There is already so much real violence in the world. Do we really need so much of this type of entertainment in our lives? When we consume violent games (murder simulators) we take that energy, training, conditioning and experience within and it becomes a part of our experiential identity. When you play these games, you are making the statement that you love to spend your pleasure time immersed in obscene imagery, sounds and experiential meditations of violent bloodsport. This is your choice of pleasure and where you choose to place your thoughts and attention. Everything we consume affects us. In the way that all environmental factors shape us, you are being shaped to one degree or another by violent entertainment. If you are a gamer or lover of violent entertainment, maybe you have been changed by your diet in ways you are not even aware. Perhaps you would be a different person without those negative influences in your life. Who do you think you might be without focussing on so much violence and negativity?

— Bryant McGill

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