Racho
Thanks for shariing. Liked & shared.
Peita Yvonne
Cherelle Bell
Joy Peace
Thanks both of you. Simply the best God bless you more!
Carol Davis
God bless you Michael Gorman, always. And congratulations!
Carol Davis
Requested to join, looking forward to new positive beginnings
Macaria Mahilaga
Carol Davis
Liked and shared
Carol Davis
Yes, so ready, so tired of being a doormat
Barbie Schultz
Monita Gutierrez
Theresa Griffin
Some people "get it" some people don't !
Delynemay Asuncion
I'm trying my best..
Lia De Luca
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
#Royal cryfest,, sorry about caps hard to see key board
Joy Balayo Canja
So nice to have a face mind&positive thought not the negative initiative Thanks for share GOD*Bless you all over the world... cheers world
Lori Vlad-Sheets
Revelyn Dela Cruz Nues
First time
Jennie Palmon
Firs time from Phillipines!
Barbie Schultz
Loads of negativity xxx
Barb Alspaugh
No doubt you need other simple reminders. I will start tuning in more because I like to simply remind people through my way of life...however, it is exhausting because...well, I guess cuz it is. Only about 1min 24 sec. into first time listen. #firsttime sounds like it could have some, um, romantic (??) posts. πŸ˜‚ well, back to the video.
Princess Bea Gemini
Svein-erik Amundsen
Barbie Schultz
Royal. My.phone does not give crowns unfortunately. Love to you both and God bless xxx
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
Judy Goldblatt Nowitz
Barbie Schultz
Barbie from London. United Kingdom. xxx
Barbie Schultz
Hi Bryant and Jenny. God bless you. xxx
Petra Gittermann
Seema Chatterjee
Kenje Rohenz
So much!!!
Annabella Adams
Lings Lings Lings
Anna CH
Nitra Stafordic
Annie Ch
Annette Preedy
Hi guys.I on ur page.was brill to c u and listen.I think u guys rock.Annette Preedy from Australia QLD. Thank u for giving me a more and promising positively in life and am proud to share .xx
Denise Beckman
I carry my brothers chip from a Native American Tribe. It is sewn into a special leather pouch and has bead work added. "I BELIEVE IN YOU!" NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE YOU ARE DEFINITELY ROYAL MY FRIEND!β€οΈπŸŽ―πŸ˜˜πŸ’―β€οΈπŸŽ†β€οΈ
Somna Dheer
Yep, very badly.
Aruna Dee
Freedom fighter,,mee too an shoulder,,th. u,of own life
Mwajuma Masaiganah
Heloo from Tanzania
Wendla Hamilton
Wendla Hamilton
Christine Yerrill
Yes be nice to be appreciated once in my life.i try so hard to keep the family going and I am finding it hard to carry on!
αˆ“αŠ•α‰² α‹“αˆˆαˆ
Yeah sure
Rahab Njeri
Yes I do;plz help
Nour Nourchek
it is my first time
Nour Nourchek
say my name please
Nour Nourchek
you look great
Ben Tan
Ben Tan
Nour Nourchek
Elizabeth Wells
Michelle Brewster
Alam Sher Dogar
I Think in depth and comment. it takes a lot time. I like SimpleReminders.com.
Rita Matar
yes I like the way you talk the how you take your coffe
Bheng Abadenes
l enjoy to read ur topics and this my first time. God bless and more power
Induni Punchihewa
Me too. So tired of it.
Rawa Gumaa
I am 😩
Sonia Pillay
Veronica Cook
Why are members of your family so antagonistic these days ? Have we forgotten how to be a support and encourage one another like we used to do ? Is our society really declining so that the love of many is turning cold at this time ? Wake up people , we are losing touch with what's really important, and u will reap what u sow because its a law of nature
Hyder Syed
Vishal Sharma
Share n care is the mantra for happiness. Follow your heartβ˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Helen Amies
Love you guys.xx
Glenda Ortiz
I love this second video, thanks for the wonderful speeches you both said, I'm happy learning your words
Mehrzad Rahimi-hajiabadi
Who are you ? Can you introduce yourself plz ?
Stine Wengaard
Tolerance and compassion and love... No judgements πŸ’ž
Cindy Esparza
I am so tired of a friend who comes to me when she needs me & her issues are obviously solved by leaving a bad relationship ,she doesn't listen but still wants my advice she drains me yet shes told me before she didn't wanna her any of my problems nor give me advice & she supposed to be my best friend of 30 damn yrs long she used to be the best ,would do all things a best friend would but now its the total opposit she gives me bad advice ,i even know when something doesn't look good on me but shes now a liar she'd allow me to go out & humiliate myself by not being honest if something don't look good on me she will degrade me she told me i was voulgar yet her life is worse then mine she has nothing to show for & i have my kids, a home she lost all her kids do to being a skid row crack hoe ,i'm not being mean its the truth ,in skid row smoking all smoked out,cracked out ,prostituding her self she told me she'd go with truckers ,i was doing great for my self so we didn't hangout that part of her life but a few times she'd need me to get her out of a bind & again we went our seperate ways do to her bad choices & never taking my advice or help but finally she ended the drugs after ending up at the mexican border to help one of her locked up boyfriends now all alone so afraid for herself to end up dead on the otherside since she knew that in that area bodies are found dead & its no game ,thats how she ended drugs so her only problem now is bad relationships and loosing another kid with dcfs for not being careful,leaving the girl with her ex husband ,not the father as she went back to that abusive relationship these are accusations i don't know if the boyfriend is a victim of her evil way of getting him back kinda like getting even her karma for him to suffer but that child still got taken from her,her plan back fired if she set up the whole thing cuz i seen the hate & hurt in her twards the ex after he degraded her and wanted to leave her since he knew her past she did tell me she set him up for police to arrest him but in other occasions i caught her in lies so she has nerve to say i'm volgar & now she things she don't need me since she had finally courage to leave her new mentally abusive husband who is disgusting and gets off on any type of sex including animal & children websites ,she told me ,ever since i dropped her cuz i don't approve of any animal any child being hurt that way ,i thought she had to be sick to know & still except that kind of evil to stay with him i ignored her even changed my number but after a couple of months she contacted me on facebook asking me to please phone her that she left the guy so i did now shes degrading,belittling me i told her she wasn't a true friend like me ,a true friend doesnt put down their bestfriend so i also said she opened up her eyes with my help to leave that pervert she had nerve to get offended & say ahhh thats what you think of me, as i reminded her it wasn't as bad as her calling me volgar ,when indeed she is volgar herself she then had more nerve to say ahhh well i'm trying to change & do good ,i responded to her also by saying,& i'm not ,she know i have high blood pressure ,i've told her she needs to stop finding any little motive to argue with me even when shes wrong wich is always & won't except responsibility for it or apologize at all just stays quiet, plus if i make a friend at a new job she also goes that far to be negative twards me to always knock me down ,she told me i won't make true friends at work cuz they're only enemies since its in the work place for me to watch it due to jealousy always ,but as for her she's made friends at work and they are her friends and they aren't that type to betray her , i guess they way my co workers would betray me even without her ever meeting or knowing them i guess shes really special but i'm not right lol yet she copies & does everything i do ,what i can't believe & its going to far is telling me shes done something i had positive results from by working to accomplish it decades ago and her recently bringing it up that she tried the exact same ,that if i can do it then she could to and these things were private and important for me to accomplish but her shes doing it to do it i guess to prove her self a point ,i find that creepy especially that she copied me and the fact that i forgotten all about the past wich obviously she never could let go and til this day brings it up and trying to do it too ,including my makeup ,wanting to try it on herself ,kinda like asking my permission if she should try it on to see how it looks on her ,i know shes negative and bad for me and whats wierd is my horoscope said that i'm to kind hearted ,i keep forgiving to many times so i get taken advantage of another post said don't waste your time and go back a second time ,didn't you learn from the 1st time please help me figure this for closure ,its almost like her hate twards me, envy,jealousy,obsessed, i've experienced this with other females ,what is it & why me?
Vhivencia de Sosa
Yes ...its time for me to move on....now...
Hardeep Singh
Great to see your broadcast.
Hardeep Singh
Anou Shay
Gezarine Gamuza
ViΕ‘nja Stojkovic
Helo! From Croatia!
Annie Williams
Jahangir Ali
Mashala. Is.good. all.pepol. vare.good. All.famile Frand.more. Mara . bai.dost. ak.bar..mara.. Name. Nai . bolad. .im.woork. Worsha. Good. .mara.papa..bakre..saleman.. Bakre..nam..royal...laka.pol.. Hydrabad. ..good. Thanks. Sukran. Good. ...............
Debra Hill
Hi x
Bercky Iason
# cool#
George Economides
Ma Teresa Jarde Santiago
Thank's Bryant & Jenni!
Irene Johnston
Thank You for being a good voice in a tough world
Younky Honey
i like you and apriciat
QUinn BEth Andrade
Jane Watson
Rose-Marie HassellΓΆf
Just shared
Sophie Joharie
Im from philippines but im here jordan right now working
Brigitte Coston
God be the GLORY! Sky's the limit! Im so happy for you.
Julie Dorcas Oloya
Rose-Marie HassellΓΆf
Second time looking at your broadcasting here from Sweden!
Rose Healan
I agree all of ya
Mary Fargo-Persikini
First timer..ty
Elygean Carolino
I love your network.Very inspiring..Keep it up..I'm one of your followers from the Philippines.
Sarah Atieno Ouma
Christina Mumvaneza
Jignasa Mevada
I need some help from you guys...can you..???
Mehrzad Rahimi-hajiabadi
I am sick and fedup with nasty pp who have nothing , better to say .
Ruchi Dadhwal
Gud sharing guys...M hapy that I hv joined u
Happyness Ada
YES I really do.Thanks
Dianne Kittila-Krause
The time has come...
Jojo Joelle
Luana Buratynski
Shelagh Knowles
Jenny is too busy on her phone right now ...
Lucille Gersbach
Yes I do, I believe this is my year
Rajesvary Rajes
Yes I wanted support and appreciated.
Dawn Hamm
Been following your "simple reminders" posts on facebook! This is the first time I've seen your video! Will seek out your group! It's that or I feel like my life is "disolving" need positive "family" to be a part of.
Salma Rattabah
غريبة Ψ§Ω„Ψ―Ω†ΩŠΨ§ Ψ§Ψ­ΩŠΨ§Ω†Ψ§ Ψ¨ΨͺΩ„Ψ§Ω‚ΩŠ Ψ§Ω„Ψ―ΨΉΩ… Ω…Ω† Ω†Ψ§Ψ³ Ψ¨ΨΉΨ§Ψ― ΩƒΨͺير ΨΉΩ†Ωƒ Ψ¨Ψ£Ψ±ΨΆ Ψ§Ω„ΩˆΨ§Ω‚ΨΉthanks for your supporting words it's really helps to fight negative thoughts
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Just finished watching! Loved hearing & seeing some of the Royal fam , shouted out! Love y'all! Ty Jenni and Bryant for being such amazing Royal mentors! xoπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Beverley Higham
Vailash Parmar
Well thanks!!!!
Themelina Frountza
Lisa Tilson
Yes I am
Cecelia Emely Gomez
I've never regrets if my life not so successful,but I'm still thanks to our Almighty God,coz He gave me strong fighting spirit,to fight for all the trials that comes to my life...🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝
Alonzo Abarquez Joan
I feel alone and lonely
Natalie Butt
Aargh get off the phone Jenny when you are communicating.. So rude just a simple reminder
Shirley Dewald
Wishing you to have a great and a Blessed day.. Love you πŸ’•πŸ™
Perrin Rynning
Not a fan of being "royalty" except in the context of maintaining my dominion over my own thoughts and actions. But I seek allies, examples, and to protect those whom I can, so I am still interested in learning more.
Cristina Pasco Cabrisos
Yes it's good to hear you guys it makes me strong thank you
Theresa McPoland
Hello , fromTheresa in Liverpool
Uy Virginia
Yes # 1st timer
Shirley Dewald
Choose to be happy πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ’•πŸ™
Shan Azad
Enjoy your coffee
Konnie Zinn-Rood
Pacheu Nathalie
Congratulations You're amazing 😊 Félicitations
Pacheu Nathalie
πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ everyday πŸ’•
Ann Dcac
Is it being 1st time to comment if it is then i am a 1st timer.though i always share a lot of ur inspiring work.aftr a long and tiring day of work here on ksa it feels so great to read those inspirational words tnx for lifting everybody's spirit.keep it up guys
NanDar HhOo
For SURE I will share my true story how to change my life how to improve my ability And, I feel sorrow when people didn't want to make as their friends when I was young. That's why, I feel guilty... maybe I am not perfect Sharing is caring 😊
Vicky Ottoman
Gloria Smith
Elijah Peters
Yes, I will be happy if you can.
Myra Bermejo
Life never been easy as it is especially if you're with negative people...you will always be fighting and struggling even to yourself everyday. Thank God I have found simple reminders. Keep up the good work guys! =)
Doortje Carolina Falaksoroe
#firsttimerfrom the netherlands!higuysπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ½#
Felizia Zainal
Give yourself another chance in life..only you can help yourself..stay strong and fight all the odds..you CAN do it.
Shenaaz Domah
of course i want to b among u positive people..thnx for sharing..
Danyal Khalid
Ag Nes
#tired *Umde me smile its exactly happening to me.. why they re doin this dramas to me for very long time already.* #RELATE .#EXACTLY .thanksmuch!! thank GOD!
Iris Sochor
Tin-tin L. Baculina
negative plus negative equals POSITIVE!I love those people who treat me a negative one coz they just prove it to me how tough I am!!well thanks to them!bully?comparison?Normal!
Loretta Gull
Hi Bryant & Jenni. :-)
Evelyn Obidos Romero
Yes. I do.
Michael Gorman
Dilek Nam I'm not a Hero, I'm Blessed.
Divine Joseph Otaba
Yes I am!!!
Benazeer Yadallee
Need a change guys i want to say thanks to you both u r fantastic n loveable
Dilek Nam
Zeynep Γ–nal pls read this hero's story
Elizabeth Rubie
Michael Gorman Amen brother.. Amen!
Muhammad Younus
What purpose of your Association? tell me in detail
Subir Dhar
It is great
Hadi Rizwan
Amera Hyder
ya πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Helen Jacovides
#Pretoria, South Africa
Denise Previte
Denise Previte
Sacramento Ca
Dyanna Marie
#first timer
Anneth Mtenga
I want to change my mind, so i love this program. God bless you in your life so much.
Nentin Roppianna N
Gloria Smith
Help me
Merlyn Magbanua Pabuaya Linghon
Jessie Llacer
Love this!
Michael Gorman
Dorota Lewartowska Thank You.
Angela Koch
Love your uplifting words .... and yes we are all one
Yasha May
Thank you so much simpleReminders.com. More power and god bless..
Ramona A. Sayers
Great to see your faces guys! I'm a Simple Reminder loyalist. thank you for inspiring me each day! I'm in the Philippines at present but am always be a gringa.
Dorota Lvl
Michael Gorman you are great take care
Dorota Lvl
I am rally happy what you do be greatπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Sihle M Jade Shabangu
Yup. ..
Anu Thapar
Anu Thapar ##
Vika Jorj
Yap pls go on
Necryna Moustafa Makram
I am Good Thinks Gad
Saima Noman
Yes I want
Shadowe Patrice
Everything positive. Good! Love it. Jesus did the same thing. Not trying to make people religious. Just feel one step better would be to point so many followers in the proper direction. If they can feel powerful and change their mind because of you! Than imagine what our dear loving saviour could do ❀️ Find a way, yet keep it neutral. Our father would appreciate that.
Jason Budiongan
Franklin Cepeda
Yes i am
Sulieman Adam
Vidya Mulay
Ya !
Shafaq Abid
Shafaq Abid
Mariel Balicao
Hi I am new listeners here from Philippines positive thoughts makes everyone good
Iris Sochor
#negatively impact πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Karen Lee Ashcroft
Come at me posative people . I need you in my life
Crystal Murray
πŸ‘‹πŸΌ FIRST TIMER!! πŸ˜ƒ #CapeTown,South Africa Thank You for the encouragement!!! I need this every single day before going to the work place, believing in myself!!!!! It's something I'm struggling with. No more will I allow to be mistreated πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ People will respect me! Keep on keeping on guys!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Alexandra Jo-intal
Kevin Williams
Hi Liping .
Johnny Dass
Now days I stop trust peoples. I bin cheated by them for many times. Fill very happy by staying n leaving alone by my self.
Jessica Gregory
#Royal βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’• πŸ‘—
Joy Apao
I don't somebody faithing.stay coll god knows everyone
Maryann Baretta
Yes I want to be apart of this family love you Bryant and Jenni and all u people out there
Punya Riba
I have so many bad luck n have negative people surrounded by. But still I want to live. Thanks
Matsatsi Mokome
Oh yes I am
Comfort Ojiakor
How do I become a member od club
Comfort Ojiakor
Helo frm Nigeria
Kevin Williams
Micheal, going against what is perceived ,is whats keeping us and making us grow. Defiance is a good trait, when used for good. . We are in the right place at the right time.
Godwin Wilson Loko
πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ God bless you simple Reminders. watching from Nigeria. Been reading ur posts but this is my first time watching ur stream....β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
Jen Tloka
Marinaahmad Adam
Surely I will find time to listen to your simple reminders. It gives a lot of positive thoughts towards me. You are nice couple. Keep spreading good vibes to everyone.🌷
Linda Burns
Kevin Williams my royal brother welcome xoπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Ayesha Khan
Bebiana Cuizon CataluΓ±a
Cristi Zack
Fahima Ashraf
I'm new hello I'm so impressed with your video's , can't write to much , haven't slept even though I take a very high dose of controlled drugs which my GP proscribes . I. Will try to join your club , if I can understand how , I'm new with these new gadget's . Back to your video now . From Fahima a SURVIVOR since I started school . I'm 52 now and bedridden . :)
Ravi Greedharry
Carys Stone
So tired....
Ali Bin Khalam
Traveling is good to forget all the f****** things.
Flerida Reyes
I agree! Let us all be happy instead!
Linda Burns
Nic cobbs my royal brother hugs and light to you from me xo
Joyce Kinuthia
Lynda Pussell
From New Zealand
Susen Brown
#i do
Alka Martin
Me too
Dora Kyriakides Chrysochou
Yes Iam been through a lot and need space thoughts xxxxxx
Lynda Pussell
#first time
Susen Brown
Kerry Joy Brent
Durban S A
Linda Burns
Pound life changingπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Kathleen Dalton
Acampo CA
Kelly Eastwood
Edita Li
Our family relationships are very closed to each other and share our problems,no one keep secrets.
Geneve Simonette Angalot Sarsuelo
1st timer, trying to hold on my feeling towards people who acted as f they always right...they have so much negative mind...im from Philippines...thank you guys...
Precious Jewel
I am broken when me and my husband partways...until now I felt I am still broken inside...i fear to let people in.. with the thinking they might and will just heart me one day...id rather want everyone see me happy and okey than they pity me ...i dont know why I am like this...
Kathleen Dalton
Kelly Eastwood
I love this positivity in everyone here!
Susen Brown
#South Africa
Lauren Gorr
Linda Burns
Pound cryfest
Susen Brown
Morning , watching and enjoy the clip thank you for sharing, and also motivating us.
Chiquira Toisuta
If you constantly want to feel supported & appreciated... then you don't really know WHO you are!
Mary Tipps Cochran
Alka Martin
Syntichia Steenkamp
Jeri Layton
Aww! I would love to have seen your reaction.πŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ’–πŸ‘‘
Abdul Wahab Khan
Hey guys Morning well both of you are hilarious doing such a good work I appreciate that I'm very happy in my life all praises to be God but some out there need you guys well all of us 😊 love for all hatred for none... Keep it up...
Marietta Martin Castillo
Jeri Layton
You are awesome Kevin!πŸ’–
Malash Mao
Count me in...Siaya County..Kenya
Teresa Perino
Time to weed out the weeds and thorns from my garden
Teresa Perino
Some people love to feed on other's misery and misfortune
KP Chandrababu
Yes supported& appreciated
Heather Maartens
Yes sure
Linda Burns
I always knew love was what the haters hate love will always win xo
Aroop Sarkar
Barbara Sammons
Hello Bryant and Jenni I have missed you Royals I'm Royal. I'm glad your having a great time you both look so beautiful.
Judy Fisher
Thankyou Bryant and Jenny πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Cyndy Cyndy
Love yaa!
Sophia Korito
Tacoma, WA. I love you.....
Linda Burns
Pound lost very lost trying really hard to hold on
Colleen Britz
I hate life and my jobs employers are so rude and inconsiderate. Not sure how I will survive I have been looking for a decent job for 2 yrs or more and just want to give up. Life is so depressing, I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I'm sick of being crapped on. Where is God when you need him? It's just wait but I can't anymore. I waited my share. I need someone else's prayers.....
Kerry Houlden
No thanks
Joy Phine
I feel that my life is not complete....eventhough sometime im in a crowd...of happy people!
Brown Misty
Yes I would like to b
Linda Burns
Pound beat down
Vandna Dhruv Narayani
Yes,, definitely...love ur's each post.....
Sharon Esau
I'm so lost, even feel like giving my kids away, my life is always chaos, no open door for me in a strange place and nobody that I know, trying to stay positive
Linda Burns
Hash tag tired
Linda Burns
Pound i do
Linda Burns
#tag me
Sharon Kakona
Linda Burns
Pound negativity
Sharon Kakona
Mhyles E Soberano
πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘hello everyone, #first time 😍, just get to relate on the post, just really a horrible feeling yet stillπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Helen Matias
Your love and support heals all wounds. I learned how to handle problems and just walk away from people who talk about me behind my back.thank you so much
Joann Harris
Naheed Ihsan
yes I am
Haidu Tiberiu
All I want is EXIT, voluntary euthanasia assisted suiced for tolerant and compassion reasons. The single and durable solution to be free. All my love for you.
Onisimai Mole
Lorraine Somerville
Sophie Lentswe
Yes please support me and my family.o....m
Ana Valeva
An Jo An
Like ds page😁😁
Vilkica Velinka
Thank you, yes I want❀️
M J Melinda Jaye
M J Melinda Jaye
Thank you Abby Menendez! πŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸ‘‘
Sarah Yearout
#i do please
Jhana Sarguilla Tanquezon
GOod for you, just dont stop believing and trusting yourself and be positive. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‘
Glennis Alexander
I've never had it easy as a child nor an adult but I'm not unhappy. One day at a time.. 😊😊
Sarah Yearout
I have no one positive in my life. I care for my ageing parents. I miss me.
Jenn Moody
Yes...... I'm a #firsttimer too ❀️
Hitesh Varma
Yes I ma the Freedom Fightr of My Own LIFE
Sarah Yearout
Mina Dimaampao
# first time...I come from Philippines and work in Riyahd....
Josephine Furzey
Thank,s Are you awake as well. Ha Ha.
Diana Calkins-Meissel
Oregon city, Oregon

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