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How To Create The World You Want. Pure States Of Being And Consciousness Versus Thought. Invitation Versus Force.

How To Create The World You Want. Pure States Of Being And Consciousness Versus Thought. Invitation Versus Force.

[mu_embed id=”113895″] How to create the world you want. Pure states of being and consciousness versus thought. Invitation versus force. Your innermost truth. See More...

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Nancy kralik
Will be back at a later time. Another committmeny
Nancy kralik
That was deep. You have somethIng more. Than being. An articulate speaker. What were you trained in to know. What you do know. That was one. Of the best lectures I have ever heard you give. Thank you Bryan
Michelle Rae Fino
Marta Bachetti
Super powerful !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Mechell DiAntonio
Say something important
Shari Melbourne
I do
Shari Melbourne
Hi from australia
Heather LeClair
Shared with love. #BeRoyal ♥️👑
D'vora Power
Honoring you, Jenni, Susaye, The Nandi's, holly, Sue, Erin, Jackie all our Leaders, Teachers, Mentors for all of your labors of love. happy Labor Day. ❤️ With all my heart I love you all ❤️
D'vora Power
I understand....my core identity. I am who I AM says I am...I am, I AM. Powerful o/o/o/
D'vora Power
Bryant McGill is answered prayer & Jenni Young as well. I prayed for mentors, teachers, leaders who shared my passions, purpose's...i did not know this Royal Brother when he sahred this message. 7 months after this video by divine design we were connected. My husband and I had traveled to Huston to a CYL conference. After hearing him speak we literally had to pick our jaws up off the floor. We thank our Higher Power for this Divine Meet Up. Bless you Bryant & Jenni on this Labor day for all the labors of love you do to provide TRS, SRN and now ST. Thank you for this golden opportunity to be a part of TLS. We love you and support you both...your messages, your gifts, your talents...YOUR Beautiful Shining Spirit's...Much Love, Much Royal Respect! We were led to your hearts ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
D'vora Power
The gentleness of invitation....wow versus vulgarity & force....
D'vora Power
Awesome! Awesome Beautiful. Loving the music! Can't wait to hear this! ❤️ ❤️ There she is beautiful woman....LOL so adorably cute! Love you both!
Joanne Liu
So true! We all have so much to offer that are desperately needed by some people.
Ravinder Kaur
Love the video...Loved your perspective.
Terri Mongeon
Terri Mongeon
thanks so much
Terri Mongeon
yes i can hear you :)
Katherine Payne
Speaking of pragmatism, would think a How-to presentation on tips to talk extemporaneously in front of others as you do.
Rosemary O'Loughlin
Thank you for that!
Martin Tomascik
Omg u r truly divine
Stacey Curran
Grand xxx
Lynn Newcomb Hrnciar
I really relate to the things you share. I am a believer in the power of Forgiveness and I like what you have to say about invitation vs want and force. You share the stuff I enjoy chewing on! Thanx!#
Sama H Akbar
Behold, the true admirer of beauty is just as beautiful.( for Jenni )
Rama Bhattacharya
Why Jenni did not talking? Was she tired? God will do bless u all time.
Rama Bhattacharya
I gave u both, massage today morning, when I was doing morning walk in my garden. But no answear from your end. Why? I need the reply.
Pamela Smith
Hi friend love you.both
Lawrence Mungai Kimemia
Well said.
Monique Michaud
Hi. Bryant. And. Jenny. Love. From. Monique❤️
Shanila Shalwani
Marjorie Hankinson
I c n hear u just fine.
Janis Hughes
Oh Bryant..I absolutely loved this and I knew it but those little negatives have a way of slipping in but it is because I was allowing it by adding crap in. You know we were born with everything. Everything..joy, compassion, hope, kindness and the greatest of these is of coarse love..and WE add all this crap in.. No more crap..it will not be..I have to laugh when I am listening to you because I am just talking and responding and shaking my head..haha, someone would think I am crazy...and no I don't care because their power also comes from me...Thank you so much.. Ok..one other thing..where do I get those little crowns??
Ayu Powell
Wow thank you so much !!!! I just have a chance today to watch this video .. I love you guys too. Doing this and helping others building and improve our own true self , identity , intention, faith. So beautiful! 😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Carrie Hopkins
If I could create my world...first of all I wouldn't let so many negative thoughts be so intrusive. Negativity has brought our world and our country into the shape it is in. I would thank God for everything from the biggest prayers answered to the tiniest miracles. I believe if you just look at what you have here in the present and not worry about what you want, your life will become less cluttered and you will see and feel real blessed. People who give of themselves without negative thoughts will aspire to greatness. So which do you think you need to be if you created your own world and would it last?
Patricia Barros
Dear Bryant, my gratitude goes to you. You expressed with such beauty and clarity the truth of who we are. You are right - when "life happens" or when we are in the midst of powerful growth, we need reminders. And we can be the reminders of each other too. As we step into our greatness, we hold space for others to step into theirs. As we release negativity and illusion, we no longer can hurt each other, and those who are still deeply hurt, can receive the blanket of love coming from our hearts. As we are reminded of our identity, we can notice our feelings, notice our thoughts and choose what is mostly aligned with Love. Children are the best place to recognize the identity that you describe. Children are only small in their bodies, but GREAT in their presence. There is pure joy flooding through them, and life is renewed as we look at them. We were and still are these pure beings, who have been buried under the illusions of the world. Thank you. You are a constant source of inspiration and joy to me.
Glacia Glaze
We can see and hear you
Nazli Mohammad
Hi looking foward .
If your here I want to tell you it's amazing,you are my life tonight,your words of inspriation,thank you for who you are.Hugs.
Irene BC Canada gosh I so wish I were there with you.all.
Jude Fahey
Iced tea yum #Royal Drink
Paul Dobbs
Γεώργιος Φωστηροπουλος
Flor Medrano
Sorry frnds for late reply feb 20 is also the day of my cataract operation. Thanks frnd
Debra Crenshaw
Where do you get the royal crown
Santosh Negi
Thank u
Barbara Twilley
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge
Frances Wood
I don't like you
Anna Cyr
Each time I listen to this video I learn one more thing.
Barbara McCormack
Anna Cyr
Bryant McGill- You made this video for me. Incredible.
Elena Williams
That is Coca Cola???
Shannon Williams
Fernanda Gomes
Im my worse enemy...n because of it i lost all my family n friends
Francine Cattell
Brilliant Bryant. Loved the broadcast 👑👑👑
Jennie Campbell
I'm sorry you're alone. I'm in the same situation. You can contact me and maybe we can have each other. I lost my son 28 years ago. All of my grandparents are now gone. My husband let alcohol take over his mind and I lost him, our businesses, our home and assets. Then my mom died and was followed by my dad 8 months later. My drug addicted daughter got breast cancer, kept using drugs and is in stage 4 now. I have PTSD, major depression and never leave home. I don't understand why God has put this all before me. 😭
Anca Salajeanu
Anca Salajeanu
Anca Salajeanu
Ronald Davidson
Edita Li
To all the. Royals family thanks a lot.
Fariba Hardy
Yes, i am tired of people who don't anderstand , what realiteit is. People who think only about money and themselves. I am a fighter but not only of my life, for my family and social too. But I hear only negative and negative. I Will don't give up, but sometimes i am too much tired and give up. Sorry my English is not good, but i think that you anderstand my means. Thank you
Oluwatoyin Suulola
Hello Great Royals 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑👑 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kika Uribe
Johnny J Moreno
Connie Sydnor
Connie Sydnor
Helen Potgieter
Dorry Lamprey
I am also alone.. it was when Jesus was alone that the connection between the spirit was of the closest to the Father! Look through the fears of being alone, look past the tinkling of having a need for a partnership as all you need is already .. if you will live on in the absence of. . There is no need! ;-) the works of the love that you are not feeling... it's a way to get you to look in the direction beyond the scope of the thinking of another person. God leads us to a place for which we will find him... he then, when found, fullfilling the works of the spirit of, but, have to submit.. God says, trust me, with all the heart, mind , flesh as spirit.. it's profoundly beautiful in the end! Allow yourself to be a vessel for the blessing of! Property, possession of the material things.. it's surely a short term gain, compared to the works of the behavior of which shows of the not being submitting to "Satan's" derailment, and the thinking there is a need unmet, because, well, It keeps the works of spinning! I am praying for you to be submitting to being alone! Whereas, the plan is for the blessing of!
Dorry Lamprey
Absolutely the truth ! Submit of all.. the works of will uplift the spirit, free of the behavior of which shows of the discontent within yourself, and I am a living and real vessel for the showing of the works of, seeing of no need, faith in the entity, seeing fear as "satans" veil, ... lure, to break down the truth .. Being the truth is, There is nothing to fear,.. its all Mirada, a myriad of the thinking of. the works of the behaviors of others, of which hurt me and sether the works of the love and benefits of being a good blessing to have.. of trials and hardships, decieving of. ...superceding and prosperous of, all my life! Hinderment is the fears, and the thinking there is a need we need to provide of. In this, we by choice submit to allow the works of the abuses created in the end. when believed in, the fear, in there being a need, whereas, there is no need.. leads any person to be a slave to , and the choice to be the comfort level of conscience discontent. Total faith, wherefore, all needs will be provide, as God's word of, or I am, if prefer to be of as it is what it is, and all is created in the image and likeness of the Creator of. Profound message to express, the being a slave to Satan's ruling! whereas, it is what it is, and the choice of loyalty to be of themselves in the spirit, IDENTITY! !!
Tammy Rocke
Love reading everything you write about! Very nice and positive stuff you write! Keep the post coming! I look forward to hearing what you have to say!! Thanks!
Ilsa Santana Vega
Thank you.
Ruben Martinez
get me
Ruben Martinez
come and grt me
Ruben Martinez
hello royals god bless us all
Musa S Gally
good morning from Saudi Arabia riyadh thanks for sharing
Lisa G Mathias
Just saw this now my phones messing up again... Love the music ..absolutely love the message just be ...So with you ..on this grateful awesome message .. too me and others . I have really have not been able too use phone ,except ,posts ,loading always ,no videoes ,etc. But I will try too show up ..soon all thanks ,love ya Bryant &Jenni and my royal family..☺☺💗💗💗👑👑👑
Lisa Thorne
I know some people exactly like that Kerry Louwrens. It is really sad and also very aggravating at times.
Doreen Hamilton
Ann Marie Street
I can't believe this, I am feeling happy! An emotion I haven't felt in years.. Negativity is floating out of me like crazy. I still have a long way to go, but I will make it!😊😊😊😊
Kristie Angle
Thanks for sharing frend be blessed u
Eman Qutishat
Thank you thank you thank you very very very very very very much
Caroline Mesman
I watch you when I am retiring for the night. The words you say are reassuring and peaceful. Sometimes I drift off to sleep so peacefully. It is like a meditation.
Kerry Flows
This is not an assumption its a statement, be present Jenny and interact with your audience whole heartedly.
Kerry Flows
I can't take your affirmations seriously with that muppet hovering over your shoulder, shes a distraction and rather off putting
Molinda Wotring
Hi all
Mbali Khulu
The challenge comes when I start opening a lot of sideways and not filter what should come in and be part of electrical impulses between my brain and my heart as well as the baggage that comes with all that I consciously and unconsciously bring in to this relationship.I am in charge at the end though
Shelley Frost
Amina Khurshid
Nadine Gantner
This broadcast is truely amaizing!! I watched it a couple of times to catch all the beautiful power that it holds! Thank you sir!!😊👑😊👑
Barbara Sammons
Hey my Royal king and beautiful Queen Jenni love you two. From my Royal heart to yours. Barbara Sammons from Georgia
Takouhy Zaven
Hallo I am ferom Aleppo Syria I want to live in a world free from negative people free from cruelty without war in peace but unfortunetly there are criminals who destroying this world who destroying our country Syria
Angela Snoopy
we ourselves are the error or the victory of our life
Nanette Mathews
yep......hater blockers :D
Mardik Sarkis
Tank got.
Carmie Pacis
Hi! to all royals...
Lisa Dodd
I really love this guy!!! The more I listen the more I know it's coming from truth thanks x
Marion F Bruce
Do you have any family? Good friends?
Ramune Ram
Thank you ❤️
Shahin Ghassabian
YES , l can hear you !!!
Darcy Raser
I do have a problem but I don't have the support system I don't have a partner I'm alone in life. I am trying to write off everything negative and I'm trying to move forward on a positive note.
Gregory Jones
No black people?
Joshua Osolo
Daphne Greenslade
Good morning
Karen VanderZee
Hater blockers?
Judyy Osment
hello how is jr doing
Judyy Osment
hello. how is jr
Tina Turley
BEAUTIFUL...thank you
Julia Feltham
The comments are frozen
Joana Matienzo Olivete
So lovely video:)
Mike Daniel-Keehn
Christine Gettig
I understand but I don't know how to reverse it...to be able to receive abundance in all it's forms...to shake off the scarcity mindset. I see her sometimes. She used to be at the bottom of a well with her face to the wall. Recently I saw her at the home where I want to live, my cottage on the pond. She was home. But how do I get there...how do I manifest that? Was she inviting me home? I'm not sure...
Shiela May Daluz
Shiela May Daluz
Naeema Sultana
Thank you dear brother for such words for life .Stay always blessed .
Margie Bitas Salugta
U r ryt!!!
Donna T. Jones
Kerry Louwrens Thank you so much for your words, for they "ring with truth". Respect, love & joy to you, always👑💞
Nickie Jones
Thank you it makes absolute sense😊😊😚
Georgietta Mar Gdov
You really have no one but yourself. I also have no support system and I'm raising twins. I've come to terms with being single after 4 years. Many people are "alone" , even within a relationship. I'm not happy just being with a man to avoid loneliness . I would rather get another dachshund ! Book -The Prophet says that when we pray our spirits rise to meet all the others in prayer at that hour. I'm also planning on scheduling more activities with groups or take classes. This is your life and we only have limited time. Go make a difference , a man will typically lead and maybe that's why we are single so we can follow GODS Will.
Carina Erasmus
Michelle Mahinay
Rebecca A. Malin
Hi guys
Stephanny Jlh Wakefield
I loved your broadcast 100%
Evareth Fallarme Suarez Timbang
Start the day with a prayer offer everything to God . live each day to the fullest as if evreyday is your last. Be kind, be polite and enjoy life. Be selfless and you can have everything you ever dreamed of.
Rachel Kelay Suarez
miss you guys
Rachel Kelay Suarez
hi to all royals
Rachel Kelay Suarez
Cynthia Samaha Abou Nader
Ka Elmer
Love to love
Brian Jeffrie Lujero Montoya
Yes plssss help...
Kathy Tripp
Kathy Tripp
LAmour Clair Aston
Hello fron Mauritius Island..yes here too we are awakening to our true identity..very powerful message..Thank you lots..much blessings.❤️
Rebecca Williams
Leana Osama
Karyn Cocozza
Yes please help!!i seem to be in constant emotional turmoil.... only reason i can find is negativity frm friends and family!!i want to be optimistic me again!!happy!!
Manu Roberts
Very true...all that you said! Thanks.
Firas Aj Aj
Thank u
Fatima Choukmaev
My name is Fatima I am from Brazil...I have enjoying Reminder's posts...changing is necessary...little by little..xx
Sherri Coutre
What is this Romper Room? Lol
Eric Vi
Yes 😞
Caroline Mesman
Hi there!
Lindelwa Gumede
Wow,,,,,,empowering I'm from Africa & I l❤️ved this video will re watch it many times to receive those bits that flew past my radar EMPOWERING 👸
Maja May
Same here :-) Perfect Divine Timing... we are connected... 🌎🌍🌏
MgWin MgWin
မဂ္လာပါသူငယ္ခ်င္းတို ့ေရ
Mari-Anne Terblanche
Hi there from South Africa
Ingrid Elisabeth Alexandra Stahl
Perfect truth!
Hala Yassine
I love you both
Aarthi Yogesh
Eman Qutishat
Valeria Njeri
Wao!!!I like that ,may God bless you all,,
Sharon Stahlhut
Mary Pascua Lucero
Inspired, my inner,part,of which our ability, share,our inner,mostly.
Chandra Océane April
u have eyes contact very nice!
Maria Damaris Castillo Mejias
Mandy LeeAnn Fales
Don't give up. You must be strong & keep the faith. You're worth it. ✌💖
Janet Ferkovich
Happy Birthday 🎈
Sulekha Kumari
My royalty own truth speak & justice life vry enjoy
Maria Mahilum
Finding a family ived Never had.can you explain please. Failures is like you. Lost everything but thank you very much when I open my phone I hear your video like i had a deep breath ive ever had.
Sulekha Kumari
I love my family & life is my cool happy.
Marianna Joannes
Marys Dnars Skincare
Haifa Oz
Thanks my friend u r amazing person Actually I want change my thoughts and everything in my life I want to be a new character nd new person But how ? ? ??????
Clare Morris
May God bless you
Michelle Scott Prozesky
Thank you .... That was like it was my message today ....🌺🌸🌺👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Haifa Oz
Hello my friend Actually I want change my thoughts about everything in my life I want t b a new character nd new person But how ??????
Dessy Bezona
Hmmmmm 7 been poping up in my lfe
Dessy Bezona
7 again
Maryann Baretta
So grateful to hear the truth...searching for my true idenity
Maryann Baretta
Helen van Lakum
Shirin Bakhshi
Welcom 😌
William Dunn
How do you create the world you want?????
Dawn Couch
I hear you , u r amazing , please continue
Milton Mansingh
I agree
Maryann Baretta
Love the music in the background ....what is it...Maryann from Santa Rosa ca
Place zfy. x xxxxxx z z zxxx z zxz z z z z z z z z z z z z z s z z sczcscscscs z
Jelyn Villarino
I wanna be with the Royals
Sherri Giles
Self fulfilling prophecy! I first learned about it at age 21. But I never took it as serious as it really is. I've lived it
Kanwal Singh
HI Royals! I appreciate your lovely thoughts which gives strength to all,Your lovely quotes get me inspired and my friends on FB too...
Dawn Marie Sweeney
Yoliswa Yvonne
Barbara Vega
Sadia Asad
Erin Pavey
Ann Evans
Stephanie Sturgis
That was awesome. I get it.... I finally get it.
Shelly Watson
Bryant I love all of your & Jenni's broadcasts. They are powerful for me and I am grateful. This is my absolute favorite. Thank you
Lynne Playle
Hi there
Sophia DeNapoli
Wonderfully stated and artfully explained. Thank you Bryant!
Lucy Fox
Hi Brian!
Kerry Louwrens
Sometimes people believe in themselves so much that they actually become ugly and arrogant without true consideration for another...that can also be your own worst enemy. Have faith in yourself, respect and care for others, and keep your goals and dreams achievable
Gaye Melinda
Need to practice more, much more.
Izhar Baacha
Freedom is to be alone.
Ryan Bouchie
Celeste Cipriano
Kin ..
Stephen O'Rourke
Your my prosperity. Thank you
Kalika Bhaskar
I am from India. Luv listening to u both. Love ur beliefs.
Lhoidzsky Cordova
The CODE OF A MATRIX is in me...
Lhoidzsky Cordova
Love Bryant and Jenny you guys are great you make me stronger and stronger thanks a lot Angels
Larry Schmidt
That's why walking in truth is the answer for everything. Most of those are too afraid to share and enjoy the beautiful freedom of truth and cooperation. They are afraid they are wrong instead of being okay with the truth as ugly as it may be. When you are in truth, you are bulletproof!!!
Danman Lamb
Larry Schmidt
The Power of giving is strong within you my friend. You get that and I know. But I had to say it anyway because people just don't undertstand how powerful "The Give" is....You lead well with it and I thank you for that personal example of excellence...
Danman Lamb
Larry Schmidt
Your Karma Bank Runneth over!! Screw those who take....
Linda Hudson Tribble McNair
U know here in Texas when l was a child we had a am children's show called Romper Room. The teacher would take a mirror (without the mirror just the frame) & pretend she could see the children @home. She would call out a few common names & if she hit ur name, u thought she really could see u. This guy reminds me of that show. Talking into the camera about pretend world things. Everybody 'S happy, happy, happy. What's ur "CON"Mr.
Larry Schmidt
This was a great and extremely valuable broadcast. If I were you....I would watch this over and over again, until you get it! Seriously, don't be silly and not do what I say. Bravo Bryant McGill! I totally get it and you continue to open my minds eye to see the truth of where I'm at and where I'm going. Thank you! Love, Larry
Stephen O'Rourke
Roxane Fredericks
Lhoidzsky Cordova
I'm listening to your words angel
Serife Zor
Larry Schmidt
Brilliant! Figthing ot be poor...SO F'n true! good one Bryant McGill
Fiona Heywood
Leave me alone pls
Ryan Bouchie
What is this anyways?
Mohd Fahrizal Shaari
Kathleen Dalton
👑sorry I didn't get to see it live.
Mohd Fahrizal Shaari
Venkatesh Kumar
Just Commence Sir....
Evangeline Verutiao Rosos
Love this
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Kinda like the golden child ....
Connie Barr
James Bissonnette I have made the same mistake more than once. I do it to myself and you would think I would wise up.
Nicola Mcleod
Luzviminda Mangulab Clemor
It was amazing.really great
Elenita Vargas
Teresa Toscani
Hi Bryant & Jen!!🇨🇦❤️
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Silvia Bianco Was just over on SRN.net and I read your most recent article!! I do not know what is cooler...the fact that I have not used this description, ever....and it appeared in your article or the fact that I used this quote and just decided to go to srn, read your latest article and see it!!! I need to find a better word to describe what is happening here...other than, "cool" or , "in sync"!!!! Love u xo
Larry Schmidt
Katrin Sianipar
Thanks for that...and let us become a blessing for everyone around us and always become a positive people. I love you too much Simple Reminders 💖💖💖
Dianna Traney
I hear you
Lhoidzsky Cordova
Your an Angel...
Lhoidzsky Cordova
Hello Jenny
Lhoidzsky Cordova
Hi good morning bryn
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Sometimes, I watch a broadcast more than once. I have to be open to hear the message.
Brian Martin
Of heaven and earth as it is written.
Angelina Samuel
Why do you have to be drinking while talking?
Sissy Lovendale
Love you guys! And all your positivity!✌🏼️
Brian Martin
Sometimes progress can be a slow process for my life but fear not that I shall fail because I am strong and shall never quit seeking my true calling that has been placed in me by God. I shall humble myself and become organized in my thoughts and works to come. For this is a new beginning for me as I have started to see the throne of which I shall rule from but to my own disbelief I use to talk to him that sat there and I will succeed to put off the notion that I am not him but chosen by him to sit in the throne for I have loved those that hate me, prayed for those that hated me, forgiven those who tried to kill me, asking God for his will to be done through my earthly body, repented of my wrong doings and I was believed by man to not be worthy of my judgement day as I saith unto him and behold my judgement was the soul that rejoicing in heaven began and we loved deeply to the answers asked of my heart by the Almighty. For the road to eternal life was like that of a sudden awaking to a new paradise that was greater than anything ever imagined. For we all will know when I sit on the throne of whom I mind traveled to lay upon the prayers of his creation. I guess I'm just now figuring out why I haven't seen him who use to be there for I can sit down in his place for I just need to choose to be ready and confidence is abundant in my partaking of his will. For I am so delicate not to err that I will take my time and hold steadfast that I can be him.
Deb Boccio
Deb Boccio
Maria Sanchez
Hello! From L. A.
Fe Alimar
A very agree of being nega when it comes to be alone in life, but hopefully to change to be positive 😑😑
Asif Umair
Christina Fecteau-Marquis I'm alone same u. I bring your life value I know ur feeling . I'm single I wanna u I hope you understand my my feeling. I like you I. Appreciate you. Plz u think for me
Alexandre Sophie
Magnifique Srn
Evelyn Dicang Telino
Thank you so much...your message is so helpful
Fe Alimar
Yes,too much tiredness of stressed,and yeah tired of nega feelings. ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR,
Charity Draper
This was amazing Bryant! Just know then ride the waves. Thank you 👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑
Dahlia Campbell
This is so eye-opening for me. Thank you for the words of wisdom
Linda Burns
I have never seen ahead of me but i walk with a faith that i will be where i am needed 👑👑👑👑👑👑
Rajesh Thakur
Yes I want to do increase my positivity ..
Ruth Derby
Ruth Derby
Evelyn Dicang Telino
Can hear you loud and clear!
Evelyn Dicang Telino
Yes can see you and loud and clear message
Eva Maree
Me too !!
Evelyn Dicang Telino
I am focused in every word you're saying so I don't want to comment to miss what you are saying.Thank you so much Bryan...I need tho at the moment
Lucy Alarcon Mangalino
Carol Rosenblum
I'll watch it all tomorrow can't wait 👑🌹
Elizabeth Cayetano
Fernanda Desousa
May the beams of white light shine from the heavenly realms and light your pathway x INTENTION Love you Royals
Sunshine Villanueva
Hi more power to you and your team , love listening to you
Sunshine Villanueva
Rommel E. Maderal
:-) wonderful.Thanks
Zenaida Apolinario
👑👑👑👑👑 Good Morning Everyone!! Thank You👑👑👑👑👑
Robyn Claire
All good here in Bali 🌴🌸🌴
Delores Netto
Thank you and jenny for making everything so clear.
Eva Maree
What is your background music?
Donna Chrysostom
Amazing message.. Royal in the house..👍🏽... Love your apartment.. Stay awesome!
Tess Tug Morris
Everyone has changed and our present life has also changed dramatically.
Salma Rattabah
There is an obstacle that the time difference its difficult to follow and be in contact .now its 4:20 in the middle East
Mo Bye
Wow you remind me of my son who is definitely a person worth knowing. That was so powerful. Thank you so much. Love you both💕
Ramon Lim
Katherine Mullane
I enjoyed this broadcast very much! Thank you Bryant and Jenni!
Angel Romero
I still take meds but iam not where i use to be.Everyday i work out my mind.on something new exciting.
Luis E Cotton
Beautiful thank you .
Arinndam Saha
Thanks Bryant! Thank you so much for that awesome insight :-) Love you
Panda Panda
I hear you, cant see the thread tho
Panda Panda
Froze, i just got back on
Lourdes Fortun
Yes amen
Nancy Schwab
Thank you so much, I am understanding what you are saying. I have been learning , slow process. ☺👑👑👑👑👑
YR Sathyanarayan
Think positive, everything will be in a position way. Take care . Goooood luck..
Anna Cyr
Bryant This video is one of the greatest thing I ever heard in my life. ❤️❤️
Diane Carlin
I love the tranquility and peace of what you both say!! Awesome :)
Eileen Cavallaro
Yea ok
Bobbi J Aker
Very well put!~NAMASTE ~ ✌
Shashi Kant Rana
You have two gifts ! Choice of action and intellect , Choice is given and intellect is developed. Very few understand the importance of intellect hence they make choices with weak intellect. Intellect discriminates, judges, discerns, weighs pros and cons and arrives at decision.
Angie Hooper-Owen
Elaine Chin
you are what you are within....so if your intention not match your deeds, ultimately, it shows up, come what may....characters!!!
Christia Goles
M J Melinda Jaye
Donna T. Jones ❤️❤️❤️we are all learning dear one!
Elizabeth Lopez
Life is bored sometimes i dont know why!!! Reading post quotes makes me happy but not all.... I want to be happy i want to go place make me cool relaxing no tears falling from my eyes... But am afraid because it hard to find a real, honest, mankindhearted, godfearing,respectful man,family orriented........life.....is holy with breathing fresh air around....
Rahul Hando
Good Morning
Andini Lisa
But wait me have job in working in chaina Macau , now me live in Macau
Neeta Vaid
Gd evening i like the way u relax and say such imp things of life
Evelyn Dicang Telino
Hello everyone
Catherine Sostaric Skrinak
I wasn't sure if I could relate to this at first, but the more he kept talking I couldn't help but listen ☺ I am listening to this on my phone and would take it from room to room while I was doing stuff around the house.
Andini Lisa
Hello good morning mr bryant I like Mr bryant follow us for me , me always looking my video Mr bryant or msh Jenny thank you so much
Evelyn Dicang Telino
Greetings from Hongkong
Saturnina Jayamaha
Thank you for your quotes and d words of wisdom they inspire and I appreciate them very much. I share your quotes with many who appreciate them too.
Kate McDermott Camp
Lisa Ann Hoffman Anderson
You didn't ansewer my question , you just went right by it,and told me to subscribe to your u tube channel
Sally Render
Thank you, I had this and lost it, so I know what your saying is true and now I have it back, this is what I've been looking for bless you both xx when the student is ready the teacher will arrive and you did x thank you
Elena Sessions
Panoorin ko maya
Valegaonker Pavan Rao
Good morning. 🙏🏼 it's real nice. Have a blessed day. 🙏🏼 🌷👏🏻🌺💜
Dina Dumpay - Caparas
Hi Mr. Bryant McGill and folks. I am from the Philippines and been your follower for months now. I would like to extend my gratitude for continuing encouraging Facebook users like me by your words and thoughts. Your posts helped me to strengthen my self esteem, know and love not only myself but others as well. Please don't stop your generosity of giving encouragement to those who are down. Thank you, God bless and I am really hoping to see you visit the Philippines. I will love to see and hear you guys in person. God bless your good deeds! :) Keep it up!
Chris Hanifan Woods
Sorcerers Stone
Alicia Gavarain
Your awesome ,.
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Sheena Atibagos
Hi Morning...Philipines...Sheena....
Nicole Hattori
hi can i say im a royal &love to be a royal
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
I have been woken from a slumber
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Courtney May
Thank you
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
You are no entertainer. You are a speaker of truth!
Lotchie Hernando
You add colors to my day..thank u!
Camille Regala
Elena Lirio
Aarlene Porter
Me Arlene hi really enjoy you guys!
Delores Netto
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Happy Friday!
Debra Burke
Good evening thankyou
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
I have the first comment in my own mind/world
Yolanda Noriega
Hello Bryant your amazing
Kritika Sharma
Love is more powerful than the any other thing in this whole world
Wes P. Miller
Hey there:) thank you for everything
Jyoti Kurne
May Lord Jesus Christ Bless you
Helena Wetsel
Liping Feng I meant to say "Hi" not I of course. Love to you!
Naveed Khowaja
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Greetings wise one!
Alison Maxwell
Hi All! Hope everyone is well.
James Bissonnette
Thanks for that. I had to get that off my chest. I am going to be as hombile as I can be do my best to have a positive impact on the ones in my life. Come what may. All we can do is build off of the mistakes we have choosen to make and them into life lessons.
Debra Burke
Therese Pompey
Same here. Relocated. It's been three years now. It's been hard, but Rewarding. Never knew how much Negativity I had inside of me! The Best thing I ever did! My Faith carries me. I Always knew that I was....Royal!.. That's another chapter though. We won't be alone Always, even if we only have one another! Stay Encouraged., As I minister to you, I minister to MySelf.
Robert Ortiz
Paula L. Martinelli
How do i stop getting messages from this sight? Please stop sending me messages!
Marie Jo Bélisle
HI from Hawkesbury Ontario!
Maritza Ponce
I like the deep conversations you guys have. I love the way you interact with each other. Keep up the great work!
Carla Thunder
Help me find peace of mind
Mark Slingerland
Good, how are u
Mark Slingerland
Hello brother
Jel Espanto
Hello to royals I'm from Philippines!
Kritika Sharma
The way u were talking abt identification of yourself is the only definition fr me is if u Believe nd love urself people love u if u dnt love urself nobody loves u it is so true
Chie Mercader Abracosa
Hi, I'm from the Philippines. Thanks for inspiring FB users everywhere....it's all about the choices we made that defines what the universe have for us and the faith we have to make things unfold right before our very own existence.
Sharon Zettel
Hello from Arizona
Carla Thunder
Carla Thunder I suffer from a broken heart from someone who played me all summer I need in couragement
Aminata S Conteh
Hey dear
Gulderen Koyel Ozisik
Hi from England ..
Sammy Learmonth
You two are a lovely couple
Janice Lucas
Very deep...loved it, but need to replay as I was trying to read the comments at the same time xx
Judy DeVillez
fuck off, I unfollowed you stop
Susan Wong
I am always in control of everything I encounter. Evertlything I do does'nt seems right to some people and its makes me feel I am not appreciated or I should say , 'devalued' !
Robert James Walls Jr.
As u should donna royal love to everybody
Judy DeVillez
FUCk off, SAVy
Kritika Sharma
I believe in sprituality coz the more u get into the more connect with ur God nd miracle actually happens in ur life if u believe ex like - I believe in hardwork the more u hardwork in ur life the more u get nd there is lot of people who do hardwork in there life bt can nt succeed in there lives nd there r lot of people who believe in miracle like - ex - someone purchased a lottery ticket nd overnight she got the jackpot she believe that miracle actually happens in life
Margaret Mccalla
Thanks Sooo Much! ! YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION!!!
Michele Van Der Klip
Christine Quinn
Hello from Boston! Love listening to you and Jennie! Your great!
Shari Sacolick
and I don't say things I don't mean
Shari Sacolick
if you ever need a listening ear....I have two of them....Just PM me.....
Nadia Gamieldien Behardien
Judy DeVillez
live me the fuck alone, you devil you
Donna T. Jones
Melinda J Price I do believe in myself, but I live with "doubt-whispers" "nat-sayers", all of which are in my head. Thankfully I'm relearning to turn off that switch. Listening, learning & growing. Respect, love & joy to you & yours, alway🙏👑💞💖🤗
Chris Crooks
Hi Helene Hendrickson, it kept freezing when I typed so I stopped typing to pay attention 😉
Shahin Ahmed
Susan Wong
I like this topics. Definately I would love to be appreciated ! I feel great. Thank you very much Bryant Mcgill 😊
Judy DeVillez
You fucking asshole, I have been saturated by your fucking brainwashed followers. I want you to leave me the fuck alone!!!!
Helene Kutz
Hi beautiful Chris Crooks
Morna Luchterhand
hi Bryant and Jen Hello Royals
Christia Goles
TrueHappiness is hard to find esp.this days! But if you found true happiness,you have inner peace and you will not easily be shaken despite our troubled world! 🍖🍹🍺🍗💘🍱🍕
Kritika Sharma
I dnt hv ego problem bcz it's nt in my nature I am kind nd I m gentle it's shows on my face nd my body
Florecita Palon Castro
It is real difficult to combat the negative vibes even sometimes we negate ourselves right?
Lori Rebecca
Kritika Sharma
I surrender myself to get more in peace nd live my life with the grace nd Royal
Sarita Papaleo
Brooke Lillith
Hi beautiful Jamie Caudill Odiorne!! 💗💗💗💗😘
Tata Mahinay Felisilda
Let's always be a blessing to everyone in any ways as we can & God will blesses us more than we deserve and that's the greatest thing we can do to avoid negative people around us..... This SimpleReminders.com page is a great blessings to everyone......love it........ more power to you sir & mam.....keep it up....God bless
Kte Be
Kte Be
Kte Be
Kte Be
Afzal Khan Khan
Melody Hayden
My phone died and I don't have head/ear phones to be able to hear you! lol
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
Have no crowns on either pc.
Charmee Wyn
Yea its true siss Christina Fecteau-Marquis let God provide the person come in our life.good morning
Barbie Schultz
Hi Bryant and Jenny xxx
Melody Hayden
Hi Bryant and Jenni!
Alma Richardson
Its by FAITH in Family forever
Maria Turner
Jenni Young you look so pretty :) and Bryant
Brian Martin
Fred Moyle
Winyu Urairuk
Tara Hall
Really reset my thoughts. You were on point of how negativity can over rule our lives coming in contact with others by what energy they walk with
Liping Feng
that is beautiful, exquisite (Y) ❤️, L.
Iryn Kuiming
I'am new member..
Juan Trotman
Thank you
Afzal Khan Khan
Hey beautiful royals !
James Bissonnette
I don't Care if the whole freaking world reads this. I wish I could just learn to be more open. But every time I open up it leave's me in a spot for someone to cut me down one more time. I just wish my father was still alive so I would have that one person that never judged. I just feel like I have failed sometimes and I don't have no one to point to the truth. Volchers to the left of me jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle again. Sorry about the spelling
Love Hope Smile
How are you You looking great
Pam Gray
Happy Birthday God Bless You Real Good Today
Laura E Keefe
Steve Smail
It kind of felt
Charmee Wyn
Just pray u not alone in life cuz god always WD you he love you he care you.
Kenita Williams
Dhong Nhey Day I will
Annalyn Robante
Night all
Steve Smail
I kind of felt like you weren't yourself.
Sajeda Manzoor
Happy Friday you look great beautiful 👑👑👑❤❤❤
Tonya Cotnoir
Christina Fecteau-Marquis
I appreciate everybody's kind words. I also have realized that I don't need other people in my life if they don't bring my life value. My my faith has provided me with plenty of support. And I know with time that my support system from my peers will be one of positivity and for me to grow
Love Hope Smile
Hi mc
Erälep Onÿab
Love Hope Smile
Your sexy
Martha Marinas
Hello World!
Sajeda Manzoor
Julie Ann Baning Descatiar
Pearli Björkman
Loooove the money.❤️💰💸
Love Hope Smile
Good morning
Suzie Lacey
Happy Birthday flor Medrano👑🎉🎂
Liping Feng
❤️ xo!
Annabel Torres
Hello from San Antonio
Donna Robinson
Pearli Björkman
Same here!
Lok Lok
Hey Kevin Williams
Pearli Björkman
Hi Rhonda Matete! 👑🍀💕👣
Janet Ferkovich
Mildred Dougha
Stephane RJ St-Georges
Yes it is helping me speak out..
Iryn Kuiming
Hello from Sabah Malaysia..
Stephane RJ St-Georges
U all speak of love.. Well I need some.. I've given it out all my life. Waiting for someone to notice.. But I'm kept in the shadows.. Kept quiet..
Angel Romero
I didnt mean it in a negative way.I ment by. She is just in the moment.Love it we dont need to all happy and talking because people think something wrong anyway but be smiles and happy talkie to be.💖Just be
Denise Canellas
Exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of years, wow. I feel my path. I am living my path and watching the transformation slowly :) ❤️❤️❤️😍
Thomas Oakley
#simplybe ❤
Alice Nogra Sakuma
God Bless Us All ....
Clare Sandy
Listening it live broadcast is what drew me to the royals. Thank You Bryant and Jenni you are The Balance we need.
Debra Tucker Donovan
Serenity I feel right now. Thank you!
Jen Cook
GOODMORNING. We start our day
Stephane RJ St-Georges
Thanks..... I'm not even sure if anyone is paying attention.. But I was brought up in a family of drug dealers and prostitution. I was peer pressured to suicide attempts as an infant and at 10.. Every attempt to go to the police was misread as a schitsophrenic psychosis. Because there is no proof. Besides the psychosis itself
Kevin Williams
Love you all, the kingdom awaits Us
Theresa Kaluzny
Love you all! Such an awesome eye opener today God bless you Bryant. And Jenni
Kasey Chestnut
Go enjoy the sunset with jennie
Rene Maijs
Impressive but also confronting towards yourself
Marie Bishop
Simply be!! I should have understood this year's ago. Love you both!!!
Deborah Canosa
Such practical info for our everyday lives👸
Vera Dougherty
Good nite
Kevin Williams
Very golden Susaye Greene, thank you .
Susaye Greene
Love to you both and to all you Royal Kings and Queens. ❤️ ❤️
Janice Lucas
She changed my life and many of my clients in 91 xxx
Jennifer Karyn
Bonnie Bono
Bye xx
Charmee Wyn
I'm so bless that I become a part of here
Rebekah Adams
So glad I got to hear some of this broadcast. Was so powerful even though I watched just a glimpse. The words resonate with me
Bina Embiowei
Lots of Love❤️❤️❤️😘 Royals👑👑👑👑
Maria Koszler
Love and light beautiful Royals....Bryant and Jenni Blessings this was powerful
Kevin Williams
Hey Lachlan Wong
Joanne Wilson
You have all of us 💜💛💚💙
Eleonora Serravillo-Graci
👑 #SimplyBe 👑
Helene Kutz
Kevin Williams
freedom is within, let it go and be free. www.beroyal.com
Rafael Fco Sanz
Thank u
Deborah Canosa
I could listen all day and night👑👑👑
Susaye Greene
That was pure gold!
Heather Jarman
Screen blacked out, tech problems..thank you
Bonnie Bono
Tracey Flear
Love you all ♥♥♥👑👑♥♥♥
Sajeda Manzoor
Good question 👑👑❤ believe ownself and thanks to Royal.Society.com❤👍👍👍👍
Cheryl Lee
Thank you Bryant!
Lok Lok
love you guys...
Shashan Patil
Layla Bliss
Angel Romero
That was Awesome
Anouwar Sebaa
Good baye
Johnny Armenio
I'm http://link.email.dynect.net/link.php?H=9vh1Lemmb44Q%2FoyPk3tni5JVcrogx7L%2FYHfZENAgBjV0Oa5IKQKCBvyFkjiUeogAB%2Bllh9Vef0vQ7fe%2B2LqnOVt95J2gni7pRx27suB65WtZQRbl0J6Cf%2BxfXytSm3ZI&G=21&R=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gofundme.com%2Fyen59338%3Futm_source%3Dinternal%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_content%3Dcampaign_link_t%26utm_campaign%3Dwelcome&S=0dvYEG-eutu3D9b57n3TCqNlK_-3fHSfLHrkJgyDA9o&I=20160204221917.00000106db7f%40mail6-38-usnbn1.prod.dc.dyndns.com&X=MHw3NzY2NjI6VEVNUElEXzQ5MDM7MXw3NzY2NjM6UVVFVUVJRF80MDMzNzc1MTk7Mnw3NzY2NjQ6RE9NQUlOX25ld3lvcmtlcnJpZGVzLmNvbTs%3D
Donna T. Jones
Simply Be...wow!!
Charmee Wyn
Hi I'm from philippines
Alba Lucia Garcia Leon
You are so amazing ❤️
Jane Sabine
Love you back
Fiali Piego
Jen Cook
Dominique Aubry
Thank You very much! have very nice evening!!!
Lauren Dunbar
Thank you!
Tracey Flear
Thank you ♥♥👑👑♥♥
Christine Noyes Eckhardt
Simply BE
Deborah Canosa
Rebekah Adams
Have good nigh
Mel Anie
I love you guys
Flor Bela Flowerchild
Thank you thank you 👑👑👑
Bina Embiowei
Hi Jenny and Bryant❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bonnie Bono
Love you guys
Jennifer Lyn Sanin
Amy Maddy Swoope
Donna T. Jones
Thank you!
Laura Lueder-Santowski
#poweful thank you
Amie Richards
Gudnite 💗👄👄👄💗
Terri Gronewold
So enjoyed this teaching
Ghalia Hasrouni
Thanks a lot! Hats off!
Annabella Adams
Astrid De Los Rios
I ve always liked that -the lily neither toils...is one of my favorite proverb bye love
Sandy Mackenzie
i hope you are ok. Jennifer
Susan Scarboro
Chris Crooks

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