Photos & Appearances

Various Event and Appearance Photos

Bryant McGill and Ruth Messinger of American Jewish World Services Meeting to Discuss Peace and Social Change.
Ruth Messinger
Global Humanitarian / AJWS

Hanging out with Michael Jackson the first time we met in Tokyo. We spent some wonderful time together. Michael is an Angel and a Saint. God bless you...
Michael Jackson
Tokyo Meeting

Bryant McGill and Dr. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Speak on Anti-Bullying and Non-Violence at The Peace Center
Dr. Arun Gandhi
Speaking / Non-Violence

Receiving a Gift of Peace from 94 year old, world spiritual leader, Dadi Janki, at a ceremony before signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace.
Dadi Janki
Peace Ceremony

Bryant and the 'Grand Master of Bass,' Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire back at the hotel hanging out after signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace.
Verdine White
Earth, Wind and Fire

On the stage delivering a speech with Sheriff Leroy Baca (LASD) and Charles L. Beck, Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) at a televised event for the Art of Peace Charitable Trust. (2010)
Chief Charles Beck, LAPD
Televised Speech

Bryant McGill Meets with the Radiant Snatam Kaur, to Sign the Goodwill Treaty
Snatam Kaur
Snatam Signs Treaty

Vivian Kubrick
Vivian Kubrick

Meeting with Stan Lee
Stan Lee
Legendary Writer & Publisher

Carmen Amazed at How Much Weight I Lost Since the Last Time She Saw Me (2012)
Carmen Electra
Surprised at Weight-Loss

Prince Rudolf Kniase Melikoff
Prince Rudolf Melikoff
with Collette Gee

Herbert Jefferson, Jr., (Battlestar Galactica) a Rare Gentleman, Signing Treaty with Bryant, and Discussing the Important Work of the Special Olympics.
Herbert Jefferson, Jr.
Battlestar Galactica

Bryant and his dear friend David Newman
David Newman
Singer and Songwriter

On the Red Carpet at the Super Bowl with Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra being Interviewed by E! Entertainment (2012)
Jenny McCarthy
E! Interview

Bryant Performing with Charlo Crossley-Fortier
Charlo Crossley
Emmy & Oscar Winner

Bryant and LeVar Buron of Reading Rainbow Signing the Treaty. Word Power! (2013)
LeVar Burton
Treaty Signing

Bryant and Natassia Malthe
Natassia Malthe
Actress & Model

Bryant McGill having a Joyous Meeting with Gurmukh Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga Master and Sikh, to Discuss Peace, and Sign the Goodwill Treaty
Signing Treaty

Bryant and David Mirsch at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
David Mirsch
Academy Award Winning Producer

Bryant McGill Speaking On-Stage
Speaking Event
Los Angeles Peace Talk

Bryant and Matt Damon chatting in the VIP Lounge. Matt and I were discussing the Treaty and he signed onto our project at this meeting.
Matt Damon
Signing Treaty

Bryant and Dave Sheldon at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Dave Sheldon
Writer, Everybody Loves Raymond

At a premier opening of an art gallery downtown with an old friend. :) (2010)
Tracy Host
Gallery Opening

Bryant and Jenn celebrating at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Jenn Gotzon
Actress, Ron Howard's FROST/NIXON

Carol Joyce, Raj, Bryant, Patty Kain and friends walking the red carpet for the premiere of Noy. (2010)
Noy Premiere
Red Carpet Fun

Jenny McCarthy, Bryant and Carmen Electra Partying at the Super Bowl (2012)
Jenny & Carmen
Private Party

Bryant McGill and Ruth Messinger of American Jewish World Services Signing the Goodwill Treaty
Ruth Messinger
Goodwill Treaty Signing

Bryant and Activist Don Cheadle taking a break and having some food.
Don Cheadle
Actor / Activist

On the Super Bowl Red Carpet being Interviewed by E! Entertainment (2012)
E! Entertainment
TV Interview

Bryant, Sara, Kim & Zachary at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Bowling for AIDS
Sara Wallace, Kim Anderson & Zachary Rice

Bryant and the ever so gentle Gerald Levin, former CEO of Time Warner, shortly after speaking together on the human impact of illicit weapons. (2010)
Gerald Levin
Time Warner CEO

Bryant hanging at the hotel with Earth, Wind and Fire band members. :)
Earth, Wind & Fire
Hotel Hangout

My new buddy, Eddie 'Steady Eddie' Murray. Murray is regarded as one of the best switch hitters ever to play the game. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Steady Eddie Murray
Baseball Hall of Fame

Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Bryant Spending the Evening at Kevin Costner's Event
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Kevin Costner Party

Bryant and Patrika raffling off Voice of Reason at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Patrika Darbo
Actress, Days of Our Lives

Susaye Greene and Scherrie Payne
Supreme Live / LA
Scherrie Payne & Susaye Greene

Kevin Costner and Bryant in the VIP area after Kevin's Show
Kevin Costner
Hanging Backstage

Kendra Wilkinson and Bryant Getting Acquainted before the Festivities (2012)
Kendra Wilkinson
Playmate / Actress

A beautiful meeting of the hearts during my private meeting with 94 year old, Indian world spiritual leader, Dadi Janki.
Dadi Janki
Peace Discussions

Bryant and Buddy, Eugene Wesley 'Rod' Roddenberry, Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Signs the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace
Rod Roddenberry
Signing Treaty

Me and Seinfeld actor, Jason Alexander retreating for some food and conversation. Jason has the best personality I have seen in a long time.
Jason Alexander
Treaty Signing

On the Red Carpet at the Super Bowl (2012)
Network TV
Super Bowl Interview

Bryant and Tim Russ discussing peace after signing the Goodwill Treaty.
Tim Russ
Actor / Director

Another shot of Bryant and Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire back at the hotel hanging out after signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace.
Verdine White
Hotel Dinner

Tom Danheiser and Bryant McGill on Stage welcoming the crowd for bands Great White, VH1's Brett Michaels 'Rock of Love Tour,' AXE, the legendary Augie Meyers and Electric Ocean.
Brett Michaels

Bryant being interviewed on the WSOP red carpet by ESPN.
Red Carpet Interview

Bryant McGill and soul-mates, Susaye Green, and Wawi Amasha
Susaye / Wawi
Peace Gala

Behind the scenes, on-set of my filming for my appearance in a 12 month national PSA ad series for global charity work.
Lenny Kravitz PSA
World Charity Day

Bryant and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains Discussing World Peace at a party in Florida
Jerry Cantrell
Alice in Chains

Bridget Marquardt, Bryant and Holly Madison Getting Ready to Party Super Bowl Style (2012)
Bridget & Holly
Playboy Playmates

Claudia Jordin, #1 Deal or No Deal Model and Bryant on the Red Carpet at the Playboy Mansion. Playing in a celebrity poker fundraiser for the Urban Health Institute.
Claudia Jordin
#1 Deal or No Deal

Bryant & Grammy Award Winning Rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (COMMON)
Grammy Winning Musician

Bryant backstage with Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind and Fire.
Ralph Johnson
Earth, Wind and Fire

Bryant and Coco Martin hanging out at the premiere of his movie. (2010)
Coco Martin
Actor / Activist

Bryant and Ben Affleck hanging-out in the green room / VIP Lounge.
Ben Affleck
Treaty Signing

Bryant and Actor Richard Hatch after signing the Goodwill Treaty.
Richard Hatch
Actor / Activist

Bryant and Ryan at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Ryan Francis
Actor, Peter Pan in film HOOK

The Singers of Celtic Woman, and my daughters backstage, after signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. Lynn Hilary, Sierra McGill, Bryant McGill, Cloe Agnew, Savannah McGill (Summer of 2009)
Celtic Woman
Backstage With Daughters

Bryant Rock'n it with Jon Lovitz at the Palms
Jon Lovitz

Bryant and Dallas Cowboy's Owner, Jerry Jones relaxing and having a few drinks after the game.
Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboy's Owner

Bryant and NFL Super Star, Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan
NFL Super Star

Bryant and buddy George Noory, Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster of Coast to Coast AM, at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for Dinner
George Noory
Emmy Winning Broadcaster

Bryant and Raymond 'Ray' Romano getting ready for some Fun.
Ray Romano
Treaty Signing

Calista Carradine and Bryant at an after party in Los Angeles. (2010)
Calista Carradine
Hollywood Premiere

Producer and Good Buddy Tom Danheiser at the Four Seasons
Tom Danheiser
Clear Channel Producer

A genuine soul brother and my new buddy, Tom Clayton of the 49er's
Tom Clayton
NFL 49er's Player

Bryant with Former Heavyweight Champion, Evander Hollyfield
Evander Hollyfield
Former Heavyweight Champion

Bryant and John de Lancie.
John de Lancie
Treaty Signing

Bryant and Philip D. Bailey, Jr. of Earth, Wind and Fire after signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. :)
Philip D. Bailey, Jr
Earth, Wind and Fire

Bryant and Nicki Micheaux From ABC Family Series 'Lincoln Heights' at the Playboy Mansion.
Nicki Micheaux

Tom Danheiser, Dr Louis Turi, Gary Busey, Bryant McGill and Adam Markowitz
Gary Busey
McGill Cruise Party

Hanging with Howard Lederer discussing poker techniques during a break.
Howard Lederer
Poker Superstar

Dan Gold & Sparks from Discovery Channel's 'London Ink,' Bryant, Singer Emma Lea, and friend Ellie Ghadir.
London Ink Cast
Discovery Channel

Hanging with Montel Williams and his family before the show.
Montel Williams
Treaty Signing

Bryant Hanging out backstage with Adrian Grenier of Entourage and Rapper Ludacris
Adrian Grenier
Actor / Activist

2007 World Series of Poker Champion, Jerry Yang and Bryant McGill
Jerry Yang
World Poker Champion

Hanging with Charles Barkley.
Charles Barkley
Treaty Signing

Bryant and MVP Ray Lewis, A Man with a True Heart of Gold
Ray Lewis

Joe Manganiello, Bartender 'Owen Morello' on TV show 'One Tree Hill'
Joe Manganiello
Actor - One Tree Hill

Mike Super, Bryant McGill, George Noory, Angela Funovitz and Jim Karol
Coast to Coast AM
Los Angeles Studio

Bryant McGill, Savannah McGill, Sierra McGill, Scottlynn McGill, Red Carpet
Bryant and Daughters
Supremes Live Event / LA

Bryant and Melissa hanging out at the Balls of Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament supporting Foothill Aids Project.
Melissa "Mojo" Hunter
Reality TV Actress

Bryant and his Dear Friend, Virginia Hey, Signing Treaty Together.
Virginia Hey
Treaty Signing

Bryant and the Tonight Show's, Ross Matthews
Ross Matthews
Tonight Show Star

2004 World Series of Poker Champion, Greg 'Fossilman' Raymer and Bryant
Greg Raymer
World Poker Champion

Hanging out with Cheech Marin and his girlfriend, Natasha.
Cheech Marin
Enjoy Event Together

Chill'en at the after party at the Pure with Phil Hellmuth.
Phil Hellmuth
Poker Star

Tom Danheiser, Angela Funovitz, Gerry McCambridge, Uri Geller, Bryant McGill (NBC Studio)
NBC's Phenomenon
Mentalist Cast

Bryant and Cris Collinsworth the Television Sportscaster.
Cris CollinsworthMES
Television Sportscaster

McGill and Pittsburgh Steeler's MVP (Super Bowl XL) Hines Ward
Hines Ward
Pittsburgh Steeler's MVP

Bryant and poker pro Annie Duke.
Annie Duke
Poker Pro

The Four Horsemen Meet-up again, this time at the ASU Campus. Dr. Turi, Gary Busey and Bryant McGill.
Gary Busey
ASU Event

Bryant with Actor, Sports Reporter and NFL Star, Tony Siragusa (Colts & Ravens)
Tony Siragusa
NFL Star & Reporter

Actor 'Chuck' Zachary Levi and Bryant
'Chuck' Zachary Levi
TV Actor

Hanging out all night with Carmen Electra who is such a sweetie. We had a wonderful talk about manifestation, positive energy and relationships.
Carmen Electra
Superbowl Sunday

The Singers of Celtic Woman after signing the Goodwill Treaty. Lynn Hilary, Bryant McGill, and Cloe Agnew (Summer of 2009)
Celtic Woman
Treaty Signing

Bryant and Chase Masterson, Signing Treaty Together, and Enjoying the Moment.
Chase Masterson
Treaty Signing

Bryant and buddy Chet 'Juice' Lemon (Chicago White Sox & Detroit Tigers)
Chet "Juice" Lemon
Chicago White Sox / Detroit Tigers

Uri Geller, Uri's Wife, and Bryant McGill
Uri Geller

Top Fashion Designer George Zaharoff and me at the Landmark.
George Zaharoff
Fashion Designer

Hanging out with Boomer Esiason at the red carpet dinner, auction and fund raiser with Jay Leno, Jon Bon Jovi and Big & Rich.
Boomer Esiason
Fundraiser Dinner

Backstage with Great White.
Great White
Backstage With Band

Bryant and Super Star Ray Lewis, Super Bowl MVP (Baltimore Ravens)
Ray Lewis
Super Bowl MVP

Bryant and his new buddy, Baseball Hall of Fame All-Star, Wade Boggs
Wade Boggs
Baseball Hall of Fame

Bryant McGill and Top Poker Celeb Kristy Gazes (2007)
Kristy Gazes
Top Poker Celeb

Bryant and WWE Super Star Santino Marella, goofing off with buddies, Vladimir Kozlov, and Joey Gomez.
Santino Marella
WWE Super Star

Bryant and Jim Karol Trying to Stay Out of Trouble ;) (2012)
Jim Karol
Mental Rockstar

Bryant and TV Star, Dave Spector in Japan
Dave Spector
gaijin tarento

Bryant and Toi Cook from the Carolina Panthers
Toi Cook
Carolina Panthers

Me and my new buddy the 'Alabama Cowboy' waiting for our Limo. Hoyt is a World Series of Poker Championship winner and Team Brunson player.
Hoyt Corkins
Poker Star

Bryant and Keon Lattimore, U of Maryland Running Back (Ray Lewis's Brother)
Keon Lattimore
San Francisco 49'ers

Bryant and Larry Johnson, Former lead singer of The Temptations at the Superbowl P.Diddy Celebrity White Party in Miami.
Larry Johnson
The Temptations

Brent Spiner, and Bryant Signing the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, and Discussing the Politics of Peace.
Brent Spiner
TV Actor

Bryant and Editor and Publisher, Judith Regan
Judith Regan
Editor and Publisher

Getting ready to walk the red carpet at a charity poker tournament with my lovely escort...
Charity Poker
Red Carpet

Bryant and NBA All-Star John Salley, Host of 'The Best Damn Sports Show Period'
John Salley
NBA All-Star / Host

Bryant and Three Time Platinum Singer Frankie J. in Miami
Frankie J.
Multi Platinum Singer

2006 World Series of Poker Champion, Jamie Gold and Bryant McGill
Jamie Gold
World Series of Poker Champion

Bryant and Ehren 'Danger' McGhehey from Jackass.
Ehren 'Danger' McGhehey
Jackass Star

Bryant and 'Big' Kenny Alphin of the multi-platinum duo 'Big & Rich'
Kenny Alphin
Multi-Platinum Duo

Bryant and friend, Dean Haglund, Actor and Artist, Sign the Goodwill Treaty Together
Dean Haglund
Actor & Artist

Bryant and 'Cowboy' Kenna James, the Pro Poker Player.
Kenna James
Pro Poker Player

Bryant, Poker Legend, Hoyt Corkins, and some of the Vegas Grand Prix Girls.
Bryant & Hoyt
Grand Prix Pit

Super Model, Agyness Deyn at Dustin Hoffman's Party
Agyness Deyn
Super Model

Bryant and Daniel Puder, Undefeated World MMA Champion doing interviews on the red carpet at Playboy Mansion
Daniel Puder
MMA Champion

Oakland Raiders Number 70, Henry Lawrence, a man making a difference.
Henry Lawrence
Oakland Raiders

Bryant and Jebediah 'Jeb' Putzier of the Denver Broncos
Jeb Putzier
Denver Broncos

Dale Jensen, Ehren McGhehey, Pauly Macc, and Bryant McGill. Dale is the owner of the Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns, a businessman, and is a deeply committed philanthropist and humanitarian.
Dale Jensen

Bryant and Ruth McCartney, the visionary behind McCartney Multimedia. Multi-gifted sister of Beatles legend, Paul McCartney.
Ruth McCartney
Paul McCartney's Sister

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