The Practice Of Gratitude Non-Sequiturs

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Beezhan Tulu
"Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life." (Rumi) - I am grateful, the Coloring Planner,
Ann Marie Laye
I have the word "Gratitude" in front of my working computer. Reminds me of this daily. Thanks.
Eva McHenry Anthony
Good Morning Doing great
London Ruiz
I'm always a positive person but things happen we are not perfect we sometimes think negative but we have to be strong at trying to make a change in our life's Amen 💟😆
Becki Lee
Leslie Beth Hartsog-Addison
That's excellent advice, cancelling out negative feelings with something you're grateful about/positive. That's what I try to do and have found myself being in that habit
Leslie Beth Hartsog-Addison
I'm that person
Helena Nurminen
Hello again
Helena Nurminen
Tabassum Razzak
Hellooooo, sir
Eva McHenry Anthony
Great thing is that I catch myself and do what your talking about but still working on it I slip once in awhile
Eva McHenry Anthony
#I do
Juan Konichiwa
Wanda Wilson
Very Good!
Samantha Griffiths
Simple but effective :)
Donna Lee
Cindy.....this made me think of you!
Denise Lori Kleen
I really like this!!!!!!! I'm a Fugitive Recovery Agent or Bounty Hunter. And this is so right! I'm going to get my daughter to see this. I haven't done my first video yet. But this will make me do it!! Thanks for this one!!
Huma Sorathia
I have lived in stress for such a long time, and my negative thinking process is stuck in my head, I really appreciate your help. Thank you for your help.
Linda Grant
Close your eyes and breathe!!!
Gill Shelton
Each time I'm negative about something I think of those who are worse off than me. I'm grateful for my family, warm bed, food, home, etc. Every little bit of gratitude goes a long way. X
Saijai Kratainoi
Thank you from Bangkok :-)
Sharon Stahlhut
Janice Lucas
I relate to that too 🙄😊😊😊😊
Marianne Bruun-Petersen
I missed this, turn nonsequiters with gratitude... Catch up later
Astrid De Los Rios
Love this piece of advice..easy and effective
دعاء باكير
When i decided to be positive , i loses all the negative people.
Jan Piazza
There's always something to be thankful for
Rossanna Rose
I am a positive person been through quite a few journeys survived cancer, travelled the world with my husband doing what we love Music, I somehow believe that things happen for a reason...........I thought your video as very simple and superficial if you want to be taken serious should have been sitting down relaxed and spoken smoothly and with realism, for a moment I felt you wanted all of us to see your apartment, somehow I prefer people to be Real and less showy. We show gratitude by also being simple human beings and thoughtful of others. Hello from Australia down under the country of down to earth people and easy going.
Christine Leen
This is great!!
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
I love my guitar too I got a rod in my hand and a Pinterest but I can't part with it just wanted to say that but thank you thank you for your video thank you for taking that Quicktime like I always say sharing is caring
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
Hello Royals hello Jenny and Bryant I am busy and trying to watch you all I'm always two steps behind it seems so I'm going to be making dinner and doing dishes and listening to your video and then will be deciphering all this information into a schedule of some sort love you all
Tammy Whitaker Livingston
Lol #on and on
John Garfield
# I do
Brandy L Lye
Brittany Nuqui, Faith Mitchell
Brandy L Lye
Alana Kaysue Marie
Krystal Belinda Loh
Love short live streaming! Thanks! 😘😝😊
Abigail Adriano
Pls make way to have it all translated in mandarin chinese thanks!
Abigail Adriano
Thank u brynt mcgill and jeny for doing all these.. lots of people in this earth needed to hear things like what your trying to share! And i am one of them ^^
Delores Netto
Tammie Weston
I am a bit negative and working toward a positive change. Change doesn't happen over night. I will get there.
Sajeda Manzoor
Thanks royal friends👑👑👑❤
Carol Evans
Thank you!!
Be Chai
To think a negative energy in our life it leads us frustration..
Daisy Casas
I'm practicing it
Eliseo Pio R. Santos
Does not follow 😜
Selenna Selenna Couccie
Hello from wv !! .. I'm positive always no matter what!
Jenny Landsberry
Thank you I needed that advice right today God bless
Gemma Solasco Conje
im always positive in life for my family pray always ,God bless as all
Angela Marie
Nice View
Ann Richard
Years ago, I realized I tend to wake up with a negative thought. Started practicing changing that, on purpose, and, now, I almost always wake up thinking something positive. Have been told I have "seasonal depression"- that doesn't bother me much anymore, either! It pays to understand yourself and put effort into necessary thinking to be happy!! God doesn't want us unhappy.
Saw Sy Aung
I ever try to return any others gratitude' and I try to be positive'
Chell Johnson
Without getting in return
Rossini R Conwi
I am more of an accepting person , tomorrow us another day !
Deborah Carroll-Patterson
We all have 2 sides and your mood depends on which side you feed :D
Norma Ramirez
Hello Hope Your enjoying this beautiful day
Eija Marttila
toni, feel you. 💚 rowing the same boat.
Suzanne Hengst
I am going to put this into practice. Thank you for the clever and helpful idea. :)
Heidi Wilcox
I love this I have been saying for the longest time about how having a positive mindset goes a long way although it's not always easy at times!
Linda Bana
Be grateful always thank God for everything ....and never to forget to share your blessing.Thanks and more power ...From Mindanao Pagadian City.
Janice Cavanagh
Auntie Jan fully agrees, live your life how you see fit and wot makes you happy eh 🐚💘🐚💘🐚💘🐚💘🐚💘
Rodger LaPorte
Ruth Ortiz
I do
Janice Cavanagh
Fatima Choukmaev
I've just watched and shared this post...I usually follow similar idea... but it took me many years to learn the lesson...I am 55.
Maria Lourdes Tavares Ypma
I try not to be negative and keep reminding myself that trust in God.
Danielle McCann
Hi it's Danielle great stuff
Jeff McGill
What's up big Bryant ?
Barbara Harrison
Release the crazies they destroy everything around them, hold onto your positive friends, family and thoughts who encourage, support, love and share a like minded existence..
Hanan Khalil
It's true 😊
Twila J. Schuler
Thank you. I tremble knowing what He's brought me through. He who has been forgiven much loves much. My heart is oozing with such an urgency now. Days pass by so quickly and I want to be a rising warrior that reaches the lost and encourages the found. I tell you, the message about forgiveness mixed with what God's been doing in my heart is the renewal I've needed for years...Life's too short for anything less! :)
Katrina Bergman
Great broadcast I do tend to complain about things and go on and on about them. Thanks for the useful advice I will try doing what you said.
Joey Ang
Hello 😊
Marie Boyce
Hello from Glasgow Scotland UK
Rodrigo Almeida
Being positive helped me a lot the last months even with the darkclouds surrounding me. I'm still striving to get better but there is hope.
Geetha de Silva
Sorry. Got it. Tnx
Mary Ann Hays-Barringer
No sound on this video
Geetha de Silva
Could you write the word 'not following ' - non s........?
Belinda Tolentino Tirona
TJ Cox...Thank you for your very inspiring message...
Becky Pope
Lisa Thorne Amen
Courtney May
Thank you
Sandra Schell
awesome real liked this very much. Will definitely start applying this to my situation, for sure.
Bonnie J. Wright
I absolutely loved this!!!
Patricia Barnett
I like this perspective and will give it a try...thx
Laurie Lankins Farley
watching now
Betsie Rosa
I like the concept!
Hammond O. E. Maryjane
I'm always trying to be positive everyday even I feel down and ignore all negative people in my life
Laurie Lankins Farley
how did that happen?
Laurie Lankins Farley
i missed it!!!!
Julie Jamieson
Same here .Keep talking the talk n walking the walk:)
Casey Connell
are you a CHRISTIAN? no I don't think so!
Kumar Narayan Shrestha
Negativism n positivism are two sides of a coin.
Infinity Infinity
Things happened for a reason..." Gratitude non sequitor "... thank you guys...great reminder for a positive outlook...
Del Ywing
Like hard,sobriety... I'm trying that's all I can do.....but grateful for alot of things in life......
Erick Isidro
It is always positive to spot your own negativity it feels so good when you flip it to something positive that will lead you to positive. You guys are wonderful!!
Snny Lmios
Angus Ramadeen
Very nice I will try it see if it works cause I am a pretty negative person and everything bothers me and I punishing my self by playing it back over and over in my head. God only knows why I am built that way.
Jubaira R Petilos
I wish that I'm healthy person...
Marie Bishop
Just missed. You again !!
Nany Reyes
Hyacinth Daniels
Yes being negative it only ruins our life
Cindy Anelante
I like the quickies! Little wisdom nuggets in a flash! Thank you Bryant and Jenni Young. You look adorable doing your makeup.
Sarah Jane Bennett
Crystal D'Esprit
Julie J Watkins
Positivity breeds positivity, by confirming our gratitude we gain insight to a more joyous place. God bless you all. Live love and laugh. Xxx
Tata Mahinay Felisilda
Good motning....
Elissa Lisa Wright Weik
I'm happy to know that what I've been doing for years has a name. Gratitude Non-Sequitors. It's been working for me and really does turn my internal language around once that negativity spills out.
Hyacinth Daniels
Hello Bryant and Jennie
Cheryl S Knox
After two decades of stalking, I'm diligently praying for the end. As well as breaking depression patterns, final steps are no more binge TV - Old Rock-Christian music and plenty of reorganization. Fortunately I have all but one item, but then unpacking from move isn't quite finished. No counsler able to real help, however sharing Has Been My Greatest Release of negative past. Positive Future !!! ('-'(`~ For Peachs and I. God Bless n Gods Speed for One and All
Annabella Adams
Hello I missed this earlier. So I'm watching now.
Crystal D'Esprit
Soh Pauline L C
Lady boss finally feels she looks older then me even she is 10 years younger then me lor. Is better also as this co. Staff no benefit one aws one lei mc 7 days hl 14 days only They bully staff I hv chk with MOM even if employment letter states so like mine If co. Really deduct our pay for mc more then 7 days. Staff can go MOM for help and staff if draw 《4500. is covered under employment act. MOM will then help claim from employer for the poor bullied staff.
Divine Lumbao
Stop complaining. Be grateful for what you have! 😍
Samantha Moody
Hello thank you and God Bless
Joanna Strom
Lol I created my own Royal Whine list.
Mavi Matahum
anyway, me from Philippines, particularly Cotabato City
Cynthia Angeles
With out Lord im nothing, so always looking forward for good... Often positive... Be thankful for everything... Thats me, thats it..... HELLO guys from the Philippines !!! Thanks po...
Brian Milla
I use Gratitude Non-Sequiturs all the time. Sometimes without knowing it. 😊
Mavi Matahum
thanks a lot, you've help me a lot because i am more of a negative, but with you, it eases....
John Taylor
Makes a lot of Sense
Sajeda Manzoor
I love to do videos here so many Royal motivators👑👑👑thanks to Bryant Jenni Young and all Royal mentors and lovely people 👑👑👑💕💕💕👍
Crystal D'Esprit
hi :)
Gail Rogers
😘 Great info, I will practice ...
Andini Lisa
Hello me from Indonesia
Pascale Speelmeyer Stalmans
Hello from Belgium !
Ezhil Pandiyan
Love yourself and trust yourself with confidence you can change all your negative to positive and the world will love you
Thérèse Léger
Become a millionaire by counting your blessings and each time jot them down works wonders... this adds up with evef increasing intersets....
Sajeda Manzoor
Lovely presentation you look amazing today. Jenni beautiful butterfly👑👑👑💕💕👍
Holly Pane
I will try this technique!
Yani Ihin from Indonesia..☺
Angie Hooper-Owen
I had something happen to me at a dr office over a coffee cup yes a coffee cup .....the secretary told me to wash my cup or she would throw it away the lady I was see told me to go ahead and go she would wash it . Well when I went back this week she was real short with me so I ask the lady I had the apptment about it she told me that this lady was gonna follow me to my car and make me wash the cup ever scence I was told that she was gonna do that but they stopped her. I have really been upset and I want to go ask her what the problem is I was told go ahead I wash it ! It's not a good idea for her to follow me to my car unless she ask to come out and talk to me! I've not been that hot headed in a long time.....
Christine Gettig
I can do this! ;)
Florenda Nicholson
Michelle Kelly
My lesson for today! Thank you. In gratitude....❤️ 👑👑👑👑👑
Florenda Nicholson
Very negative person .
Lucia Pacheco
To be positive is the way to be what u want in ur life. .negative things u can turn in positive things too. All depends from u
Amy Dias
No clue...
Jaan Khan
Yeah I do understand what you mean
Brenda Atherton-ely
if I'm in a bad mood, I ask myself: Do I want to be in a bad mood?
Joanna Strom
I'm not getting live comment feed
Deborah Eller
Hi doing good today how are you doing
Joy Ervin Raikowski
Sajeda Manzoor
I complain but it gives me strength to be positive not always complaining redirect to positive things. Watch simple reminder presentation always because it gives the motivation and strength -👑👑👑👑❤❤❤❤
Venus Pierson
Thank you for this challenge and awesome tool for positive compensation
Barbara Tilghman
Thank you so much! :-)
Emily Molina
i try to be positive
Joy Ervin Raikowski
Lorie Larson Ruck
Focus on the positive to bring more positive energy, which is powerful!
Florenda Nicholson
First time.
Ezhil Pandiyan
If you love yourself and trust yourself with confidence no negative think will comes and every negative will become positive my friend
Jeanine Pinto Scudiere
Everyone me is negative it's very hard to think positive
Cindy J Stahl
This is helpful thank you love you guys
Juley Kingsley
Hello from Oregon🌲🌲🌲
Youliah Kwon
I never Knew that I could understand your Beautiful English after 20 years of living Finest America!!!!! 감사합니다!
Terri Gedda
Good advice enjoyed this video
Miriam Zavala
Thank you for your advise. I'm following you from Honduras in Central America! God bless you both!😘😘
Irina Nemsadze
Good evening. Nice to see you!
Jeri Layton
Olivia Hossell
Hello both of you
Michelle Rogers
Thank you for this I've been sharing this with my mom!!
Angie Hooper-Owen
I do!!!
Sissy Lovendale
Love you guys thanks for the message!!!
Rosey Mar
I try to be positive
Tonya Bumgardner Brandon
Sometimes you just need to embrace the crazy and move on. Hold on for one more day, everyday
Jorge Montanez
I try to be positive everyday
Tracy Williams
Missed this !!!!!!!
Doreen Thaung
Hello from Myanmar.Just viewed your video gratitude non sequitor.Like it a lot.Thanks.
Wendy Lee Simmons
Heidi Baumgartner-Block
Cover up the negative with a positive - I like it!
Haydee Cueto
Oh!finding positive on a negative thing...amazing
Sherry Bennett
Yes, I sometimes complain :(
Sajeda Manzoor
Sometimes the negative things one suffers makes a person positive, all life has a story but to learn and keep going with positive attitude is the journey towards the positivity. Absolutely true
Jennifer JC Atzbach
Sue Kuebler
Honestly from experience no matter how hard u try to be positive doesn't matter.
Maureen Amber Brooks
Elizabeth Sue Jennette
Maureen Nissen
Thank you 👑👑👑👑
Robin Jerry Healy
Thank you I'm going to try this :)
Robert Williamson
Great job with presenting that idea
Joanna Strom
I'm sorry I can't connect.
Williams Mari Ann
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Hichem Borgi
Life has hands but sometimes can slap you in a face just to get things strait .
Rita A Rambis
This is so very true but few admit to it!!
Lisa Thorne
I reflect on the good things that happened too and I pray for others and sometimes for extra help for me as well - before going to bed. It seems to be helping me.
Kaye A. Peters
Glad to be here.
Ayu Powell
I can tell the way he does , he must be a complainer ! Not Jen! :D
Diana Foster
Negative -positive ❤️🙏🏻
Tracey Jones-Utting
Husband does..
Janet Sarto Romano
Chris Wrigley
I'm late
Nt Knight
Helena Wetsel
Love this! On a sad note, I did not get a love broadcast notification BUT, I did find out about it and was able to watch this recording! 💞💓💕💗
Lisa Thorne
I am trying too. I laugh at my clumsiness more.
Lisajones Jones
Now I'm hungry
Tamara Cardoza
I tried won't work. Thank you sweetheart
Stephanie Wiley
Ferial Baghdad
Hello you kindest people 😍🌼🍀🌸🌿🌷🍀🌸🌲💐🌳🌺🌿🌾🌹
Jacqui Wilson
I like this..
DeDe Nelson
Makes sense to me. I always try to do that. I have to do that a lot when the significant other dwells on something negative...
Susan Vickers
Hello everyone from Sue in England.... i can't get broadcasting? Oh No!!!
Jana Alabdallah
I do
Youliah Kwon
I thank you for asking me How I'm doing Today Sir & Mam!
Joanna Strom
I'm not getting the live feed.
Stacey Lee Heaney
Hi Toni I am trying to reprogram my brain from everything I've ever known thru BPD it's not easy but this tool is a great start I think. Also give guided meditation a try...good luck 😊
Nt Knight
am eniemy of positive negative be friend
Gloria Lewis
thank you Simple Reminders, I love reading everyday
Edzin Aguillon Roderos
Hello once again😃😃😂
Christopher Carney
you guys are awesome keep me sane :)
Pearli Björkman
And much LOVE to all of you Royals! ❤️
Chelsea Hilgert
I'll have to check it out
Jude Fahey
Good morning guys blessings from Perth Australia you guys are wonderful.
Joanna Strom
Hey Royals👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Pearli Björkman
GREAT practis! I am up for the Challenge :) Excited!! ❤️
Peggi Vincent
Chelsea Hilgert Im enjoying this site... xoxo
Virginia Bordone
Becki Lee
#DIshonest people and hurtful people. ..
Koto Ojeda
Nt Knight
God help me all my life be faithful be come negative positlve you lost & loose conrol please jesus help
Lynie Symonds
Positive heart positive life - be grateful for all you learn if it's good or bad, it's about learning how to live your life , so do what makes you Happy I say 😊💋🌅🙌🏽
DeeDee Sarkozy
Who are you people. I'm interested but afraid. Y'all seem so positive though. Somebody get back to me please.
Heather Marsh
sounds like "say two nice things"
Ïtæłęŷ Williams
Pamela Ray
We talk ,preach it butt that's easy how bout do it then see how u feel about the words u preach
Denise Dee
There were so many? Mean spirited? Bullies omg!? In the last job I worked at. A couple- nice people; but I had to go home each night and listen to.Positive Tapes. Unreal ( retail store)
Sajeda Manzoor
Good Evening Royals Bryant and Jenni Young nice to see you👑👑👑👑❤️
Greg Dutilly
I LOVE THIS! This is goes right with what I am practicing. Thank you soooooo much!
Linda Burns
I hired a car for my sons friend they did a runner from the police and went through a speed camera and i am on my way to court right now because they have pinned it on me ?😃
Larry Schmidt
Thank you for the challenge!
Diana Foster
I doooooo !!!!!
Francisca Torres
It's hard to change your character requires life time to retrain your brain and to get rid off negativism even when you try being positive and grateful w judo
Deborah Jeffery
Thanks for sharing your insight
Becki Lee
Suzie Lacey
What a wonderful way to stop the negative from just being a negative, turn it into a gratitude non- sequitur, love it, thanks Bryant and Jenni, love you❤️👑
Merlinda Cruzada
Thank you so much!!
Chris Crooks
Really I only complain about mucous because I am not at my best when it invades my face.
Gwen Smith
I'm going to try that! Love your view too!!
Linda Jillard
Hi Royals
Donna Chauvin
I do
Veronica Rebojo
think positive😊
Sandra Flythe-McNeill
I am a peace maker!! I don't like drama of any kind!!
Reynita Bonita Jasso
Yes it works I always give blessing to the hard situations in life and they happene soon and I try to see and learn the lesson they are giving to me 😉👑💫✨
Nelly Ibarra
Hello beautiful Royals!! (CROWN) I Don't have a crown symbol for some reason.
Αθανασία Χατζηδάκη
I try to be positive.
Simon Villena Smith
Thank you for your help
Laura Melissa Mudge
Full of awesome! I Love This!
Ela He Nsr
But unfortunately am a pessimistic person :-(
Berta Caldwell
I learned to stay clear of negative people as as energy
Erlinda Alba
Hi am from Philippine cebu city
Keren Rivera
# I Do
Bhayen Bhayen
Umar Musa Yusuf
You guys your wonderful 💖👍
Susannah Whitehead Franklin
Tara Kathleen
Pablo Clavel Damian
Me too
Becki Lee
Paula Bos
Go you're own way
Shirley Buttery
That practice keeps the energetic flow.....we let the neg thought flow through us...and not get stuck in our cells.
Connie Brewer
Awesome advice.
Muhammad Asif Ashraf
Negative response depends on many things.....time, situation, money, weather, values, etc.
Koto Ojeda
You are the best
Umar Musa Yusuf
Dottie Dall-spear
Awesome, thanks for taking the time to give us great insight for everyday living!!much appreciated !!
Leigh Rice
Can't wait for the next broadcast 😉❤️😎😄😃
Shelley Seitz
I do this a lot - i try to be optimistic about things when there is a problem or say and think the situation could have been worse.
Bernadette Ross
Jenni #SocksAndSandals icu
Shirley Buttery
Cancelling the neg thought!!
Donna King Harrell
Hello from North Carolina
Umar Musa Yusuf
I use to complain but people don't want me to complain about true
Denise Page
Thank you for the words
Casey Bourke
Positivity and gratitude I strongly believe we learn from life experience . Absolutely love this :)
Tina Moutii
Thank you ❤❤
Margaret Edwards
I see the good in all but the one thing I struggle with seeing the good in me...
Linda Burns
Hey beautiful Jenni
John Gilmore
Shout out for Dolores gilmore she's morning please
Desiree Love Nette
Thank you sooo much
Birdella Katzenberger
My moto on Facebook is....Kindness is cool....
Raman Murad
Be phenomenal
Amber Bhatty
I have a tough time being positive
Ligia T. Floro
Hello from New York
Cheryl Lynn Osborne
#i do
Jinny Mie Joy Tampus
Be positive
Denise Page
# at least I don't have trouble in the
Linda Burns
Im here ❤❤❤❤❤
John Gilmore
Griving girlfriend needs a shoot out Dolores gamez
Virginia Margie Abol Hidalgo-Kigisan
Be positive. Life is short to carry the burden of stress and negative thoughts.
Umar Musa Yusuf
Good Day All from Nigeria
Migdalia Nieves
Love it your so great I'll share with my Son's (y)
Donna T. Jones
Thank you, this is much needed today
Danielle Leverberg
Hi Jenny
Linda Myers
Lucy Fox
I think sometimes the one in my house hold.
Sonya Mcloud Bentzinger
Hello all
Elizabeth Shorten Hinegardner
John Gilmore
Sheila LaFountain
hello Brian & Jen, love you guys ;)
Donna T. Jones
Hello Royals all over the world
Bina Embiowei
The spirit and mind of gratitude brings uplifting and positivity 🙏🏼👍🏼
John Gilmore
Hello are you thetr
Cheryl Lynn Osborne
Good evening from Rhode Island
Denise Page
# nope....I don't get results when I get negative...
Donna T. Jones
Welcome all Royals
Papula Ahmed
I like it too I already start reading the book 👏🏻👍🏻
Dawn Nielsen
Hello from the beautiful sky's and rays of texas
Raman Murad
Good evning from Suiturland
Donna T. Jones
Hello UK and Ireland
Krista Mott
I will thank you Bryant
Shirley Buttery
Out of context
Nt Knight
I pray to God all my be come negative l love & l like it
Julie Maria Smith
Hello 🙏From Suffolk UK
Angela Norton
Hi from Ireland
Carolyn Duggar
I liked the book more than the movie
Chris Crooks
I when I see them but cannot hear them I tap the picture of them which opens the video sound. Hope that helps😀❤👑
Cheryl Lynn Osborne
I need positivity!
Shirley Buttery
Hello from Australia. Managing to catch you live regularly and loving it !!
Hamdan Triumph
Hi, it's Tuesday here in Malaysia. Beautiful morning, 6:11 am.
Phyllis Moore-Green
Hey y'all! !
Bambi O. Lozada
God is good all the time...that's why negatives things to me becomes possitve ...because god can make everything possible...
Jennifer Stidham
Lucy Fox
Luminita Ciobanica
Hello from London!
Donna T. Jones
Combatting negative self-talk
Krista Mott
Mwahhhh mwahhhh mwahhhh
Reinard Azul
Donna T. Jones
Practice makes perfect
Leilani Lynch
I used to be a complaining person, but now I'm trying my best to see positive in everything,it's tough but I'm learning❤️🙏
Donna T. Jones
Huge lesson here!!! Thank you!
Loïc Macaux
Sunday Akinrinde
Hello from Nigeria
Lucy Fox
Google morning n God Bless you.
Joe Abasolo
I'm guilty of this at times, if something doesn't seem right or is bothering me I try and find a solution to the problem. 😅👌🏻👑
Raman Murad
I do
Donna T. Jones
Donna T. Jones
Husband is always calm, me..not so much
Sunday Akinrinde
Good evening
Donna T. Jones
Sounds like myself & my husband
Jenniffer Beauchesne
# I do
Jenny Campos
Good afternoon
Sunday Akinrinde
Hi guys
Krista Mott
Donna T. Jones
Love you to Krista!!! Always
Bernadette Ross
Sonia R. Pereira
No limits
Sanusi Nuhu
Farnoush Ahramizadeh
Hi guys
Krista Mott
Hello Donna T miss you
Mona Marie
Hi everyone
Danielle Leverberg
Nampa, Idaho
GloriaLouie Truehill
I say be both but be fair
Nt Knight
I love negative life be come good positive l will suffer
Linda Grant
Every night before bed think about the one thing you are thankful for that happened to you'll be surprised how many good things happened!
Dagmar Bozkova
Hello from Czech republic
Laila Parag Jain
Omg...I so needed this today.... was just down the negativity spiral
Donna T. Jones
Hello Krista
Salma P. Delos Reyes
Agree, thanks!
Donna T. Jones
Does not follow...WOW!!!!
Andrea Louise Wilson
Hello from England xx
Krista Mott
Me too
Coby Miller: USA Olympian
Alicia Russell
I'm trying my best to be more positive, worry less and trust my journey. I'm trying to complain less as well.
Coby Miller: USA Olympian
Love it
Donna T. Jones
Not, I
Bfd Zoya
Nyc place
Nancy Shata
Thanks Bryant ❤ You're royal 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎻🎸🎵🎶🎶🎺
Sonia R. Pereira
Donna T. Jones
She's beautiful!
Lisa G Mathias
Hello thank you I got too see it this miracle 😆my phone still loading always. And I am not getting comments .when live .. thank you both ,love too you will be doing the challenge ,grateful for all my royal family ☺👑💗🎼✌🌹🌈
Jenniffer Beauchesne
Love you two your awesome !!
Joy Sosarno
Be positive ☺
Afzal Khan Khan
Hello guys
Linda Myers
Patricia Soderstrom
Its not a lavish life I live either.
Hiam N. Malaeb
Enyaj M Aganoreh
I always be possitive.....never live with the negative people....
Judy Campbell Barragar
Donna T. Jones
Hello. Thankful to be able to take a moment to watch.
Kareem Amara
u just made my day
Umar Musa Yusuf
Hello everyone, from Nigeria
Kareem Amara
and even have a sense of humour
AJ Satorre Bacus
Dark forces attacked
Wendyjo Newell
Thanks! Blessed be! Love& Light to all!
Kim Ellen
I have tried and tried to stop this from showing up on my feed. Is simple reminders a virus? Go away
CandyApple Momo
I missed it and it seems like it was very interesting
Maryann Garcia
Hi good to see you both
Krista Mott
Hello beautiful
Mike Jeffery
Recognizing injustice is the beginning to making the right noise to have it corrected and made just. Apathy solves no issues, but empathy put into action does. Show me a person who talks peace, I will show you one who exemplifies peace by their actual saying and doing something about it and those things in society that distract from it. Like pointing out segregationist and discrimination.
Kareem Amara
u r amazing the way u are
Kimberly Canning
I live on the Gratitude Train Daily So this is not a challenge It IS a way of My Life Thanks ♡
Sherri Lynn Brannum
Thank You!
Sheh Castro Verde
You will not have positive mind if you have negative thought.
Tina S. Yauch
You guys rock and roll I adore the both of you I'll definitely practice that their gratitude thank you kindly my Royals enjoy your time out and be safe love you both
Robin Bailey-Fogoros
Where are you? Looks warm there. I'm in cold Michigan 😜
Danielle Leverberg
Love you both!
Patricia Soderstrom
My financials make me struggle so much that I don't complain just simply cry every other day hoping to get through another day.
Christine Bradly
Xxxxxx love you & jenni lots. Thank you for your comfort ,& inspiration. Christine
Kareem Amara
Sreyneath Ouch
Thanks so much, meaningful!!"
Donna T. Jones
Hello All Royals! Sending Respect, love & joy to all, always
Simone C. Thorsteinsson
You take care too. And have fun 😊
Nimia Castillo Alvarado
ok to be negative, then turn it to a positive
Miranda Tayas
Thank you! Stay royal !
Ryan Stoffko
Kareem Amara
very optimistic
Jailan Elsarha
Great topic and key advice . Thanks !!!!!
Francine Cattell
Sounds good. But let's see if I can do it. Thx 👑👑
Wendy Donaldson
Thank you guys I will give it a go 😊💕
Elizabeth Malyne Ruiz
Been so long to see your live !! Miss you and Jenny❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Krista Mott
Hello Bryant and Jenni
Suzie Lacey
Aww, I missed it darn, well I will look for it👑
Sandy Myers Torbet
Thanks, have a great week! I look forward to more positivity in this world
Kareem Amara
thank u from the depth
Jessica Allen
Jolyn Pacheco I listen into these guys here and there and they got some cool stuff.
Miranda Tayas
You guys rock!! ✌
Ann Sadler
Thanks again y'all.
Lisa Pearson
Thank you..😊
AJ Satorre Bacus
Negativity in the dark forces around the world .
Angelita De La Rosa
Thank you and will give it a shot.
Jamie Hamilton
Thanks heaps guys. Means a lot.
Ralf Kotowski
What challenge?
Kareem Amara
wonderful amazing motivational speech
Ricaredo Enriquez
Very inspiring and timely.
Martinez Annie
Hi from Philippines ❤️❤️
Mary Hill
Thanks!!! Very helpful!!!
Wendy Brown
Very timely! Thank you! ❤️
Jennifer Dawn Roberts
I'm definitely going to try this!!
Thomas F Sutherland
seeing the negative yet not becoming negative...complaining can be just stating the problem.....a sea of negativity can only sink the ship if you let it in the boat.
Fernanda Billard
Thank you!
Rita Miller
I love you guys!
Amy Robinson
Bye ! Enjoy your day
Pamela Bogie Adkins
Great segment!
Dianna Spurrier
Brian Martin
Myriam Sartorius Milans del Bosch
Lisa Pearson
Peace out..✌🏻️👑
Oz Ce
M J Melinda Jaye
Guitar? Play please :)
Danielle Leverberg
Tamara Kyte
Thank you for advice
Rynn Rose
Wonderful stream! Thank you for this; my day will start out good now :)
Miranda Tayas
Tiffiany Torres
Love you have a great day!
Esmeralda Perez
What challenge?
Beata Biro
bye guys have fun
Liudmila Prokopenko
Good night
Mary Hendricks Schroeder
Thank you!!!
Danielle Leverberg
Todd Gould
______(¯`v´¯)_______(¯`v´¯) Thank you ____ (¯`(✦)´¯) _____(¯`(✦)´¯)Thank you ___¶¶ (_.^._)¶¶___¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶ Thank you _¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶Thank you ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`(✦)´¯)¶ Thank you ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶¶Thank you ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶¶¶¶¶ Thank you _¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`(✦)´¯)¶¶¶¶Thank you ___¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶¶¶Thank you _____¶¶¶¶¶¶¶(¯`v´¯)¶¶¶¶¶¶¶Thank you _______¶¶¶¶(¯`(✦)´¯)¶¶¶¶Thank you _________¶¶¶(_.^._)¶¶¶Thank you ___________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶Thank you ______________¶¶¶Thank you
Janice Kelty
Renna Jojo
Yay its not about how bad it can be its about how u deal with it and cope with it ☺☺☺☺
Paola Faba De LaMaza
Ok bye and thanks
Lola Somoza Hester
Thank you
Miranda Tayas
I learned to delete the negative and toxic ppl in my life
Chris Crooks
I am grateful for everything, even what doesn't thrill me because I never know what I am being spared from
Maii KC Butler
Ahoo! Navajo Nation!
Maria Georgiou
Ralf Kotowski
Enjoy your day
Traci A. Moore
Nimia Castillo Alvarado
thank you, love it
Demis Dem
Angela Bush
Thank you 👑
Norma Allex
Hi all
Eli Elia Evagora
Bye. X
Lisa Romig
I am grateful for so many things and Love to share it with the people I love how much I appreciate them
Vanessa Michele Madrigal
Thanks! 💞
Yaya Yaya
Lou M. Mychaluk
take care
Angelica Holtz
Michal Meaders
Cool Message ❤️💗💋🌹
Vanessa Kissyfure
At least I could see you
Aisling Hinton
Hi royals 👑👑💖 from Glasgow xx
Kareem Amara
Kate Spencer
Have a great day x
Brian Martin
I'm going to try this
Hassan Raza
Leanne Olstad
Thank you so much! 😊
Andy Dang
Nina Ann
Thank you thank you for the simple constant reminders 😘
Vickie Baker
A man will always ask his wife for directions!
Deborah Blanchette Schoenmaker
Karen VanderZee
Short and sweet :) love you guys xo
Amy Scammahorn
Thanks:). Have a great day!
Angele O'Halloran
Have fun
McKyle Flores
Remember food is the same as poop!
Marie Mathe Matics Champagne
Going general!
Simone C. Thorsteinsson
Thank you! 💖
Kim McKinstry
Thank you. 👑👑💖👑
Zafolyn Pitts
I do that with friends but, not myself.
Brian Lee
Love you guys
Chris Berry
Neal Fenton
Hassan Raza
Terri Nicholson
Kelli E Owens
I want to know how Jenni handles you when that happens
Angelina T Ikuzwe
So fast😢
Jami Rollins
Parisa Khan
What about Ben sarcastic
Elsa M. Ortiz
Bye bye!
Dan Gaylord
Thank you!
Maria F Davis
Have fun u two
Lisa Pearson
I love my guitar..❤️🎸
Kerry Sophie Alice
Thanks !
Ivonne Ortega De Urbina
Thanks!!! 👍🏼

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