Simple Reminders Book

Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

On the Best-Seller List for 228 Consecutive Weeks!

You may have heard about the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling book, Simple Reminders, on SiriusXM when Bryant McGill, Tony Robbins and Oprah were interviewed about the Simple Steps you can take to reach your dreams. Bryant was the cover-story of OM-Times discussing Simple Reminders, and appeared in a PBS Special with Jack Canfield, and, appeared in Inc Magazine where Simple Reminders was mentioned! See what the buzzz is all about!


Read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling writings that have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world, becoming a new media publishing phenomenon among the most shared content in Facebook history. As a prolific author published in hundreds of books by the world's major publishers, Bryant McGill delivers an impassioned voice of spiritual teachings in Simple Reminders, a book of real-talk and action for recovery, healing, transformation, and thriving! Enjoy beautiful original art, photography, and written contributions by Jenni Young McGill. With over 60 million readers, discover why people around the world are proclaiming that these simple writings have positively changed their lives forever. Learn the tools and patterns of thinking to cultivate more beauty in your life, build confidence, escape from toxic relationships, move through pain and conflict, forgive people who have hurt you, and uncover your highest purpose in life.


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